Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Monday we did literacy centers with Mrs. Moen but with a Christmas twist.  Mrs. Gerber was gone, so we did 3 centers with 6-7 kiddos in a group.  We worked on rhyming and initial sounds.  It went pretty well.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Moen is going to ARIZONA for a couple of months, so we will be missing her when we get back in January!

We also were quite busy for a good 20 minutes wrapping our special surprise for you.  The kids did all of the wrapping all by themselves.  No adult help allowed.  Lots of tape.  Lots.  But they turned out perfectly!  I'm sure you will agree- once you see them.

My favorite thing about this is that they are all the same thing in those pretty packages!  :)

I'm not sure when you all are getting them.  Some of them decided they were waiting until after Santa came- some thought on Christmas Eve and most were going to hide them somewhere special (Translation: not where all of the other presents were!)  It has been several years since I was brave enough to do this with my class again, but since I have such great adult help this year, I decided we could tackle it.  I hope you love them as much as I think you will!

Wednesday went exactly as you imagined it would with 20 5 year olds on the last day of school before Christmas!  It was a very fun day.  We went to the Elementary Talent Show and then exchanged presents.  We got in two circles.  One circle was for the boys
and the other for the girls.
We passed presents to music and then stopped when the music stopped.  We made sure nobody had the present they brought and then we got into a big circle and opened the presents one by one.  All of the kids were very thankful and gracious as they opened their presents.   I was very proud of them and you should be too!  They are great kids!

The party was awesome!  Thank you so much to the moms who helped to make it so special for us! The kids got to build a snowman
, had some delicious treats, pinned a nose on Rudolph
and made a craft wreath!  Thank you again to the moms!

Elliss is our STUDENT OF THE WEEK this week!  He has 3 big brothers and all of their names start with an E also!  He loves his mom, the color blue and does not like snakes.  He brought in lots of great pictures for us to look at and one had him lining up baseballs to hit.  He told us that he really, really loves to play baseball and to wrestle.  Elliss, as you can see from his picture, is a fun loving boy who keeps us smiling in TK!
Thank you, Elliss for sharing your pictures with us and telling us a little about you!

TK will resume on Wednesday, January 4.  I will take care of snacks and we will go to Music that day.

Friday: Jan. 6:  Snacks: Jameson  PE

Have a very Merry Christmas!

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