Wednesday, November 16, 2016

It was MMMMMMMustache MMMMMMMMonday this week!  We read a great story called MOOSETACHE by Margie Palatini.  Moose has a horrible, uncontrollable MOOSETACHE that he just cannot get a handle on.... until he meets a GIRL Moose who shows him the secret to manageable hair!  :)  Ask your child what the END of the story had in store for Moose! We had fun sporting our own mustaches!

CHECK OUT OUR COVER PHOTO CAREFULLY... We ALL had on a mustache!  :)
Mrs. Moen was able to join us for our Literacy Centers also on Monday.
Mrs. Moen worked with different groups doing pictures on feathers for different lettered turkeys.  Some groups worked as a whole group.  A couple of groups worked independently.
Mrs. Gerber worked on dotting a turkey with letters. Again, different activities for different groups.
Mrs. T's group worked on writing the letter M the correct way.  M is a tricky letter to write so we needed a lot of practice on the Magna Doodles (since they are easy to erase).  We will be working on that letter again and again.
And of course, the independent group working on iPads.

We did a graphing game rolling different Thanksgiving foods for math time.  It was a race to the top and SALAD of all things, won the race!  The kids are very good graphers at this point and there is always lots of discussion about which row has more or less and if there are equal amounts... it is really fun to hear them use math terms we have learned!

Book Orders came home on Monday afternoon.  If you would like to order books and would like them for a Christmas surprise, just email me or attach a note to the order form and we can arrange some other mode of transportation home!  As always, there is no obligation to order, just an opportunity! :)
Our online classroom code is GRY67 on Scholastic's site.

Wednesday we read the story IF YOU GIVE A MOOSE A MUFFIN by Laura Numeroff.  This is a great story to practice sequencing so that's just what we did with a little "wallet" of numbered cards to retell the story.

And no reading of IF YOU GIVE A MOOSE A MUFFIN would be complete without making some muffins, so we mixed up some muffins and baked them in the FCS room in the High School.
We let them cool off during recess and then we ate them!  :)

We matched numbers to muffins for math and did a couple of boxes (rounds) of fine motor practice!

It sounds like we COULD have the "S" word this weekend.  IF there is snow on the ground, West Lyon's rule is that kids have to have boots to play on the blacktop at recess time.  If they want to get off the blacktop, they will need snow pants and boots.  If the snow melts (hopefully) as quickly as it falls, and there is no accumulation, then boots will not be needed- unless it is a sloppy mess- in which case we probably won't go off the blacktop until it freezes hard or is covered with snow.  All kids will go outside - even if they don't have boots, they will stand by the wall of the school.  We have talked about it in class and what the West Lyon rules are concerning boots, snow, etc.  (and so it begins... )

We have been practicing on some Thanksgiving songs and we also have a Turkey Poem in our repertoire!  Ask your child to sing you the songs and say the poem for you!  They are all pretty good at it! :)

MONDAY: Library  Music  Snack: Cora

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