Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Monday we tackled the letter K.  Luckily this letter makes the sound we think it should make, so that is not too tough.  WRITING the letter K is a bit tricky as we try to make the slants similarly sized and "hitting" that middle dotted line along the first line that we make.  It went rather well for a first go at it!  We also talked about lowercase letters.  We will be giving that a whirl this week too!  After practicing the correct formation of K, we worked on words that start with K.  We made a kite that had several pictures that could be pulled through the middle of the kite.

We got out our paints after drawing designs on a snow hat with our white crayons, and painted the hats.  It was fun to see the designs/pictures magically appear as we were painting over the hat.

We hung them up in the hall for everyone to enjoy! :)

Evie is our Student Of the Week this week.  Evie is the big sister to two little sisters.  She wants to be a nurse like her mom when she grows up and she does not like scary things!  She likes the color blue and she loves swimming!  Evie brought in lots of fun pictures for us to look at but the thing that caught everyone by surprise is that she had VERY DARK BROWN HAIR when she was born!  We didn't even think it could be her when we were first looking at the pictures!  As you can see from her picture now, she is quite blonde!  Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Evie!  We loved getting to know more about you!

We helped Jessa celebrate her half birthday on Monday.  She chose CHA CHA CHA for her birthday song add on!  Happy HALF birthday, Jessa!

We were able to go to the library and the computer lab on Monday.  We also played a rousing card game of "I HAVE... WHO HAS...?"  For this game we get in a circle and someone starts reading their card.  It will say "I have R.  Who has B?"  Then the person with B reads their card.  "I have B.  Who has N?"  etc. etc.  This is a version of a game that we played with numbers in December.  I have several different versions that we will be playing throughout the rest of the year.  It's a quick, fun way to practice different skills.

Wednesday we continued on the letter K but we worked on writing the LOWER CASE k!  It looks similar, and it's made sort of like the capital letter but we learned pretty quickly that it is differently made.
The kangaroo was our animal that we focused on for K.  We learned that they are called marsupials because of the pouch they have.  We saw some pictures of some pretty "ripped" kangaroos.  The male kangaroos fight- starting at an early age and some of them become very muscular!  You will notice a kangaroo in your child's things Wednesday afternoon.  This is not just a colored, cut and glued together kangaroo!  OH NO!  We had to read directions (that had some pictures for us to "read") on a paper and follow them.  We read them as a class and then followed the directions.  Everyone's kangaroo looked exactly the same... which it was supposed to because we followed the directions! :)

Inside recess all day had us a little antsy so we did several different LARGE MOTOR activities.  We rolled 2 dice- one had a movement and the other had a number 1-6 on it.  It really got us moving.

There are book order flyers in your child's folder Wednesday afternoon.  You can order online using our class code: GRY67  If you would like to send the paper order form and check to school that is also fine.  The deadline for ordering will be by 9am on Friday, January 20.  (Remember to tell your child that there is a book order in their folder if you go that route.)

                 SNACK: MEMPHIS

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