Wednesday, November 15, 2017

This week we have had fun reading books about Moose!  Monday we read the entertaining book called MOOSETACHE by Margie Palatini.  In this book, Moose has a very unruly mustache.  We all donned a mustache for a class picture and an individual picture after we finished the book.  Some of our mustaches were a bit unruly themselves - as in the "sticky" stuck too well to our lips when we tried to take them off!

For math we did some sorting and graphing of M&Ms.  First we worked on figuring out which color word we were reading and colored the circles on our sorting mat accordingly.  After we got the mat ready, we sorted our 2 small bags of M&Ms.  The kids are using lots of great words to describe what they are seeing during math time.  Our final job was to put the M&Ms on our graph and really start using all of those describing words!  :)

Wednesday we read another story called IF YOU GIVE A MOOSE A MUFFIN.  This story has quite a few cause and effect sequences in it.  We reviewed them and then went to work on an emergent reader that we are excited to share with you.  We have practiced reading it several times as the words change towards the end of the book.  Please encourage your child to point to the words as they read, make sure they are sweeping left to right also.

For math we counted blueberries and matched the numbers to the blueberries in a muffin!

Of course, no reading of this great book would be complete without making muffins of our own to eat!  I had one of the kids be my "assistant" and the kids thought that was the BEST word- so I used it quite often during the making of the muffins, so don't be surprised if your kiddo throws that word out there sometime!  :) (oh, and one more thing... these muffins were THE BEST MUFFINS EVER, sorry... I know how hard it is to live up to my fabulous TK cooking!! :) )

It was a delicious day in TK!

WOW: Gabriel
Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 6, 2017

Literacy Centers with Mrs. Moen's help on Monday included iPads,
Mrs. Moen's group matched leaves with either capital or lowercase letters on it to a bare tree
and Mrs. T's group practiced making capital and lowercase R's on our dry erase boards and then did some beginning sound listening putting feathers with pictures on the correct turkey!

We finished reading Charlotte's Web on Monday and started watching the movie during rest time.  It will take us several rest times to finish it, but we are having fun comparing the movie to the book and the differences we have noticed.

Erin is our WOW this week!  Erin loves the color pink, does NOT like carrots and peaches and she wants to be a horse rider when she grows up!  Erin brought in lots of great pictures for us to look at but the one that caught our eye was the picture of her and her brother doing the Skittles experiment from last Friday!  WAY TO GO, ERIN!!  This brought about quite a lively discussion about who did and who did not do the experiment yet.  There was even a classmate that shared he ate the Skittles after they were done.  He told us they were soggy but still tasted good!! :)  Thank you, Erin for sharing your pictures with us!

Wednesday:  Music  Snack: Jacob
SATURDAY: GO BIG BLUE!!  WL Football playing in the dome at 1:00

Week of November 13:
Monday: PE  Library Snack: Kacen
Wednesday: ART  Snack: Katie
Friday: NO TK

Friday, November 3, 2017

Fridays in TK are usually devoted to something "science-y" (is that a word?) :)  Some Fridays it may be animals, other Fridays it might be learning with actual experiments.  Today, it was experiments surrounding colors and the Rainbow.
Before we jumped into rainbows, we reviewed rhyming with a fun book and then matching pictures to other pictures that rhymed.
Right before lunch, we were able to get out our paints and paint a rainbow!  It was perfect timing because they could dry (in peace on our tables) while we were at lunch and then recess!

Not only did we PAINT, we also got out our markers and colored a coffee filter with squiggles, shapes, lines and whatever else we wanted.  The coffee filter was then folded until it looked like a piece of pie and we clipped it to a pipe cleaner.  We hung our coffee filters over water in a cup with just the tip soaking up the water.  It was fun to watch the water seep up and up into the filter and change colors.  They are now drying and on Monday we will scrunch them up and make them into beautiful butterflies!!  :)

Another experiment we did to see colors was to refract light using CD's!  The kids got pretty good at tipping the CD just a little this way or that way to see the rainbows change shapes and grow!

The experiment that your child is going to want to try at home was using some Skittles and warm water.  They made a circle around the outer ring of a plastic plate and then I poured warm tap water into the middle of it just enough to barely make the skittles float...sort of... they have to get wet but you don't want them floating all over the plate.  Then watch the magic begin!  I sent home a package of Skittles so you can try it at home.  I know, I know- you are SO VERY WELCOME!! :)

The last experiment we did is called MAGIC MILK!  We poured some milk into a plastic plate and then added drops of food coloring.  The magic happens when you drop dish soap (we used a q-tip) onto the food coloring.  The q-tip can't touch the milk or food coloring and you for SURE don't want to stir it- the magic is gone if that happens.

