Wednesday, April 5, 2017


And as luck would have it, the letter S is what we are working on this week!

All 3 of our teacher led literacy centers were centered around seeds and plants.  Mrs. Gerber's group learned about stems and their importance to plants.  Mrs. Moen's group found pictures of plants and animals in magazines.  They sorted and talked about how plants and animals are similar and how they are different.  Mrs. T's group learned about seeds and how they have seed coats that fall off when they start taking on water.  We looked closely at lima beans that had been soaking overnight.  We found out that they were much easier to take apart and the seed coat slipped right off of them.  Once we got the soaked bean's seed coat off, we looked at the inside and found the seed food storage and the little plant - some of our beans even had the beginnings of leaves!  (and of course, we had a station of iPads!)( No pictures this week- sorry!  We were really into our lima bean seeds and I forgot to break away to snap some pics!)

We started a couple of experiments on Monday.  The first one was to "plant" some lima beans in a baggie with a wet paper towel in it.
We taped them to our window and were excited to see on Wednesday that some of the seed coats were coming off already!  Hopefully we will see some roots and stems growing by next week for sure!

The second experiment we did was relating to stems and how they move the water and nutrients up from the roots to the leaves and blossoms, so we took some celery and looked closely at the ends of it.  We could see the tubes that ran from the bottom of it.  We then put 6 different celery stalks in 6 different colored waters.
Pretty quickly we saw the celery in the red cup start turning red.  It was very exciting and on Wednesday, well... I know it is hard to see in the picture but in person, it was very impressive!!

We continued to work on seeds on Wednesday and learned how seeds spread (insects, birds, wind, and our favorite: the hitchhiker seed!  You can imagine the lively discussion that ensued after talking about hitchhikers... in relation to pets!!  :)  I tried explaining what a hitchhiker was in relation to people- happily that is a thing of the past it seems.  (I'm old.  So very old.)

We then worked our fine motor skills to the bone by tracing and cutting 8 handprints.  We actually did them on a folded piece of paper so we only traced and cut 4 times, but we worked really, really hard on a handprint flower.  Complete with roots, leaves, stem and blossom.  OH!  AND LABELS!!!
It was so amazing to see the kids show off their amazing writing skills!!  WOOP WOOP!

The end of the day found us down in the FFA room at a petting zoo for a special treat during READING WEEK!  We had SO MUCH FUN!  We saw a rabbit, dog, puppy, horse, bull, goats, chickens, fish, guinea pig, pigs... it was awesome!  (we even got to listen to the dog's heartbeat with a stethoscope!)  THANK YOU FFA!

TK ON FRIDAY, APRIL 7!  Blue and Gold day to support FFA!  PE and Brystol has snacks.

Kai is the STUDENT OF THE WEEK this week!  Kai likes the color blue, playing outside, his family and pets.  Kai is not a big fan of snakes and spiders.  He has a big brother and a little brother and when he grows up he wants to be a hair stylist.  He told me he would do my hair for me when he gets his own salon- he didn't say it would be for free, but I am thinking that is what that implies! :)

Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Kai and for telling us a little bit more about you!

We did NOT do the "book in a baggie" this week.  (so don't panic!) We will get a new book next week.

Student of the Week: Lucy
MONDAY: LIBRARY  Art  Snack: Camrie
WEDNESDAY: Music  Snack: Cora

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