Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mrs. Moen came in on Monday and we were able to do our Literacy Centers.  Mrs. Moen had a very important and exciting group as she handed out books to the kids and read the predictable text with each group.
The most exciting thing about this group was not being such an amazing reader, but that the kids got to take the books home to read to someone in their family!  These books should be returned and next Monday, the kids will hopefully get a new book!  (Just like at the library, kids will need to bring back their book before they are issued a new book)
Mrs. Gerber did an opposites activity
Mrs. T worked on RHYMING words
and we also had a group of iPads

We were able to go to the library and also the computer lab on Monday.

Jameson has a new baby brother and since Jameson got really sick right after his brother was born, we didn't get a chance to meet him until now!  Thank you, Jameson and mom, for sharing your new baby brother with us!

Wednesday we worked on the letter Q.  And of course, Q is almost ALWAYS with U.  We wrote several words on the board that started with Q (there aren't a lot) and every time it had a U right after the Q. We decided they LOVE each other just like when you get married!  :)  SOOOOOO we made a Q bride and U groom.  We colored and cut them out and stapled them to sticks.  And to make it official, we walked them around the room to the HERE COMES THE BRIDE song!  :)  

QUILT was the object that we focused on as we looked at several different quilts.

We observed how small triangles put together could make larger squares and if they were turned on their sides, they looked like diamonds.  We observed how the quilters used different shapes and combined them to even make other objects- like stars and flowers.

Next, we read a story called THE QUILT MAKER'S GIFT by Gail deMarcken.  It is a little bit longer of a book than we normally read, but the pictures are so beautiful and the story is so good, we were able to listen to the whole thing without tapping out!! :)

After the story, we paired up and got a bag of pattern blocks and experimented with taking shapes and trying to make new shapes out of them.  We did pretty well with that but the fun happened when we used pattern block pages that had the colors and shapes already made into figures like turtles, butterflies and birds, to name a few!

We actually did this TWICE during the day because it was so fun!

I have a few quilts that I had brought in for our morning introduction to Q and quilts and one of my favorites was made by my friend Mary.  Mary lives in Larchwood so I called her this morning and begged her to PLEASE come talk to us about how she makes quilts.  She out did herself as she brought in pieces of a quilt she is currently working on, small squares that she has sewn together to make bigger squares and still more sewing to make yet bigger squares.......
She showed us the batting that she puts in between the quilted side and the fabric backing and how the quilting looks on the back and front.  She had a farm themed quilt, a flower quilt, an Alaskan Nature quilt, a football themed quilt and a couple of others.  We took a vote and had our picture taken with the Alaskan quilt!  Thank you, Mary, for coming in and telling us all about your amazing hobby of quilting!

TK ON FRIDAY!  It will be an exciting EARLY DISMISSAL DAY (11:40) as we began our FRIDAY SCIENCE DAY already with an experiment that HOPEFULLY will not be a dud!
 It seemed like it was working this afternoon............ so stay tuned!  Ask your child about the eggs in water, milk and vinegar!  :)

NEXT WEEK: Student of the Week: Jessa

MONDAY: Library  MUSIC Snack: Memphis

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