Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Monday we did literacy centers with Mrs. Moen but with a Christmas twist.  Mrs. Gerber was gone, so we did 3 centers with 6-7 kiddos in a group.  We worked on rhyming and initial sounds.  It went pretty well.  Unfortunately, Mrs. Moen is going to ARIZONA for a couple of months, so we will be missing her when we get back in January!

We also were quite busy for a good 20 minutes wrapping our special surprise for you.  The kids did all of the wrapping all by themselves.  No adult help allowed.  Lots of tape.  Lots.  But they turned out perfectly!  I'm sure you will agree- once you see them.

My favorite thing about this is that they are all the same thing in those pretty packages!  :)

I'm not sure when you all are getting them.  Some of them decided they were waiting until after Santa came- some thought on Christmas Eve and most were going to hide them somewhere special (Translation: not where all of the other presents were!)  It has been several years since I was brave enough to do this with my class again, but since I have such great adult help this year, I decided we could tackle it.  I hope you love them as much as I think you will!

Wednesday went exactly as you imagined it would with 20 5 year olds on the last day of school before Christmas!  It was a very fun day.  We went to the Elementary Talent Show and then exchanged presents.  We got in two circles.  One circle was for the boys
and the other for the girls.
We passed presents to music and then stopped when the music stopped.  We made sure nobody had the present they brought and then we got into a big circle and opened the presents one by one.  All of the kids were very thankful and gracious as they opened their presents.   I was very proud of them and you should be too!  They are great kids!

The party was awesome!  Thank you so much to the moms who helped to make it so special for us! The kids got to build a snowman
, had some delicious treats, pinned a nose on Rudolph
and made a craft wreath!  Thank you again to the moms!

Elliss is our STUDENT OF THE WEEK this week!  He has 3 big brothers and all of their names start with an E also!  He loves his mom, the color blue and does not like snakes.  He brought in lots of great pictures for us to look at and one had him lining up baseballs to hit.  He told us that he really, really loves to play baseball and to wrestle.  Elliss, as you can see from his picture, is a fun loving boy who keeps us smiling in TK!
Thank you, Elliss for sharing your pictures with us and telling us a little about you!

TK will resume on Wednesday, January 4.  I will take care of snacks and we will go to Music that day.

Friday: Jan. 6:  Snacks: Jameson  PE

Have a very Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Friday (Dec. 9) was one of those whirlwind- fly by the seat of our pants sort of day!  It was only HALF of a day with no breakfast or lunch being served.  We learned quite a bit about Hibernation.  We read a fact book about hibernation and then practiced/read a predictable reader about hibernation.

The BIG news on Friday was that Mrs. Doorneweerd came into our room and we did CODING!  The kids were rockstars at it!  It was a bit frustrating at times because we would get "booted" off the internet server or accidentally would rest our wrists on something and end up somewhere completely off the grid, but the kids stuck with it and blew through the stages that we thought might take a time or two- it did not!!  :)  We will be moving on to the next stage the next time Mrs. Doorneweerd comes in (after Christmas).

We also tried to facetime one of our classmates that is in the hospital.  He had just gotten poked and prodded by the doctors and nurses and wasn't really all too happy to have to talk to us, so we all said hello, goodbye, waved, wished him well and we were done.  We will try again if he is still in the hospital on Monday.

Monday we finished a couple of things with Hibernation that we did not get to on Friday (because coding was such a grand success and we did it WAAAAAAY longer than we had planned).  Mrs. Moen was able to come so we did our literacy centers.  Mrs. Moen's groups did a version of initial sounds or actual Christmas words cut and glued to a picture.  Mrs. Gerber's group worked on matching lowercase letters on Christmas trees, a center of iPads and Mrs. T's group worked on something TOP SECRET.  I'm sorry, but that is all I can tell you and do not try to pry it out of your kiddo because they are NOT TELLING!

We were able to get to the library and computer lab AND we had a successful Facetime time with our friend and classmate who is still in the hospital!  We are all hoping that he will be able to come back to school soon!

