Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We knew that O was going to be our focus this week, so we jumped right in and practiced its SHORT vowel sound /o/ like in Officer... Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann was the perfect story to kick it all off!  After reading the story, we put some pictures in the correct sequence using the book as a guide.

Wednesday we read a funny story about an octopus that liked to tickle the fish, (I would like to add that in the story the octopus chased a pearl to the bottom of the ocean and ALL of the kids immediately piped up "HE IS IN THE MIDNIGHT ZONE!"- yeah for connections)  then we read a fact book about an Octopus.  We got to watch how an octopus can change colors and shapes to camouflage itself in the ocean in a video on the SmartBoard.  We practiced listening for the /o/ sound at the beginning of pictures that were on arms of an octopus and then tackled the tricky skill of listening for it in the MIDDLE of a word.  (Side note: I have always referred to the arms of an octopus as tentacles.  Apparently, that is not correct- they are arms.  Who knew? - I suppose I should have been more informed and done more research.  Happily, your kids were informed on the correct terminology:))

For math we made patterned arms with pony beads on a pipe cleaner octopus.
It requires a lot of figuring out the number of beads needed... and the pattern ...PLUS getting the pipe cleaner through the hole of the bead using those fine motor skills!

The kids worked really hard on them and are excited to show you their octopuses.

Miss Emily came today and talked to us about opossums.

She told us that they have a pouch that they carry their babies in and that the babies are no bigger than a jellybean... which is a good thing because they can have up to 13 babies at one time!  Miss Emily also told us that opossums will pretend that they are dead when their enemies come around and will let off a foul smell so they SMELL like they are dead too!  She had us play a little game where everyone got a pouch and had to look for the babies but when the coyote came around- they had to quick play dead!  It was a hoot to watch! (I did not participate- I was the photographer :) )

Jameson is our Student of the Week!  He brought in some really fun pictures for us to look at.  He has a series of pictures of him riding a toy tractor every year since he was one!  It was fun to see how he has grown in comparison to the tractor!  Jameson's favorite color is red.  He loves tractors, games and music.  Jameson does not like getting his hair cut and he wants to be a bull rider when he grows up!  He has two big sisters and a new baby brother!  Thank you, Jameson for bringing in your pictures and letting us get to know you better!

So our color experiment had mixed results... we used the primary colors and tried to see if they would mix and make the secondary colors of orange, green and purple... GREEN was a success, orange was sketchy- close, but not as good as green, and purple was a bust.  But it was fun experimenting to see.  We decided that that's how experiments go sometimes.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.  We still love science!!  :)


MONDAY: Library  PE  Snacks: Kai
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snacks: Lucy
FRIDAY: MUSIC  Snacks: Marissa  11:40 DISMISSAL

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