Wednesday, November 9, 2016

This week we worked on the letter N!  Mrs. Moen came in on Monday so we were able to do our Literacy Centers.
Mrs. Gerber's group worked on putting feathers in the right order to make our NAME on a turkey
Mrs. T's group practiced the correct formation of the letter N (ALL letters will start at the top.  If you ever notice your child starting at the BOTTOM to make a letter be sure to stop them and remind them to start at the top!!)
Mrs. Moen's group worked on different skills all around the letter N and the sound it makes
and the 4th group worked on the iPads individually

For math, we played a little game called ROLL AND COVER.  We have played this game before and will play it again.  Subitizing (being able to see small groups of objects and not have to count them) is an important skill to have and this is a fun way to practice that skill.

We found out on Monday that WE WON THE PIZZA PARTY!  Luckily for us, we only had to wait until WEDNESDAY TO ENJOY IT!  Along with winning the pizza party, we were able to get some amazing books from the Book Fair!  We got a few 3D books, a couple of dinosaur books, a couple of shark books (including a ginormous shark encyclopedia) 2 pet books, a newly released Thanksgiving book and a dinosaur model that we will make on one of our FRIDAY SCIENCE DAYS!

Thank you so much for sending in your extra change (and bills!:) ) to help us earn such amazing books and of course, the pizza party!  WOOP WOOP FOR US!

Wednesday we learned about NOCTURNAL ANIMALS!  We already knew that bats were nocturnal, but we added to our base finding out (sometimes by checking with google) what animals were nocturnal or not.  I found an activity with animals on a teacher website, so I downloaded it and VOILA! We had nocturnal and diurnal animals to sort!
We did not know that rabbits are basically nocturnal- it's true!  Google it! :) TECHNICALLY they are crepuscular (which means most active at dusk and dawn) We didn't go quite that in depth, but rabbits were in the picture at the night school of the book we read, so we had to double check it!  Speaking of the book we jumped off our discussion on, we read THE KISSING HAND.  This is usually a story that is read at the beginning of the school year since it is about going to school the first day and the feelings of being a bit afraid of the unknown, but I save it for our NOCTURNAL discussion.  The main character is Chester the raccoon, and he goes to school at night with other nocturnal animals.

We got a small little paper book to read and bring home (The book is not really predictable, except for the pictures- which I'm pretty sure your child will point out that we noticed there is a mistake in the daytime picture.  I'm sure they will want to show it to you themselves, so I will leave it to them to tell you! :)

We did a patterning page with Chester during math time.  These were ABAB patterns and pretty basic for the smartie TK kids that we are at this point, but we did it anyway with gusto!

We also did a counting page with the leftover pattern pieces we had.  We didn't have enough to finish the whole page but nearly everyone got done with numbers 1-5

Ella found a butterfly outside of her house on the ground.  She picked it up and brought it with her on the bus to show us all.  To ALL of our surprise (except to Ella) the butterfly was ALIVE!  We put it in our butterfly house and it fluttered around a bit.  We identified that he was a boy and so since Ella found him, she got to name him.  She named him DAD. :)  We took DAD out to the football field but not to the trees.  Just away from the school far enough that he wouldn't have to deal with kids bothering him.  We put him on the fence, all walked past him and said "BYE, DADDY!" and we left him to fly to Mexico.  Thank you, Ella for finding DAD and sharing him with us!

Cora is our STUDENT OF THE WEEK this week and next.  Cora has one big sister named Olivia who is in 2nd Grade.  Her favorite color is blue, she loves her mom and dad and hates snakes!  Cora brought in lots of colorful pictures to share.  She pointed out that in one of the pictures it was her birthday and her mom made her a FRUIT cake (because she doesn't like cake cake)  She told us it was really good and all of her cousins ate the cake and she only got ONE piece! : )  She's hoping her mom will make another one next year!  (hint, hint)
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Cora!  And I hope your mom makes you a FRUIT cake next year, too!

THE REALLY BIG NEWS ON WEDNESDAY WAS OUR PIZZA PARTY!  It was so exciting and so hard to wait, but definitely WORTH THE WAIT once it finally arrived!  The kids also had the option of having some orange pop, another milk or water with their pizza to wash it down.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO COME AND MEET WITH ME FOR PARENT - TEACHER CONFERENCES!  We had 100% attendance for our TK!  YAY US!  I enjoyed meeting so many of you for the first time and I love having siblings of kiddos I have already taught, it is like catching up with friends you haven't seen for a while, and of course, there is always the "I remember when you were in my class all those years ago"... fortunately, I do not have that... THIS year.  :)  I did explain to a couple sets of parents about our morning routine that includes books and puzzles and coloring while the "breakfast kids" are out of the room eating breakfast.  I do not introduce new concepts or start our morning meeting (calendar activities) until they return from breakfast.  So, if your child comes home with coloring pages, be assured that this is happening as a choice while we wait for the breakfast kids to get back to our room.


MONDAY: Library  PE  Snack: Brystol
WEDNESDAY: Art  Snack: Camrie
NO TK FRIDAY, November 18

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