Monday, November 21, 2016


We were all about Thanksgiving today!  We read a story called THANKSGIVING RULES.  It is written with lots of rhymes.  Later in the day, we read TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE THANKSGIVING.  This is a very sweet story about some kids on a field trip to a Turkey Farm.  Both of these stories are coming home with your child as they are HAPPY THANKSGIVING gifts from me to your child.

We got a predictable text book to bring home called I KNOW AN OLD LADY.  This book is based on the story called, I KNOW AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A PIE.  She eats so much throughout the story that she ends up being a Thanksgiving Day balloon in a parade!  We looked up some pictures of other balloons in the actual Thanksgiving Day parade in New York.  Don't be surprised if your child asks to watch the parade on Thanksgiving Day.  Sorry.  It was an important detail to understanding the book!  :)

We practiced coloring by number today.  Small motor skills along with number recognition was the goal.  The kids need to color with care as certain spaces are different colors and the WHOLE space needs to be colored in order for the picture to be complete.

We were able to go to the computer lab as well as the library today, also.

Putting on and taking off our outdoor gear went AAAAAMAZING!  Seriously!  They were AWESOME at taking care of themselves!  Getting ready has never gone so smoothly in TK for me!  WOW!  Thank you for sending them prepared for the weather and for getting themselves ready!  Mittens/gloves are a toughie (often times) to get on by themselves.  The goal is INDEPENDENCE!  We encourage them to pull, tug, work around the outside of the mitten, shove their glove hands into each other to get them on. It's tough love out in the hallway.  Lots of encouragement, but not a lot of help.  They eventually figure it out.  Maybe not today, but it will happen.  I am sure there are some kiddos that are frustrated with me and our classroom helpers.  Again, the goal is independence.  There were a couple of kiddos that didn't have gloves/mittens with them today.  I have a couple of pairs of those very thin knit mittens in my locker, and that worked for today but it won't cut it in January out here in the Arctic Circle!  Thank you again for preparing your kiddos so well!  WOW.  Just WOW!

Ella is our STUDENT OF THE WEEK this week.  She loves the colors purple and pink.  Ella would like to be a horse rider when she grows up and does NOT like to be hit with mud.  We asked her to explain that one a little, and she told us a very funny story that involved her brother and mud.  Finally, Ella loves her dog, Bailey and she is a good bike rider!
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Ella!

Monday, November 28 will be the deadline for ordering books from the Book Club.  I think I may have said WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, but I would like to get the order in and beat the Christmas rush.  If you are ordering online, be sure to have that done before noon on Monday.  If you send an order with your child, please remind them that they have something they need to give me- we do not go through the kids' folders.  (There's that INDEPENDENCE thing again! :) )

MONDAY: Library  PE  Snack: Ella
FRIDAY: MUSIC  Snack: Elliss

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