Wednesday our classmate that had been in the hospital was able to come back to school!  We were so excited to see him!  WELCOME BACK!  WE MISSED YOU!

We read a story Wednesday morning called SANTA'S STUCK!  I had some questions about the story that we had to do some recalling of details.  I was not surprised when the kids did really, really well!!! There were true and false questions, questions that had the kids rhyming, listening for initial sounds and ending sounds.  Next, we made our own stuck Santa and the students dictated to me how THEY would help Santa get unstuck from their chimney.  They turned out quite well and I'm sure you will enjoy reading it with them.

We cut out puzzle pieces for a Christmas puzzle and instead of gluing them down, we decided to take them home in a baggie so YOU could try your luck at it too!  :)

I have several pictures to share with you, but apparently my camera (which is not quite as old as me- but close) has decided it is done for now with pictures.  Sorry.

REMINDER:  We will be doing a Christmas Gift exchange on Wednesday during the day BEFORE our party (so party parents should send the gift with your student and not bring it with you when you come to the party).  Boys will bring a gift with a tag saying TO: BOY  FROM: BODEE (or whomever your child is)  Girls will bring a gift with a tag saying: TO:GIRL  FROM: ISABELLE (or whomever your child is)  The price range is $3-$5.  As I mentioned last week, please do not hesitate to let me know if you would like your child to participate but it would be difficult to send something.  NOT A PROBLEM!!!  Let me know and we will take care of it!  If you choose for your child to not participate in the gift exchange, that too is fine, but please explain it to your child before Wednesday.  I also would like an email or note so I can honor your wishes and not assume it just wasn't an oversight.  :)

NEXT WEEK: Student of the week: Elliss
MONDAY:  LIBRARY  ART (remember that our schedule is off one because of last Friday)
Snack: Isabelle

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

We tackled the letter H this week.  H is a tricky sounding letter because often times when we are just learning letters and sounds, TKers like to make the long A sound! AAAApe.  NOPE!  It's a toughie.

Mrs. Moen came on Monday, so we did our literacy centers.  Mrs. Moen's group read a predictable reader about /h/ /h/ hair!

Mrs. Gerber's group made a /h/ /h/ hippo with /h/ pictures in his mouth
Mrs. T's group practiced writing capital H (pretty easy, so when we were done, we read a funny book by Robert Munsch called Aaron's Hair.)
and of course, iPads

We went to the library and the computer lab AND helped Mrs. Gerber celebrate a very special, milestone birthday.  The kids correctly guessed (or so Mrs. Gerber claimed) that she was 29!  :)
Happy Birthday, you youngin'!

Working on our fine motor skills is something we TRY to do each week.  Monday we were able to get in a couple rotations of the fine motor boxes!

Wednesday we focused our /h/ work on HATS!  We read a rhyming book called THE MAGIC HAT.  After we read it a second time, listening for the rhyming clues and the picture clues as to what the hat was going to do next, we made our own rhyming hats.  These hats look like Cat in the Hat hats, so we donned our own Cat in the Hat hats
and worked on WRITING words that rhyme with cat and hat!  WE DID AWESOME!!!  I am so proud of the kids!  Be sure to brag up your child when they read all of those rhyming words to you!

We also made a Christmas "hat" book with several different characters and hats.  Each of the hats has a special something on it, so we had to do it in phases (before lunch/after lunch, before specials/after specials, before recess/after recess) but we got it done and the kids are excited to show you all of the different options for all of the characters in the book!

Ellie is our Student of the Week.  Ellie brought in lots of fun pictures for us to oooh and aaaaah over.  Ellie loves the color blue and does not like scary movies.  She wants to be a cowgirl and doctor when she grows up.  I asked her if she wanted to be a PEOPLE doctor or an ANIMAL doctor and she said ANIMAL doctor.  When I asked her if she knew what that kind of a doctor was called, she knew immediately they are VETERINARIANS!  :)
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Ellie!

