Friday, November 4, 2016

Fridays are our designated "SCIENCE DAY" where I usually try to do science of some kind with experiments and learning about something that is USUALLY tied to the letter of the week (sometimes, in the case of PIRATES- there's not really SCIENCE involved- it's just a kooky thing to learn about!! :) )  and sometimes there won't be any rhyme or reason and you will wonder what in the world I was thinking - that probably happens more than just on Fridays!!

Friday, November 4 was no exception!  We learned all about RAINBOWS- not really so much about HOW they are made as much as just having fun doing experiments and watching reactions.

The first activity we did was refracting light with the back of a CD.

We could see the rainbow in different shapes on some of them and a few of them really refracted the light so we could see the rainbows VERY clearly!!

The second experiment we did was using our markers on a coffee filter.  We scribbled, drew shapes, lines, etc all over the filter with our markers.

Then we carefully folded it, clipped it to a popsicle stick and put just the tip of it in water as it hung over the plastic cup.
Slowly but surely, the water soaked into the coffee filter and the colors mushed together and blended.  After lunch, we flattened them out to dry and then made them into beautiful butterflies!

The next experiment we tried is called MAGIC MILK!  Everyone got a tray of milk and put 2 drops of each color of food coloring into the milk.
 DON'T MIX!  The next step is to dribble a little dishwashing liquid onto the milk and food coloring!  (Being sure not to touch the tip of the q-tip to the milk)  The reaction is quite awesome!

The kids really had fun watching the colors move and blend and make designs in the milk!

Finally, the last experiment was actually the best one of the day!  I had not done it with students before and was a little hesitant to try it but my guess is that your child MAY be asking you to do this one at home!  Each student was given Skittles and a plate.
They place the Skittles around the plate in a circle and then we added warm water (just enough to cover the bottoms of them- you don't want them floating) and watched the "rainbows" happen.  Really, just the colors run, but it was actually the coolest experiments I've tried (that worked) and I will definitely be doing again next year!!

It was a RAINBOW DAY in TK.  They should be completely tuckered out- I know I am and Mrs. Gerber and Mrs. K both said they were exhausted- Here's to hoping your kiddo is as well!  :)  Have a great weekend and I will see you in person either on Monday or Tuesday for conferences!

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