Friday, May 19, 2017

The picture on the blog cover is us on the first day of TK!  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!??  Such little punkins!  UGH!

This week we said goodbye to our favorite Monday helper, Mrs. Moen!

We made her thank you cards and gave her a hug or high five for helping us!

We worked on the letter A this week.  We started it last week with the a-a achoo sound like when we sneeze and this week we learned about ANTS!  We learned some fun facts about ants and also got to see ants as I brought in an ant farm.  It's a new fangled sort of ant farm with a gel of some kind.  The tunnels are super cool to see and we enjoyed watching them move around.

Friday, for our SCIENCE DAY, we learned about fossils, dinosaurs and PALEONTOLOGY!  Our go to science teacher, Mrs. Stai, has a bucket of petrified wood, cow bones and fossils (of mostly shells) that I borrowed and we got to pass them around, hold and examine them!

We had fun making our own fossils using some plastic creatures we have in our room in tubs using our Play Dough.

After a lively session of fossil making, we learned just a LITTLE about dinosaurs.  Mostly basics like meat eaters and plant eaters and their SIZE!  We had an example of a triceratops' footprint.
We guessed how many feet it would take for us to fill it.  We were off a bit.  Everyone traced their shoe, cut it out and placed it inside the triceratop's foot.  We were surprised that we couldn't fill it!

Our afternoon we transformed into paleontologists, and worked and worked (and worked) on freeing a bug from ice.  Paleontologists have to be very patient as they brush, scrub and pick at the bones and fossils they find.  We did the same.  Everyone got a block of ice with a bug in it, a toothbrush, a container of water and an eye dropper and we set off to discover what each of us had frozen in the ice!

It was really fun and the kids were super patient and so careful as they worked tediously to get their bug out of the ice!

MONDAY: ART  Snack: Lucy
WEDNESDAY: MUSIC  Snack: Mrs. T, Mrs. K and Mrs. Gerber
Wednesday will be the last day of TK.  NO TK ON FRIDAY, MAY 26

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

This week we worked on the letter A a bit and will hit it again next week.  A makes the a-a-achoo sound like when we sneeze.  We really just began our practicing of it on Monday and then, as you know, WEDNESDAY was our FIELD TRIP DAY!  We ended up with a pretty remarkable afternoon considering how the radar looked all morning long.  Of course, in the morning we were inside at Dr. Tom's Vet Clinic, so it didn't really matter. Dr. Tom is always very entertaining and informative.  He showed us where the animals get groomed, where they are kenneled for extended stays, the x-ray room, the surgery room (be sure to ask your child about surgery) and the grand finale is the JARS OF WONDER room.  You'll have to ask your little about that, too.  It was a little cool at the park, but you would not know it if you looked at the kids playing in the park after lunch!

We met Miss Emily at Lake Pahoja a little after 12:00 and true to Miss Emily Style, she had us learning and looking and scooping and searching through muck, mud, sludge and weeds.  She is the best and always has amazing things for us to learn!

Now, let me tell you about your kids.  Your kids were AMAZING the whole day!  Not one whine, complaint or fit ALL DAY LONG!  They were troopers and I am so proud of them!  We had several parents/grandparents along for the day and I think they would all agree that every student was stellar!  Great kids and sincerely, awesome help from the adults!

We helped Brystol celebrate her birthday today!  She chose SCOOBY DOO for her birthday song add on that we sang to her before we left.  Brystol made some pretty cute butterflies of grapes and fish crackers for a snack that we ate out at the lake!

Happy Birthday, Brystol!


Next Week:
MONDAY: Snacks: Jameson ART
FRIDAY: Snacks: Kai  PE

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I missed a couple of STUDENT OF THE WEEK posts so here they are:
MARISSA:  Marissa has a 1 big brother, 3 big sisters and that makes her the baby of her family.  She has a dog named Ruby that is really smart.  When Marissa grows up she would like to be a nurse that takes care of dogs.  She likes to swim and she does not like SHARKS!! Her favorite color is dark blue!  
We loved learning more about you, Marissa!  Thank you for sharing!

MEMPHIS: Memphis and I go waaaaaay back to when his mom was in my Kindergarten class.  Sadly, this is not the first year this has happened to me!  :(  Memphis loves the color blue. He has one big sister and she is 8 years old.  Memphis does not like BEARS!  He likes to be with his family and he wants to be a tractor painter when he grows up!
Thank you, Memphis!  

TEAGEN: Teagen is our student of the week this week!  She loves the color pink and her family.  She does not like snakes.  When Teagen is older she would like to be a police officer.  Teagen has one little brother, Tucker.  
Thank you, Teagen for sharing your pictures with us!

We also celebrated 2 birthdays in the past two weeks!  Bodee turned 6 and chose CHA CHA CHA for his birthday song add on!
Happy Birthday, Bodee!

Memphis also turned 6 and chose SCOOBY DOO for his birthday song add on!
Happy Birthday to you too, Memphis!

We continue to work hard as our days are winding down.  TK will be finished for the year on Wednesday, May 24.


11:40 Dismissal (no lunch served- breakfast cannot be purchased with lunch card- cash only for "brain food" sponsored by WLEA)

Snack: Isabelle
WEDNESDAY: FIELD TRIP!  I have the following kids' parents as going along:
Allie, Bodee, Brystol, Cora, Elliss, Evie, Flyn, Isabelle, Jameson, Memphis and Teagen.  There is still time and room if you have not signed up yet.  Please just shoot me an email if it will work for you to go with us so we will know to look for you on Wednesday.  There will be a note with more information coming home HOPEFULLY on Wednesday afternoon (could be Friday :) )