Finally, to end the afternoon, Mr. Knueven came in for Challenge Time.

It was a great, colorful and rainbow-riffic day in TK!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

This week we are working on the letter R!  With Mrs. Moen (on Monday) we did our literacy centers and worked on rhyming words

beginning sounds
and iPads

The BIG NEWS ON MONDAY was our Fall Festival Party!  Wow!  What a great party we had!  We had a yummy snack, rotated through 3 different games - complete with prizes!- and got a goodie bag to take home at the end of the party!  Thank you so much to the moms that provided us with a WONDERFUL Fall Festival Party!

We hit rhyming words again on Wednesday with some very funny stories about dust bunnies!  We are getting pretty good at saying two words and trying to decide if they rhyme or not.  Actually, in just the several times we've tried it, recently we have made some giant leaps to hearing if they rhyme or not.  WHEW!!  :)

We also read a funny story called RUN, TURKEY, RUN!  And we jumped off of that and learned about VERBS!  We learned a fun song (that I totally made up years ago) and practiced doing different actions- which of course, are verbs!  We will hit this again (and again) throughout the year!

So we are getting a TASTE of what is to come weather wise and I'm starting to panic just a little because we are having some pretty big difficulties getting coats zipped (those double zippers are the pits) and putting gloves on and of course, TYING SHOES continues to be the biggest culprit of them all!  Give yourself some extra time and have your child get ready by themselves.  Everything.  Coats, gloves, hats, boots, (snowpants- when the time comes) and make sure they can do it all by themselves. I know it takes time.  I know you don't usually have time.  Maybe do it sometime when you AREN'T going anywhere and have time.  Just a suggestion- but it's coming and independence is the goal!  :)  YAY WINTERS IN IOWA!

PE  Snacks: Gabriel

WOW: Erin
MONDAY: PT CONFERENCES!  Your conference sheet was sent home Wednesday night.  Let me know ASAP or call the office if you didn't get a sheet!  Janet (in the office) will also be able to tell you when your conference is!
LIBRARY  ART  Snack: Grady

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Monday with Mrs. Moen had us listening for beginning sounds.  Some of us listened for the beginning sound of pictures and identified the letter making the sound and some of us just were listening to hear if two pictures started with the same sound.  This is a tricky skill and we will be working on it all year long!

We played a roll the dice and find the corresponding number on a Halloween paper.  This is a fun, INDEPENDENT activity that the kids can do without much supervision.  We also practiced writing numbers on the smartboard with finger flashlights!  This was a new version of writing numbers that was quite a hit so we will do it again (and again) soon!  :)

Wednesday we practiced writing the letter B.  We also read a funny story about bubbles.  We listened for that /b/ sound at the beginning of pictures again and cut and glued bubbles with those pictures that we decided started with /b/!

To enjoy the last day of 60 degree weather until spring again (BOO!!) we went outside and Blew Bubbles!

We also were lucky enough to get to go to the HS production of Rumpelstiltskin on Wednesday!

Eden is our Wonder Of the Week this week and she brought in lots of pictures for us to look at!  She loves the color purple and spaghetti.  She does NOT like getting shots (we all could relate to that one) and she is best described as happy!  Eden's dad cannot hear so she speaks to him in sign language and she was willing to show us some of the sign language "words" she thought we would like. She taught us how to say CAT, DOG, I LOVE YOU, WATER and MILK!  She knows lots more words but these were the few she thought we would like most!  :)
THANK YOU, EDEN for sharing your pictures with us and teaching us a few sign language words!  It was AWESOME!


MONDAY: Library  ART  FALL FESTIVAL PARTY for TK 2:20 (TK will NOT be bringing/wearing costumes for our party)
WEDNESDAY: Music  Snack: Erin
FRIDAY: PE  Snack: Gabriel

Please be reminded that boots will be needed to play on the blacktop at recess once there is SUBSTANTIAL snow on the ground.  If it snows and melts, that will not be a problem.  If it snows and STICKS- boots and snowpants will be needed to play on the playground.  Otherwise, the kids with just shoes on stand by the wall during recess.  It's a huge bummer for them, but they can't have wet shoes all day and track in the mud and muck that comes with snow.  Boots also mean tying.
'Nuff said, right?  :)  Thank you for your help with this.