Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Literacy centers were our focus on our Monday morning in TK.  Mrs. Moen's center focused on listening for the ENDING sounds in words.  Some groups were allowed to do the activity on their own with little help and some groups need a little more direction- which is all okay!!  :)
Mrs. Gerber's group worked on writing their name
Mrs. T's group worked on the "book in a baggie".
Nearly everyone remembered to bring the books back!  YAY!!  Keep up the good work!  Every group hinges on the other groups to remember to bring back their books, so please do your best to return them!

AAAAAAND of course, iPads!

Dotters helped us make caterpillars with a certain number of parts for their bodies.  Some of us got a little excited and carried away with the dotters and put in too many body parts, but we learned we could just "X" them off if that happened.

Wednesday we worked really hard on the letter G!  We read a funny story about a goat named Gregory.  He and his parents didn't exactly see eye to eye on what was a good breakfast, lunch or dinner.  We talked about how we don't always see why our own parents want us to eat healthy foods.  We did discuss that unhealthy food is okay if we don't eat it ALL of the time.

We practiced writing Capital G on Wednesday.  Capital G uses the "magic C" to start it as does the lower case c (which we also practiced).  This is a little tricky, and we will work on it again- but encourage your child to make that magic c to get G and g going in the right direction.

Jessa is our student of the week this week.  She has 2 big sisters and she brought several pictures for us to look at and tell us a bit about her!  She does not like snakes (high five on that one), she likes the color turquoise and she wants to be a farmer when she grows up!
NEXT WEEK IS READING WEEK!  We will have special dress up days (a paper was sent home on Monday explaining the different days.  There is also a list at the end of this post that explains the days AND it is on our Snack Calendar that is coming home on Wednesday afternoon.  (see the next paragraph)

Your child will have a snack calendar in their folder on Wednesday night for APRIL AND MAY!  (they are back to back on the purple sheet)  PLEASE keep track of it and when it is your child's turn to bring snack.

You will notice in May that our field trip is planned for May 10.  I will be sending out more information about this in the coming weeks, but if your schedule allows it, ONE adult may accompany each child on our field trip.  It will be a packed full day of fun and activities so if you can join us- please plan on it!  ONE adult (no younger siblings, please) per student only.  If you cannot go, please do not worry about it!  We stay all together as a group and there will be plenty of adult supervision- it's just an opportunity to tag along on a fun (exhausting) day with your TKer!  :)

Please remember to send back your child's "book in a baggie" by the following Monday.  The book should remain in the baggie and when your child returns the book, he/she will get a new book to bring home and dazzle you with.  I have limited numbers of these books so I really need you to be sure to send them back as the next group of kiddos will need all the copies I have to get their next book.  If one child doesn't bring the book back, I am short a book for the next group.

Student of the Week: Kai
MONDAY: Comfy/Cozy Dress Up Day - "book in a baggie" - LIBRARY  ART  Snack: Allie
WEDNESDAY:Tractor Day- (Wear color of your favorite tractor) MUSIC  Snack: Bodee
FRIDAY: Blue and Gold Day  PE  SNACK: Brystol

Friday, March 24, 2017

OUR EXPERIMENT WITH THE EGGS WORKED!!  It was so exciting and so fun to see.... that I completely forgot to take a picture of it!  The vinegar dissolves the egg shell.  Milk and water did nothing to the shell.  What is left is fragile (we found that out the hard way) and the insides are still very liquid-y (again, found that out the hard way) but remember we had TWO eggs in vinegar so - NO WORRIES!!  It is a bit rubbery to the touch (GENTLE touch) but one of the "coolest" things we've done so far for a science Friday!  It was a complete success and the perfect way to start our discussion of OVIPAROUS animals!  Your kiddo is very excited to tell you about this exciting word we learned today!

After touching the rubbery egg- we talked about animals we thought laid eggs.  We had quite a list and then we watched a short Sesame Street video about animals that laid eggs.  Our list grew a bit more.  We watched baby octopuses hatch from their eggs, chicks hatch from their eggs and turtles hatch from their eggs all on our smartboard.  We then read a book about oviparous animals and our list grew even more.

