Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Friday (Dec. 9) was one of those whirlwind- fly by the seat of our pants sort of day!  It was only HALF of a day with no breakfast or lunch being served.  We learned quite a bit about Hibernation.  We read a fact book about hibernation and then practiced/read a predictable reader about hibernation.

The BIG news on Friday was that Mrs. Doorneweerd came into our room and we did CODING!  The kids were rockstars at it!  It was a bit frustrating at times because we would get "booted" off the internet server or accidentally would rest our wrists on something and end up somewhere completely off the grid, but the kids stuck with it and blew through the stages that we thought might take a time or two- it did not!!  :)  We will be moving on to the next stage the next time Mrs. Doorneweerd comes in (after Christmas).

We also tried to facetime one of our classmates that is in the hospital.  He had just gotten poked and prodded by the doctors and nurses and wasn't really all too happy to have to talk to us, so we all said hello, goodbye, waved, wished him well and we were done.  We will try again if he is still in the hospital on Monday.

Monday we finished a couple of things with Hibernation that we did not get to on Friday (because coding was such a grand success and we did it WAAAAAAY longer than we had planned).  Mrs. Moen was able to come so we did our literacy centers.  Mrs. Moen's groups did a version of initial sounds or actual Christmas words cut and glued to a picture.  Mrs. Gerber's group worked on matching lowercase letters on Christmas trees, a center of iPads and Mrs. T's group worked on something TOP SECRET.  I'm sorry, but that is all I can tell you and do not try to pry it out of your kiddo because they are NOT TELLING!

We were able to get to the library and computer lab AND we had a successful Facetime time with our friend and classmate who is still in the hospital!  We are all hoping that he will be able to come back to school soon!

Wednesday our classmate that had been in the hospital was able to come back to school!  We were so excited to see him!  WELCOME BACK!  WE MISSED YOU!

We read a story Wednesday morning called SANTA'S STUCK!  I had some questions about the story that we had to do some recalling of details.  I was not surprised when the kids did really, really well!!! There were true and false questions, questions that had the kids rhyming, listening for initial sounds and ending sounds.  Next, we made our own stuck Santa and the students dictated to me how THEY would help Santa get unstuck from their chimney.  They turned out quite well and I'm sure you will enjoy reading it with them.

We cut out puzzle pieces for a Christmas puzzle and instead of gluing them down, we decided to take them home in a baggie so YOU could try your luck at it too!  :)

I have several pictures to share with you, but apparently my camera (which is not quite as old as me- but close) has decided it is done for now with pictures.  Sorry.

REMINDER:  We will be doing a Christmas Gift exchange on Wednesday during the day BEFORE our party (so party parents should send the gift with your student and not bring it with you when you come to the party).  Boys will bring a gift with a tag saying TO: BOY  FROM: BODEE (or whomever your child is)  Girls will bring a gift with a tag saying: TO:GIRL  FROM: ISABELLE (or whomever your child is)  The price range is $3-$5.  As I mentioned last week, please do not hesitate to let me know if you would like your child to participate but it would be difficult to send something.  NOT A PROBLEM!!!  Let me know and we will take care of it!  If you choose for your child to not participate in the gift exchange, that too is fine, but please explain it to your child before Wednesday.  I also would like an email or note so I can honor your wishes and not assume it just wasn't an oversight.  :)

NEXT WEEK: Student of the week: Elliss
MONDAY:  LIBRARY  ART (remember that our schedule is off one because of last Friday)
Snack: Isabelle

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