Friday, March 24, 2017

OUR EXPERIMENT WITH THE EGGS WORKED!!  It was so exciting and so fun to see.... that I completely forgot to take a picture of it!  The vinegar dissolves the egg shell.  Milk and water did nothing to the shell.  What is left is fragile (we found that out the hard way) and the insides are still very liquid-y (again, found that out the hard way) but remember we had TWO eggs in vinegar so - NO WORRIES!!  It is a bit rubbery to the touch (GENTLE touch) but one of the "coolest" things we've done so far for a science Friday!  It was a complete success and the perfect way to start our discussion of OVIPAROUS animals!  Your kiddo is very excited to tell you about this exciting word we learned today!

After touching the rubbery egg- we talked about animals we thought laid eggs.  We had quite a list and then we watched a short Sesame Street video about animals that laid eggs.  Our list grew a bit more.  We watched baby octopuses hatch from their eggs, chicks hatch from their eggs and turtles hatch from their eggs all on our smartboard.  We then read a book about oviparous animals and our list grew even more.

We made a WHEEL OF OVIPAROUS animals to share with you after we had found plastic eggs around the room.  Each egg had a different animal that lays eggs in it.  (and true to Mrs. T's luck, I hid the eggs SO WELL, that we couldn't find one of them- we eventually did find it and unfortunately we had a classmate go home sick so we didn't actually NEED that egg, but that is typical for me!  OH WELL!)
We opened the eggs one by one and shared with our friends what the animal was.

For snack today, we made "nests" out of pretzel sticks and everyone was given a handful of eggs (jelly beans) to put in their nest.

As an extra special addition to our OVIPAROUS animal day- Ella's mom and siblings brought in a few of their new chicks to show us!  These chicks were black and red and not what we thought they would look like- but we learned that chicks and chickens aren't all one color!! :)
THANK YOU, ELLA and FAMILY for sharing your chicks with us!

It was an exciting day in TK and learning about OVIPAROUS animals!

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