We made a WHEEL OF OVIPAROUS animals to share with you after we had found plastic eggs around the room.  Each egg had a different animal that lays eggs in it.  (and true to Mrs. T's luck, I hid the eggs SO WELL, that we couldn't find one of them- we eventually did find it and unfortunately we had a classmate go home sick so we didn't actually NEED that egg, but that is typical for me!  OH WELL!)
We opened the eggs one by one and shared with our friends what the animal was.

For snack today, we made "nests" out of pretzel sticks and everyone was given a handful of eggs (jelly beans) to put in their nest.

As an extra special addition to our OVIPAROUS animal day- Ella's mom and siblings brought in a few of their new chicks to show us!  These chicks were black and red and not what we thought they would look like- but we learned that chicks and chickens aren't all one color!! :)
THANK YOU, ELLA and FAMILY for sharing your chicks with us!

It was an exciting day in TK and learning about OVIPAROUS animals!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mrs. Moen came in on Monday and we were able to do our Literacy Centers.  Mrs. Moen had a very important and exciting group as she handed out books to the kids and read the predictable text with each group.
The most exciting thing about this group was not being such an amazing reader, but that the kids got to take the books home to read to someone in their family!  These books should be returned and next Monday, the kids will hopefully get a new book!  (Just like at the library, kids will need to bring back their book before they are issued a new book)
Mrs. Gerber did an opposites activity
Mrs. T worked on RHYMING words
and we also had a group of iPads

We were able to go to the library and also the computer lab on Monday.

Jameson has a new baby brother and since Jameson got really sick right after his brother was born, we didn't get a chance to meet him until now!  Thank you, Jameson and mom, for sharing your new baby brother with us!

Wednesday we worked on the letter Q.  And of course, Q is almost ALWAYS with U.  We wrote several words on the board that started with Q (there aren't a lot) and every time it had a U right after the Q. We decided they LOVE each other just like when you get married!  :)  SOOOOOO we made a Q bride and U groom.  We colored and cut them out and stapled them to sticks.  And to make it official, we walked them around the room to the HERE COMES THE BRIDE song!  :)  

QUILT was the object that we focused on as we looked at several different quilts.

We observed how small triangles put together could make larger squares and if they were turned on their sides, they looked like diamonds.  We observed how the quilters used different shapes and combined them to even make other objects- like stars and flowers.

Next, we read a story called THE QUILT MAKER'S GIFT by Gail deMarcken.  It is a little bit longer of a book than we normally read, but the pictures are so beautiful and the story is so good, we were able to listen to the whole thing without tapping out!! :)

After the story, we paired up and got a bag of pattern blocks and experimented with taking shapes and trying to make new shapes out of them.  We did pretty well with that but the fun happened when we used pattern block pages that had the colors and shapes already made into figures like turtles, butterflies and birds, to name a few!

We actually did this TWICE during the day because it was so fun!

I have a few quilts that I had brought in for our morning introduction to Q and quilts and one of my favorites was made by my friend Mary.  Mary lives in Larchwood so I called her this morning and begged her to PLEASE come talk to us about how she makes quilts.  She out did herself as she brought in pieces of a quilt she is currently working on, small squares that she has sewn together to make bigger squares and still more sewing to make yet bigger squares.......
She showed us the batting that she puts in between the quilted side and the fabric backing and how the quilting looks on the back and front.  She had a farm themed quilt, a flower quilt, an Alaskan Nature quilt, a football themed quilt and a couple of others.  We took a vote and had our picture taken with the Alaskan quilt!  Thank you, Mary, for coming in and telling us all about your amazing hobby of quilting!

TK ON FRIDAY!  It will be an exciting EARLY DISMISSAL DAY (11:40) as we began our FRIDAY SCIENCE DAY already with an experiment that HOPEFULLY will not be a dud!
 It seemed like it was working this afternoon............ so stay tuned!  Ask your child about the eggs in water, milk and vinegar!  :)

NEXT WEEK: Student of the Week: Jessa

MONDAY: Library  MUSIC Snack: Memphis

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

We knew that O was going to be our focus this week, so we jumped right in and practiced its SHORT vowel sound /o/ like in Officer... Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann was the perfect story to kick it all off!  After reading the story, we put some pictures in the correct sequence using the book as a guide.

