Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Monday we were all about VALENTINES!  We went through our schedule and discussed how the party wasn't going to be until THE VERY END OF THE DAY!  :)  It's so hard to wait, but the schedule on our board definitely helps us remember what is happening when and the party was the last thing on our schedule before going home.  Who am I kidding, it doesn't REALLY help, but it is a visual at least for them to refer to!

We started the morning off using our iPads and the QR Reader to have Valentine stories read to us.  There were several pages of QR codes to scan so it kept us busy for a good chunk of our literacy time.  We also did a listening exercise where there were 8 "valentine buddies" to choose from but the kids had to listen very closely to the clues describing the buddies to know which one to give the valentine to.  When we first started doing it, some of the kids would raise their hands thinking they knew which buddy it was going to be.  But others would point out that there were TWO buddies with long brown hair... (etc.) and we couldn't be for sure which one it was going to be without listening to the rest of the clues.  The kids got really good at it, so we tried it again with animals and again with community helpers.

We worked on syllables in words.  We said the word.  Clapped out the word.  Clapped it out again and counted the parts (or syllables).  After we figured out how many syllables were in the word, we stamped out that many squares with Valentine stampers.

Ten frames was the next up on the to do list.  We did a couple of the first ones together and then we did the rest of the page independently!! :)  We also sorted and graphed candy hearts.  We found out that purple candy hearts were the fewest graphed hearts.  There were some kids that didn't have ANY purple hearts and for most, purple was the least row on their graph.  We ate a few of the hearts but we brought most of them home in a baggie to share.  You're welcome!  :)

We opened our Valentines before we went to Art so that we didn't have to take time to do that during our party!

After the last recess it was FINALLY TIME FOR OUR PARTY!  The party moms had a great party all planned out for us starting with a delicious snack of heart shaped cookies, heart shaped jello and juice bags!
Following our snack, we split into 3 groups and played 3 different games and rotated through them during the party!  There was PIN THE NOSE ON THE CLOWN

Thank you to the moms who came and helped make our party a complete success!!

Wednesday we talked about the letter W!  We read the story Mrs. Wishy Washy.  She has animals that all jump in the mud and she has to give them a wash.  We were able to read it on the Smartboard all together.  We practiced reading with expression.  Even when we came to words that were bold print, we practiced saying it a bit louder.  We got to be pretty good at it!  :)  We made a small flip book with the characters in the story and we also took a survey and graphed if we each like to take a bath or not.
Mrs. Doorneweerd came in to help us do CODING again!  She found a new app for us to try and it worked like a charm!  It is truly amazing to watch the kids figure out how to make the characters move, jump, throw, etc in different scenarios.  They aren't just playing a game.  They actually have to program the character on how to move to get to a certain spot or treat or tool.  2 steps forward- jump up- 3 steps forward, etc.  They are pretty awesome at coding!!

We practiced rolling playdough into long logs and tried to make it match premade cards that had squiggle lines on them.
Some of the logs had to be pretty long to make the line/shape.  We also used extruders and letter stampers with the playdough.
It was a busy afternoon with lots of good small motor practice.

Hendrix is our STUDENT OF THE WEEK!  He told us he has TWO favorite colors: Green and purple.  He likes snakes... (we had a lengthy discussion about snakes and if you can really LIKE snakes... we decided that he seems to really like them... ewww :) )  He has one big brother Braxton and he wants to be a hunter when he grows up!
Thank you for sharing your pictures and telling us a little about yourself, Hendrix!



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