Friday, March 10, 2017

Next week we are going to work on the short sound that o makes, so on Friday, we learned the long o sound.  We learned that vowels have two sounds.  They say their own name and they have another sound.  Friday we learned about the Ocean!  We started our morning off by doing some exploring of Ocean creatures in books.
We have a LOT of books about ocean animals.  After several minutes of looking and exchanging books we read two fact books about ocean animals.  We learned there are 3 levels in the ocean where the sunlight hits it.  The top level is the SUNLIGHT level.  The next level is the TWILIGHT level and the very darkest level is called MIDNIGHT.  We learned that the many of the fish and creatures that live in the midnight level have made adaptations for catching prey.

Our first experiment of the day was to make an ocean level bottle (that doubles as a wave maker)
 The kids spent quite a bit of time shaking, watching, waiting and yakking about their bottles.  One of the kids shook their bottle until it looked like it was all mixed up... but we waited... and slowly... the levels separated out again.
I'm sure they will want to show you how that works!!  (The bottles are hot glued closed and I really gave them a stern talking to about messing with the lid and what a colossal mess it would make if they opened it up and spilled it.  We had good luck all day with them keeping the lids on and not picking at the glue- hopefully you will have equally good luck at home!! :)

We sorted animals into two groups : Zoo Animals or Ocean Animals.  We worked in a small group of 2 or 3 in a group.  The goal was to talk to our "team" and work together.

They all did great!

Experiment #2 for the day was salt water vs. fresh water.  Most of the kids have had experience fishing or swimming in fresh water but most have not experienced salt water from the ocean.  The few kids that have been in the ocean were quick to tell us how yucky the water is!  It is salty! Salt water has a special characteristic to it and our job was to figure out what it was.  Everyone got 2 glasses of water - one with no salt the other with quite a bit of salt.  We dropped a jewel into the fresh water and watched it sink to the bottom.  Then we dropped the other jewel into the salt water and watched it... DROP TO THE BOTTOM!  ACCCCKKKK! I was panicked and perplexed as I tried it earlier and it had worked.  We then figured out we had to stir the salt water up a bit.  We tried it again and TA DA!
The jewel floated! (whew)

It was a fun SCIENCE-Y day in TK today!

Student of the Week: Jameson
Monday: Library  Snack: Jameson  ART
Wednesday: Snack: Jessa   MUSIC
Friday: NO TK

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