Wednesday we read a funny story about an octopus that liked to tickle the fish, (I would like to add that in the story the octopus chased a pearl to the bottom of the ocean and ALL of the kids immediately piped up "HE IS IN THE MIDNIGHT ZONE!"- yeah for connections)  then we read a fact book about an Octopus.  We got to watch how an octopus can change colors and shapes to camouflage itself in the ocean in a video on the SmartBoard.  We practiced listening for the /o/ sound at the beginning of pictures that were on arms of an octopus and then tackled the tricky skill of listening for it in the MIDDLE of a word.  (Side note: I have always referred to the arms of an octopus as tentacles.  Apparently, that is not correct- they are arms.  Who knew? - I suppose I should have been more informed and done more research.  Happily, your kids were informed on the correct terminology:))

For math we made patterned arms with pony beads on a pipe cleaner octopus.
It requires a lot of figuring out the number of beads needed... and the pattern ...PLUS getting the pipe cleaner through the hole of the bead using those fine motor skills!

The kids worked really hard on them and are excited to show you their octopuses.

Miss Emily came today and talked to us about opossums.

She told us that they have a pouch that they carry their babies in and that the babies are no bigger than a jellybean... which is a good thing because they can have up to 13 babies at one time!  Miss Emily also told us that opossums will pretend that they are dead when their enemies come around and will let off a foul smell so they SMELL like they are dead too!  She had us play a little game where everyone got a pouch and had to look for the babies but when the coyote came around- they had to quick play dead!  It was a hoot to watch! (I did not participate- I was the photographer :) )

Jameson is our Student of the Week!  He brought in some really fun pictures for us to look at.  He has a series of pictures of him riding a toy tractor every year since he was one!  It was fun to see how he has grown in comparison to the tractor!  Jameson's favorite color is red.  He loves tractors, games and music.  Jameson does not like getting his hair cut and he wants to be a bull rider when he grows up!  He has two big sisters and a new baby brother!  Thank you, Jameson for bringing in your pictures and letting us get to know you better!

So our color experiment had mixed results... we used the primary colors and tried to see if they would mix and make the secondary colors of orange, green and purple... GREEN was a success, orange was sketchy- close, but not as good as green, and purple was a bust.  But it was fun experimenting to see.  We decided that that's how experiments go sometimes.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't.  We still love science!!  :)


MONDAY: Library  PE  Snacks: Kai
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snacks: Lucy
FRIDAY: MUSIC  Snacks: Marissa  11:40 DISMISSAL

Friday, March 10, 2017

Next week we are going to work on the short sound that o makes, so on Friday, we learned the long o sound.  We learned that vowels have two sounds.  They say their own name and they have another sound.  Friday we learned about the Ocean!  We started our morning off by doing some exploring of Ocean creatures in books.
We have a LOT of books about ocean animals.  After several minutes of looking and exchanging books we read two fact books about ocean animals.  We learned there are 3 levels in the ocean where the sunlight hits it.  The top level is the SUNLIGHT level.  The next level is the TWILIGHT level and the very darkest level is called MIDNIGHT.  We learned that the many of the fish and creatures that live in the midnight level have made adaptations for catching prey.

Our first experiment of the day was to make an ocean level bottle (that doubles as a wave maker)
 The kids spent quite a bit of time shaking, watching, waiting and yakking about their bottles.  One of the kids shook their bottle until it looked like it was all mixed up... but we waited... and slowly... the levels separated out again.
I'm sure they will want to show you how that works!!  (The bottles are hot glued closed and I really gave them a stern talking to about messing with the lid and what a colossal mess it would make if they opened it up and spilled it.  We had good luck all day with them keeping the lids on and not picking at the glue- hopefully you will have equally good luck at home!! :)

We sorted animals into two groups : Zoo Animals or Ocean Animals.  We worked in a small group of 2 or 3 in a group.  The goal was to talk to our "team" and work together.

