Wednesday, November 30, 2016

WELCOME BACK TO US!  Wow!  A whole week off definitely made us excited to be back.  There were lots of stories to share!  It was good to be back together!

Mrs. Moen came on Monday, so we were able to tackle different stations during our literacy time.  Mrs. Moen's group read a story that we just didn't get to about Turkey Disguises.  Each group does an activity tweaked to the group.

Mrs. Gerber's center worked on letters (capitals or lowers or sounds- depending on each group)

Mrs. T's center was writing our names!  It is tough going these first few times, but we will get better and better at it as we go!  The kindergarten teachers LOVE having TK kiddos in their class because we know how to write our names THE RIGHT WAY.  Because- by hook or by crook, it WILL happen! :)  That's why we start early.  I kept these first attempts so you will be able to see the amazing growth that happens when you come for your visit in February at conference time.  You just won't believe it and I like looking at them and sharing them with your kiddos so we can all marvel at what smarties we are!!  :)

We worked on several different math activities including ten frames.  I flash a ten frame on the smartboard and the kids shout out what it is showing.  They are really, REALLY good at this!

We also each made a little CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN for our room.  He's green and he's mean but his heart grows each day and by Christmas Day... he will be a good guy!!!  Yes!  He's the grinch.  These will stay at school until our party day and then he will come home with a couple of stickers to add until Christmas Day.  They turned out pretty cute!

Wednesday morning we read the story MOOSELTOE.
We had a lively discussion about MISTLETOE- what it looks like and what happens if you see it.  Making a moose out of a precut M that looked like the Moose in the story was the next order of business.
We had to glue the M down, add eyes, a nose and antlers cut out from tracing our hands.  The last thing was making ornaments to hook to the moose's antlers.

I also had the good fortune to hit Hobby Lobby last winter when antler headbands were on the 90% off bin!  SOOOOOOO, we busted them out today and made wearable MOOSELTOE antlers!!  :)  (once again, you are so very welcome!:) )

The school nurse came in to our room this afternoon to talk about handwashing.  She gives them a discussion about spreading germs and how to try to NOT spread them.  The main thing she focused on was hand washing.  They practiced pretend washing their hands and then, the MAIN EVENT.  Mrs. De Jong put some "germs" on their hands.
These "germs" are a special powder that glow in the dark IF they are not washed off.  After spreading the germs on their hands the kids went into the bathroom and washed their hands.

They came back to the room and Mrs. De Jong used her magic light and checked our washing habits.
 It was good for the kids to see the spots they missed when they were washing their hands.  Hopefully, this will stick with them and they will really work on making sure their hands are washed well.  (funny story- Mrs. Twedt came in this afternoon and we had a kiddo in the classroom bathroom.  He didn't come out and he didn't come out and we could hear the water running- we all knew that he was really working hard on getting those hands clean!!  :) )

The REALLY big news on Wednesday is we got a package from the North Pole!  This special delivery held not one, but TWO elves to watch over us until Christmas break!  We read the story that came with them and the special note that Santa wrote to us.  The first thing we had to was to name our elves!  We voted and (drum roll please).... the girl is OLIVIA and the boy is CHARLIE!  HOPEFULLY they won't get in too much mischief on the days we are gone but we will see on Friday!!

Ella brought treats today to celebrate her half birthday today!  She chose CHA CHA CHA for her birthday song add on.
Happy half birthday, Ella!

(which brings me to a side note: your child may have a snack or two in their backpack this afternoon.  That would be because we had our regular snack, Ella's birthday treat AND it was WACKY WEDNESDAY!  When it rains, it pours!)

TK on Friday, December 2!

It is ALWAYS cold out here in the arctic circle! ALWAYS!  The wind just blows constantly.  If it is a gentle breeze in town - it is a GALE FORCE WIND out here!  We always go outside.  Please send the proper outside gear EVERYDAY with your child- most important on the list: HAT AND GLOVES/MITTENS.  They don't take up much room in your child's bag and if we would happen to NOT need them, they can just leave them in their bag.  Boots and snowpants are optional, HOWEVER, if they do not have boots and it is deemed too sloppy on the blacktop to not have boots, your child will have to stand by the wall.  If your child has boots but does not have a pair of shoes to wear in school- the boots are considered their shoes and they stand by the wall.  Not my rules.  Just the way it is at West Lyon.

MONDAY: Library  PE  Snacks: Evie
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snacks: Flyn

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