Friday, January 6, 2017

We had a very special visitor Friday morning!  He came to read two of his favorite stories to us and his name is Brandon Snyder!  He used to be a Wildcat but now he is an Iowa Hawkeye!  Before he got here, we watched a short clip of an interception he made just on Monday afternoon in Florida. We decided he looked like Superman flying in to catch the ball!  After he finished his stories, we all took an individual picture with him

and also a class picture.
We were so happy he took time out of his day to come read and visit with us today!  THANK YOU, BRANDON!

Our day was devoted to THE ARCTIC!  Our room was all snowy (you can see the "snow" in the pictures with Brandon) and some kids thought it was a little chilly even! ;)  First on the agenda was to learn about some of the animals that live in the Arctic.  We read an informational book that told us special adaptations that Arctic animals have to make.  Polar bears, Snow shoe hares, and a few others have extra big paws or feet so they can walk ON the snow and not fall into the snow as far as they might otherwise with smaller paws/feet.  We experimented with this theory and used our own "snow" (flour) and animals.  We don't exactly have ARCTIC animals, so we used what we could find... dinosaurs, cows, horses, :) and we gently put them in the "snow".  They all made footprints.  Then we gave them larger paws/hooves/feet by using construction paper and attaching it to their feet and tried it again in the "snow".  It hardly left any print at all.

Next we read about the MuskOx and how they protect their young from predators.  They make a circle around their babies that are in the middle and do not let their enemies in.  We made our own circle with 4 "babies" in the middle and there was a sly Arctic fox that tried to get to them, but the circle really worked and the babies were safe! (I didn't get a picture of that... I was busy being the Arctic Fox!! :))

We read about how nearly all of the Arctic animals have a layer of something to help keep them warmer than most other animals.  Some have fur, others have a downy layer of feathers and some have a layer of blubber!  We experimented with our own layer of blubber and icy water in our room!
We had a baggie with no protection and we had one baggie inside another baggie with a layer of BLUBBER (crisco) in between.  The kids squealed with excitement and shivers as they put both hands into the baggies and then into the ice cold "Arctic Ocean"!

We also did a few other activities with Arctic animals.  We did a math measuring activity where we walked around the room and counted the blocks that measured the animals.  Then we had to remember the number of cubes and had to write the number down on a sheet to record our answer!

We also used our iPads to help us learn about Arctic Animals!  Everyone was given a paper with QR codes on it and there were 6 different stories and videos to add to our Arctic fun!

Finally, we practiced reading a book about Arctic animals in a predictable reader.  Some of the illustrations are harder to tell what they are, so we figured out that we could look at the TEXT to help us figure it out.  The wolf and a fox were the first tricky pair we came to.  The W was a clue that it couldn't be the FOX because FOX starts with F not W!  Please be sure to read the Arctic animals book with your child this weekend sometime.  They have lots of information they want to share with you!
It was a chilly, ARCTIC day in TK today!

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