They all did great!

Experiment #2 for the day was salt water vs. fresh water.  Most of the kids have had experience fishing or swimming in fresh water but most have not experienced salt water from the ocean.  The few kids that have been in the ocean were quick to tell us how yucky the water is!  It is salty! Salt water has a special characteristic to it and our job was to figure out what it was.  Everyone got 2 glasses of water - one with no salt the other with quite a bit of salt.  We dropped a jewel into the fresh water and watched it sink to the bottom.  Then we dropped the other jewel into the salt water and watched it... DROP TO THE BOTTOM!  ACCCCKKKK! I was panicked and perplexed as I tried it earlier and it had worked.  We then figured out we had to stir the salt water up a bit.  We tried it again and TA DA!
The jewel floated! (whew)

It was a fun SCIENCE-Y day in TK today!

Student of the Week: Jameson
Monday: Library  Snack: Jameson  ART
Wednesday: Snack: Jessa   MUSIC
Friday: NO TK

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Monday we were so happy to have Mrs. Moen back from Arizona!  She was bronzed and beautiful and we missed her so much!  It was great having her back and we promptly went right back into Literacy Centers mode! :)
Mrs. Moen was in charge of helping different groups reading stories in an anthology for beginning readers.  This big book makes us feel like big shots when we use them!  :)
Mrs. Gerber did an initial sound worksheet listening for the /k/ sound
Mrs. T worked on correct formation of the letter C.  It is very important that we learn the correct formation of this letter as it is the beginning for several other letters : O, Q, and G.
And finally, iPads independently

For math we worked on ordinal numbers and also listening to directions.  Each direction had two options, so the kids had to listen the first time it was read.  Then the directions were read a second time and they colored the caterpillar however they answered the question.

After library, we had just enough time to meet Curtis the dog (puppet) and decide if he would like to add certain objects to his treasures- deciding if it started with the /k/ sound or not.
The kids had lots of fun deciding where to put the objects as each of them pulled something out of his box, one by one.

We went to the library and the computer lab on Monday also.  Please remember that kids are only allowed to have two books checked out in their name in TK.  Monday is our library day so books should be returned before then.

Wednesday we read the story IF YOU GIVE A CAT A CUPCAKE.  We enjoyed the pictures and how the illustrator gave the cat such personality!  (the cat had sprinkles and didn't just gently shake the sprinkles out.... he made a ginormous mess with them - sprinkling with BOTH hands!) An emergent reader with the story in short form was the next thing we tackled.  I have to tell you, you MUST have your child read this book to you- they are so excited to "read" it to you!  Make sure that they are using their "reader finger" and that they are following along as they read each word.  I hope you will be impressed.  I sure am!  :)

We sorted /k/ pictures that were on paper cupcakes into two groups- similar to what we did on Monday, except we had two helpers collecting the pictures.

We had some fun exploring with colors on Wednesday.  We are doing an experiment to see if the 3 primary colors will mix into the clear water to make the new colors.  We are excited to see what happens to them on Friday!  The grand finale was when we frosted and used sprinkles on a cupcake just like the cat in our story.  Each of the kids had to decide what color of frosting they wanted and what colors they needed to make that color.  A couple of drops of food coloring and some mixing and VOILA!

We also read the story CORDUROY.  I have several samples of corduroy, so we passed those around and came up with some words like soft, bumpy, funny :) to describe it.  It helped us to imagine how Corduroy felt in the girl's arms after she bought him.  (Luckily Scheel's has an escalator, so most of the kids are familiar with that... but a department store with a furniture department in the same store as a toy department.... not much experience with that.  It's one of those "teachable moments" and I can tell them about THE OLDEN DAYS and about department stores.  (See?  Sometimes my OLDIE BUT GOODIE status comes in hand!! :))

We helped Elliss celebrate his 6th Birthday on Wednesday.  He chose SCOOBY DOO for his birthday song add on~
Happy Birthday, Elliss

TK ON FRIDAY, MARCH 10  Isabelle has snacks

Student of the Week: Jameson
MONDAY: ART  LIBRARY  Snack: Jameson