Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday we devoted our day to MITTENS!  We read the story THE MITTEN by Jan Brett.  We looked at the beautiful illustrations and figured out that the illustrator gives us hints of what will be coming on the next page by drawing a clue picture in the corner of the current page.  We also got a predictable reader that has SOME of the characters in Jan Brett's story, but the kids quickly pointed out that this book is missing several of the "real" book's characters.  Good observation!!

After we read the story, we worked on our small motor skills and sewed a paper mitten.  When we were done sewing our mittens,

we retold the story and put in each of the animals into the mitten when it was their turn to squeeze in! (we also practiced writing numbers and numbered each of the animals so they can retell you the story and put the animals into the mitten in the right sequence)

After lunch, we reenacted the book by putting on a little play!  We divided into 2 groups and did the play.  I sent you the play your child was involved in through Seesaw.  If you have put in the QR Code I gave you at conferences, you should have received it.  They turned out pretty cute and the kids were very excited to have me send it to you!  :)

For math, we made a pattern on a paper with a Christmas Poem on it, and then made a countdown chain to bring home.

A couple of the kids said that they have a chain on their fridge, or somewhere in their house- they were quick to tell me that THIS ONE was going to go in their ROOM!

We will have TK NEXT Friday also.  This is an early dismissal day at 11:40.  There will be no breakfast or lunch served that day.

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