Wednesday, December 7, 2016

We tackled the letter H this week.  H is a tricky sounding letter because often times when we are just learning letters and sounds, TKers like to make the long A sound! AAAApe.  NOPE!  It's a toughie.

Mrs. Moen came on Monday, so we did our literacy centers.  Mrs. Moen's group read a predictable reader about /h/ /h/ hair!

Mrs. Gerber's group made a /h/ /h/ hippo with /h/ pictures in his mouth
Mrs. T's group practiced writing capital H (pretty easy, so when we were done, we read a funny book by Robert Munsch called Aaron's Hair.)
and of course, iPads

We went to the library and the computer lab AND helped Mrs. Gerber celebrate a very special, milestone birthday.  The kids correctly guessed (or so Mrs. Gerber claimed) that she was 29!  :)
Happy Birthday, you youngin'!

Working on our fine motor skills is something we TRY to do each week.  Monday we were able to get in a couple rotations of the fine motor boxes!

Wednesday we focused our /h/ work on HATS!  We read a rhyming book called THE MAGIC HAT.  After we read it a second time, listening for the rhyming clues and the picture clues as to what the hat was going to do next, we made our own rhyming hats.  These hats look like Cat in the Hat hats, so we donned our own Cat in the Hat hats
and worked on WRITING words that rhyme with cat and hat!  WE DID AWESOME!!!  I am so proud of the kids!  Be sure to brag up your child when they read all of those rhyming words to you!

We also made a Christmas "hat" book with several different characters and hats.  Each of the hats has a special something on it, so we had to do it in phases (before lunch/after lunch, before specials/after specials, before recess/after recess) but we got it done and the kids are excited to show you all of the different options for all of the characters in the book!

Ellie is our Student of the Week.  Ellie brought in lots of fun pictures for us to oooh and aaaaah over.  Ellie loves the color blue and does not like scary movies.  She wants to be a cowgirl and doctor when she grows up.  I asked her if she wanted to be a PEOPLE doctor or an ANIMAL doctor and she said ANIMAL doctor.  When I asked her if she knew what that kind of a doctor was called, she knew immediately they are VETERINARIANS!  :)
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Ellie!

TK ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9!  This is an EARLY DISMISSAL day at 11:40.  There is no breakfast or lunch served on these days so please plan accordingly!  We will have a snack before we go home, but remember that we eat at 10:30 on TK days, so we will be well past the usual lunch time by the time we get home Friday afternoon!!  :)

OH AND PS: We do NOT have MUSIC on Friday (our early dismissal day) so our entire December calendar is off on Specials.  Sorry.  I wasn't for sure if we were running a morning or afternoon schedule.  I guessed wrong (per the usual) and we are totally off.  Not that it makes a HUGE difference, but just an FYI!  Sorry!

Because the windchill made it feel below zero, we did not go outside for recess on Wednesday.  TUESDAY it was just above zero, AND THE KIDS WENT OUT FOR ALL 3 RECESSES!  Your child needs to have a coat, hat and mittens, at the very least.  Boots and snowpants are not mandatory for these non snowy days, but they are surely nice for warmth.  WE WILL BE GOING OUTSIDE if it is above zero.  My suggestion is: don't try to guess if we will be going out or not.  Assume we will.  We had several students in our class that did not have hats or mittens today.  If your child does not have any or all of any winter gear, please just email me and I can get them some.  We have access to winter coats, boots, snowpants, hats, gloves/mittens that you can HAVE, just let me know.  Otherwise, I would strongly suggest that you send your child with all necessary gear to school- EVERY DAY!  :) 

We will be doing a gift exchange in our classroom.  This gift should be around $3-$5.  We will NOT be exchanging NAMES.  This prevents any child from being forgotten by accident.  If you do not wish for your child to participate in the gift exchange, that is fine.  Just let me know via email and please explain it to your child before hand.  If it is a financial reason, again, please email me and I can take care of it.  We have access to small gifts that can be used if needed.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or Mr. Snyder if you want your child to participate but it just is not going to work out.  If your child is a boy, he should bring a gift for a boy.  The tag will read: TO BOY FROM BODEE (or whomever your child is :) )  Girls will bring a gift for a girl and the tag will read: TO GIRL FROM GRACELYN (or whomever your daughter is :) )  We will do a little game to distribute and open the gifts.  The kids can bring them anytime now.  Our party day is Wednesday, December 21, so it should be here before then.  Even if you are one of the "party parents"- we will do the opening BEFORE the party, so please send it before the 21st.

MONDAY: Library  MUSIC  Snack: Gracelyn
WEDNESDAY: PE  Snack: Hendrix
FRIDAY: NO TK (December 16)

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