TK ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 9!  This is an EARLY DISMISSAL day at 11:40.  There is no breakfast or lunch served on these days so please plan accordingly!  We will have a snack before we go home, but remember that we eat at 10:30 on TK days, so we will be well past the usual lunch time by the time we get home Friday afternoon!!  :)

OH AND PS: We do NOT have MUSIC on Friday (our early dismissal day) so our entire December calendar is off on Specials.  Sorry.  I wasn't for sure if we were running a morning or afternoon schedule.  I guessed wrong (per the usual) and we are totally off.  Not that it makes a HUGE difference, but just an FYI!  Sorry!

Because the windchill made it feel below zero, we did not go outside for recess on Wednesday.  TUESDAY it was just above zero, AND THE KIDS WENT OUT FOR ALL 3 RECESSES!  Your child needs to have a coat, hat and mittens, at the very least.  Boots and snowpants are not mandatory for these non snowy days, but they are surely nice for warmth.  WE WILL BE GOING OUTSIDE if it is above zero.  My suggestion is: don't try to guess if we will be going out or not.  Assume we will.  We had several students in our class that did not have hats or mittens today.  If your child does not have any or all of any winter gear, please just email me and I can get them some.  We have access to winter coats, boots, snowpants, hats, gloves/mittens that you can HAVE, just let me know.  Otherwise, I would strongly suggest that you send your child with all necessary gear to school- EVERY DAY!  :) 

We will be doing a gift exchange in our classroom.  This gift should be around $3-$5.  We will NOT be exchanging NAMES.  This prevents any child from being forgotten by accident.  If you do not wish for your child to participate in the gift exchange, that is fine.  Just let me know via email and please explain it to your child before hand.  If it is a financial reason, again, please email me and I can take care of it.  We have access to small gifts that can be used if needed.  Please do not hesitate to contact me or Mr. Snyder if you want your child to participate but it just is not going to work out.  If your child is a boy, he should bring a gift for a boy.  The tag will read: TO BOY FROM BODEE (or whomever your child is :) )  Girls will bring a gift for a girl and the tag will read: TO GIRL FROM GRACELYN (or whomever your daughter is :) )  We will do a little game to distribute and open the gifts.  The kids can bring them anytime now.  Our party day is Wednesday, December 21, so it should be here before then.  Even if you are one of the "party parents"- we will do the opening BEFORE the party, so please send it before the 21st.

MONDAY: Library  MUSIC  Snack: Gracelyn
WEDNESDAY: PE  Snack: Hendrix
FRIDAY: NO TK (December 16)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday we devoted our day to MITTENS!  We read the story THE MITTEN by Jan Brett.  We looked at the beautiful illustrations and figured out that the illustrator gives us hints of what will be coming on the next page by drawing a clue picture in the corner of the current page.  We also got a predictable reader that has SOME of the characters in Jan Brett's story, but the kids quickly pointed out that this book is missing several of the "real" book's characters.  Good observation!!

After we read the story, we worked on our small motor skills and sewed a paper mitten.  When we were done sewing our mittens,

we retold the story and put in each of the animals into the mitten when it was their turn to squeeze in! (we also practiced writing numbers and numbered each of the animals so they can retell you the story and put the animals into the mitten in the right sequence)

After lunch, we reenacted the book by putting on a little play!  We divided into 2 groups and did the play.  I sent you the play your child was involved in through Seesaw.  If you have put in the QR Code I gave you at conferences, you should have received it.  They turned out pretty cute and the kids were very excited to have me send it to you!  :)

For math, we made a pattern on a paper with a Christmas Poem on it, and then made a countdown chain to bring home.

A couple of the kids said that they have a chain on their fridge, or somewhere in their house- they were quick to tell me that THIS ONE was going to go in their ROOM!

We will have TK NEXT Friday also.  This is an early dismissal day at 11:40.  There will be no breakfast or lunch served that day.