Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Monday was quite a day.  From the very beginning of the day until the very last minute.  Note to self: If a party is going to land on a Monday... maybe we should rethink it and have it on the Friday before!  The kids can't help it!  They are too excited and for good reason!  IT IS HALLOWEEN!  :)

Mrs. Moen came in to help us salvage some semblance of a normal day.  We did literacy centers but we did 5 centers so the groups could be smaller.  That didn't really work all that well, so we will be going back to 4 centers next week.  There just isn't enough time to get 5 centers in.  Our 5 centers consisted of a station of iPads and reading Halloween stories, iPads and choosing your own app, matching letters and practice cutting on lines (curvy, zigzag, etc), matching letters to pictures with the same sounds, and finally a center of listening to a story- with our own books... that the kids got to keep! (Mrs. T's Halloween gift to students)

For math we practiced writing the numbers 1-5 in a book.  This book has pretty straight forward text that is predictable if we use the picture clues.  We practiced reading with our brand new fancy schmancy reader fingers.  The kids got to take this reader finger home and can keep it to help them practice reading all of the predictable reading books that will be coming home during our year together in TK.  (It is pretty tough to follow a story that they cannot read with the reader finger.  You certainly can use it to help them move along the text as you read to them, but I most definitely not expect that they would use it for anything other than the easy readers we work on here at school and that find their way home)  It is not a toy.  They are supposed to use it only when they are reading.  And they are to put it in a safe place when they are not using it (like keep it in the bag it came home in)!

We also used our reader fingers to read a Halloween story that has a surprise ending in it.  Be sure that your child shares it with you!  (and use that reader finger!)

The big news on Monday was our HALLOWEEN PARTY!  We had great costumes all the way through the class!  They looked awesome!  Here are just a few:

After the Halloween Parade, we had our amazing party!  The moms brought a delicious lunch and we got to make a ghost craft.  Finally, it was time for games which included throwing sticky spiders at a spider web with numbers on it

and wrapping our friends up with toilet paper so they looked like a mummy!

Camrie is our STUDENT OF THE WEEK (last week and ) this week!!  Camrie's favorite color is pink and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.  She has one big brother named Carter.  Camrie brought in lots of fun pictures to share with us but our class favorite was the one with Camrie and her cousins with bunny teeth and cheeks!  They all looked so funny!
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Camrie!

In other big news this week- Jameson has a new baby brother!  He was born last Thursday but we haven't been together since then so Monday he brought in 2 pictures of his new brother!  Jameson is very proud of him as you can see in the picture!

Wednesday we learned about VERBS!  We learned a little song about verbs that hopefully your child can sing for you.  We read a funny story called RUN, TURKEY, RUN!  And then made our own turkey legs with shoes and decided on a verb to write in for the title!  Here are the verbs we came up with: Swim, fly, jump, spin, clap, walk, march, climb, wave, crawl, bow, gallop, dance, build, run backwards, tip toe, snap, skip sing, and sit!  GOOD ACTION WORDS, RIGHT??

During math time I gave each of the kids a tub of manipulatives with  no directions.  Pretty soon, the kids were sorting or making patterns on their own.

Again, I gave them no directions so to see them come up with an action to hep them make sense of the tub is so fun.  We will do this activity again several times during the year.  Sometimes kids will sort by color or shape.  Sometimes they go right into pattern making and sometimes (and this is okay too) they simply "play".

It was Mrs. K's birthday today.  We sang Happy Birthday to her.  She chose CHA CHA CHA for her birthday song add on!  She brought in a cookie cake that we all shared.  We asked her how old she was and someone suggested 22.  She said "yes" and one of the other kids said "My dad is 32 so he is older than you!"  She just smiled!!  :)  Happy Birthday, Mrs. K!!!

We are getting TIME for Kids this year in TK.  I refer to it as our "newspaper", so if your child mentions getting a newspaper today- that is what they are talking about.  Today's "newspaper" was about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  It was a lively discussion as many of the kids knew who Donald Trump was but not Hillary Clinton.  Which of course, was amusing to the adults in the room! :)  We talked about voting and then practiced voting on the back page of our newspaper.  It was a good discussion and the kids seemed to be interested in what we were talking about.  (New president, Barak Obama would NOT be the president anymore, have to be 18 to vote for the president, everybody gets their own vote and can decide for themselves who/what they want to vote for, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump would be the new president next week Wednesday)

Your child will have your conference time in their papers Wednesday afternoon.  Be sure to look for it.  I am looking forward to telling you all of the wonderful things that your child has been soaking in in TK these first few weeks!  Those conferences are next week Monday and Tuesday night.

TK ON FRIDAY!  Snacks: Teagen  PE

Student of the Week: Cora
MONDAY: Library  ART  Snack: Allie  PT Conferences

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