Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Monday we were so happy to have Mrs. Moen back from Arizona!  She was bronzed and beautiful and we missed her so much!  It was great having her back and we promptly went right back into Literacy Centers mode! :)
Mrs. Moen was in charge of helping different groups reading stories in an anthology for beginning readers.  This big book makes us feel like big shots when we use them!  :)
Mrs. Gerber did an initial sound worksheet listening for the /k/ sound
Mrs. T worked on correct formation of the letter C.  It is very important that we learn the correct formation of this letter as it is the beginning for several other letters : O, Q, and G.
And finally, iPads independently

For math we worked on ordinal numbers and also listening to directions.  Each direction had two options, so the kids had to listen the first time it was read.  Then the directions were read a second time and they colored the caterpillar however they answered the question.

After library, we had just enough time to meet Curtis the dog (puppet) and decide if he would like to add certain objects to his treasures- deciding if it started with the /k/ sound or not.
The kids had lots of fun deciding where to put the objects as each of them pulled something out of his box, one by one.

We went to the library and the computer lab on Monday also.  Please remember that kids are only allowed to have two books checked out in their name in TK.  Monday is our library day so books should be returned before then.

Wednesday we read the story IF YOU GIVE A CAT A CUPCAKE.  We enjoyed the pictures and how the illustrator gave the cat such personality!  (the cat had sprinkles and didn't just gently shake the sprinkles out.... he made a ginormous mess with them - sprinkling with BOTH hands!) An emergent reader with the story in short form was the next thing we tackled.  I have to tell you, you MUST have your child read this book to you- they are so excited to "read" it to you!  Make sure that they are using their "reader finger" and that they are following along as they read each word.  I hope you will be impressed.  I sure am!  :)

We sorted /k/ pictures that were on paper cupcakes into two groups- similar to what we did on Monday, except we had two helpers collecting the pictures.

We had some fun exploring with colors on Wednesday.  We are doing an experiment to see if the 3 primary colors will mix into the clear water to make the new colors.  We are excited to see what happens to them on Friday!  The grand finale was when we frosted and used sprinkles on a cupcake just like the cat in our story.  Each of the kids had to decide what color of frosting they wanted and what colors they needed to make that color.  A couple of drops of food coloring and some mixing and VOILA!

We also read the story CORDUROY.  I have several samples of corduroy, so we passed those around and came up with some words like soft, bumpy, funny :) to describe it.  It helped us to imagine how Corduroy felt in the girl's arms after she bought him.  (Luckily Scheel's has an escalator, so most of the kids are familiar with that... but a department store with a furniture department in the same store as a toy department.... not much experience with that.  It's one of those "teachable moments" and I can tell them about THE OLDEN DAYS and about department stores.  (See?  Sometimes my OLDIE BUT GOODIE status comes in hand!! :))

We helped Elliss celebrate his 6th Birthday on Wednesday.  He chose SCOOBY DOO for his birthday song add on~
Happy Birthday, Elliss

TK ON FRIDAY, MARCH 10  Isabelle has snacks

Student of the Week: Jameson
MONDAY: ART  LIBRARY  Snack: Jameson

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