Wednesday, February 1, 2017

U is the letter of the week this week.  It is a little bit of an obscure letter- not many of us have it in our names.  There aren't a lot of words that start with it and it makes a sound completely different than what its name says.  So, what I'm getting at is.... it's a toughie.

We read a sweet story called, IN THE RAIN WITH BABY DUCK.  Baby Duck does NOT like the rain, but with the help of some rainboots and an Umbrella- she learns to like the rain just fine!!  After we read the book, we made an umbrella following directions like we did 2 weeks ago with the Kangaroo.  Those went home on Monday afternoon with the kids.

We were able to get to the library on Monday afternoon for new books and also to the computer lab!
FLYN is our Student of the Week this week!  Flyn has two brothers and two sisters.  He LOVES his baby sister and does NOT like snakes!  He would like to be a nurse when he grows up because his mom was a nurse.  He likes the colors blue and red and two words that describe him are TOUGH and SMART!  Flyn brought in several pictures for us to look at and our hands down favorite one was when he was a baby and it is just his face in the picture!

Thank you, Flyn for bringing in your pictures and telling us a little about yourself!

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1!  HI!!!  Remember me?  Yes, it's your child's friendly TK Teacher trying to catch you up after  A WEEK'S WORTH OF SNOW DAYS!  THAT was bad timing, huh?  A week that we didn't have Friday TK?  Darn it!  Well, we buckled down again and got right to work on STILL the letter U.

Wednesday's big news is that it is the 101st Day of School!  So, since we weren't here yesterday to celebrate the 100the day.... we are never ones to miss a party opportunity- so we celebrated TODAY!  The 101st Day of TK!  Naturally, this all lends itself to 101 Dalmatians, so we took off from there!

If you have your SeeSaw account up and running, I sent you the picture of your little dalmatian earlier today!  :)

We made dalmatian headbands with 101 spots on the ears (50 on one ear, 51 on the other).  We made a necklace with 100 Fruit Loop cereal pieces strung on it.
We used a ten frame (an egg carton with 2 holders cut off) to help us make a 101 snack pack.  There were 10 different snacks around the room.  The kids went to each snack- filled up their 10 frame with the snack and then went back to their seat where there was a mat waiting for them to dump their treasures out on.  After a visit to each snack station, the kids got to pick ONE of any of the snacks to make 101!
A mat getting filled up with 101 snack pieces!

We read a couple of stories that focused on the number 100 and we ate Dalmatian cupcakes...
at the end of the day... right before we went home... you're welcome! :)

Your PT Conference Appointment sheet is in your child's folder this afternoon!  Please contact me if you do not find it and I will email you the time!  I am looking forward to telling you all of the amazing things your child is doing in TK!!!



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