Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Literacy centers were our focus on our Monday morning in TK.  Mrs. Moen's center focused on listening for the ENDING sounds in words.  Some groups were allowed to do the activity on their own with little help and some groups need a little more direction- which is all okay!!  :)
Mrs. Gerber's group worked on writing their name
Mrs. T's group worked on the "book in a baggie".
Nearly everyone remembered to bring the books back!  YAY!!  Keep up the good work!  Every group hinges on the other groups to remember to bring back their books, so please do your best to return them!

AAAAAAND of course, iPads!

Dotters helped us make caterpillars with a certain number of parts for their bodies.  Some of us got a little excited and carried away with the dotters and put in too many body parts, but we learned we could just "X" them off if that happened.

Wednesday we worked really hard on the letter G!  We read a funny story about a goat named Gregory.  He and his parents didn't exactly see eye to eye on what was a good breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We talked about how we don't always see why our own parents want us to eat healthy foods.  We did discuss that unhealthy food is okay if we don't eat it ALL of the time.

We practiced writing Capital G on Wednesday.  Capital G uses the "magic C" to start it as does the lower case c (which we also practiced).  This is a little tricky, and we will work on it again- but encourage your child to make that magic c to get G and g going in the right direction.

Jessa is our student of the week this week.  She has 2 big sisters and she brought several pictures for us to look at and tell us a bit about her!  She does not like snakes (high five on that one), she likes the color turquoise and she wants to be a farmer when she grows up!
NEXT WEEK IS READING WEEK!  We will have special dress up days (a paper was sent home on Monday explaining the different days.  There is also a list at the end of this post that explains the days AND it is on our Snack Calendar that is coming home on Wednesday afternoon.  (see the next paragraph)

Your child will have a snack calendar in their folder on Wednesday night for APRIL AND MAY!  (they are back to back on the purple sheet)  PLEASE keep track of it and when it is your child's turn to bring snack.

You will notice in May that our field trip is planned for May 10.  I will be sending out more information about this in the coming weeks, but if your schedule allows it, ONE adult may accompany each child on our field trip.  It will be a packed full day of fun and activities so if you can join us- please plan on it!  ONE adult (no younger siblings, please) per student only.  If you cannot go, please do not worry about it!  We stay all together as a group and there will be plenty of adult supervision- it's just an opportunity to tag along on a fun (exhausting) day with your TKer!  :)

Please remember to send back your child's "book in a baggie" by the following Monday.  The book should remain in the baggie and when your child returns the book, he/she will get a new book to bring home and dazzle you with.  I have limited numbers of these books so I really need you to be sure to send them back as the next group of kiddos will need all the copies I have to get their next book.  If one child doesn't bring the book back, I am short a book for the next group.

Student of the Week: Kai
MONDAY: Comfy/Cozy Dress Up Day - "book in a baggie" - LIBRARY  ART  Snack: Allie
WEDNESDAY:Tractor Day- (Wear color of your favorite tractor) MUSIC  Snack: Bodee
FRIDAY: Blue and Gold Day  PE  SNACK: Brystol

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