Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Monday we worked on the letter Y.  The tricky thing about Y is its sound.  Y makes the sound that we THINK should be the /w/ sound.... but it doesn't and it is brutal trying to remember it all.  We played a little sorting game with W and Y-
it really is confusing but we seemed to get the hang of it by the end.  We also talked a LITTLE about how y at the END of a word steals the long e or long i sound.  Lucy's name has a y at the end, but it makes the long e sound.  Again, we just really touched on that because we really need to learn Y in the initial spot.

We had fun working with yoyos for a while.

To operate a yoyo efficiently is no small task for a 5 year old (... or older... like me) It can be frustrating but the kids really stuck to it and tried hard to make it happen... most with limited success BUT WE HAD FUN NONE THE LESS!!  :)

Math time brought about a game of cards that is commonly known as WAR.
Value of numbers was the key as the winner of each hand was the person who turned over the largest valued card.  The kids had to think about what number was "bigger" in value.

Marissa is back from Florida.  She had quite a fun time and was able to find some sea shells for us to look at.
They were all different shapes and sizes but the one that completely had us in awe was the sea shell egg sac she brought.
I absolutely had NO IDEA what it was so it was GOOGLE to the rescue.  I literally typed in SEA SHELL EGG SAC and found a picture of what surely looks like what Marissa had brought in to share.
Another quick google search led me to some information and a quick kids video on shell fish (not really fish) and how their shells grow as they do.  Hermit crabs are different, as they will just abandon their shell when it gets too small and get a bigger one.  Shell fish shells GROW as the shell fish itself grows.  It was REALLY interesting to learn about the shells and especially the egg sac that Marissa had found!  Thank you, Marissa for sharing your shells AND egg sac with us!  We learned several things about shells and shell fish!

Isabelle is our Student of the Week this week.  She loves her family and animals and does not like snakes (to which the two of us did a high five! :))  She has two big brothers named Cole and Isaac.  Her best vacation was to Florida where she got to take a boat and look for dolphins.  Isabelle would like to be a veterinarian when she grows up!
Thank you, Isabelle

Wednesday we moved on to the letter Z!  We read a story about zoo animals and then did a concentration game on the Smartboard.  We looked at a picture and then the next picture would have one of the animals missing and we had to remember the animals, where they were and who wasn't there anymore!! :)

We sorted animals into 3 categories : Farm, Pets and Zoo.  We talked about it before they got to work, but they basically did this paper independently.  They rocked it!!

Zipper Lips was an interesting discussion we had before we made our face with their own zipper lips!! :)  I will leave our discussion to your imagination.  Are you terrified??  It was actually very benign and quite entertaining.

After recess, Mrs. Carolan (Mrs. Twedt's substitute) came in and she talked to us about FILLING OUR BUCKET- or more importantly, OTHER people's bucket.

For math we read the story PUT ME IN THE ZOO.  This creature (we finally decided he was a cross between a bear and a dog- more dog) has spots.  He can do all sorts of crazy things with those spots and he wants to be in the zoo.  Finally, he figures out that he really belongs in a CIRCUS!  Everyone was given their own bear/dog, and I wrote numbers on the board.  The kids would say the number and then put that many pom pons on the creature.  We did it several (several) times and then picked all of the pom pons up.  I got out the dotters and the kids dotted their creature to bring home.

We made a tracing our our shoe and used that as the foundation for a Zebra head.  The crowning glory for this was how we wrote on it afterwards.  I am SO PROUD of the kids!  They all knocked it out of the park with writing the letters- trying so hard to use the correct formation for each of them.
 WOOP WOOP  for almost Kindergarteners!  :)


MONDAY: LIBRARY  ART  Snack: Gracelyn
WEDNESDAY: MUSIC  Snack: Hendrix
FRIDAY: PE  Snack: Isabelle

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