Friday, January 20, 2017

Well after an unexpected snow day on Monday- we got back into the swing of things pretty quickly.  We practiced writing our names Monday morning.  We are working on writing with ONE capital letter and the rest are lowercase letters.  If your child is showing you their spectacular writing skills, please make sure that it begins with a capital and there are no other capitals sprinkled in AND THAT ALL LETTERS START AT THE TOP!  Bad habits are hard to break and we definitely have some bad ones when it comes to starting letters at the bottom.  Ugh!

Since we missed Monday and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we learned about him Wednesday.  We read a short story about him and talked about the things/laws he wanted to change.  We also had a Weekly Reader that told us about Martin Luther King, Jr.  It is always an interesting discussion.

For math, we worked on ten frames, number order and number sense.  The kids set their cards up in two rows of 5, to make a "ten frame".  The cards are sorted out from 1 (the aces) to 10.  No face cards.  The extras go in the middle.  The idea of the game is to try to place your first card in the right spot (1-10)(in ten frame mode)and then you use that card and put it in the correct spot.  You then try to use the card you picked up and put it in the correct spot.  If you already have filled that spot, you hand the card to your partner and they try to fill their spots up.  If they can't use the card that you hand them- they get to draw from the pile in the middle.  This is sounding confusing to me, too, now...  hopefully your child can show you how to play.  It's a pretty fun game (I think sometimes it is called GARBAGE?)

The BEST part of the day came when we went to PE and we were waiting for Mr. Hoogeveen to get to the gym!  One of the kids turned to me and said, "HEY!  MRS. T!  There is a ten frame on the wall!"  Yup!  There sure is!  I love my job!
Friday we had a special visitor!  Miss Emily from the Lyon County Conservation Office came to talk to us about LADYBUGS!  She read us a fact book about ladybugs and then we went on an aphid hunt around the room.

 Every "ladybug" got to find two aphids for lunch :)

We did a little math game adding "spots" (beans) to a ladybug

and Miss Emily found some hibernating ladybugs and brought them in so we could look at them UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL!

After Miss Emily left, we read the story THE GROUCHY LADYBUG by Eric Carle.  We observed how each animal that the ladybug encountered got bigger and bigger and so did the text that we read.  It is a very entertaining book and the kids wanted to read it again, but we just didn't have time because we made our OWN grouchy ladybugs!  It was funny to see how some of the kids thought they were being grouchy but they were just too smiley to pull it off!!

SO!  Some good news and some bad news.  First the bad news: We are off on our specials calendar.  GOOD NEWS: It's already the 23rd of January next Monday!!  :)  So a new February calendar will be making its way home soon!  (SORRY)
Next week:
MONDAY: ART  Library  Snack: Teagen

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