Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Well, Monday we said HELLO and GOODBYE to Stripey!  It was so exciting to watch him change- I wish the kids could have seen it all happen- but even I missed him busting out of his chrysalis!  He was snug as a bug when I left for church at 9:15 and when we got home at 10:45... HE WAS A BUTTERFLY!  I was panicked about making sure he lived until Monday.  He did. And then we figured out he was a SHE!!!  Your child should be able to tell you how you can tell if the butterfly is a male or female.  *(two dots on the wings is a male- no dots is a female)  SO... we took HER out to the football stadium and released her!

We even stopped by Mrs. Lems' room and took a picture with her- she was so proud of us!!

We finished up our multi stepped Halloween Handprint Witch and then worked on some small motor skills weaving a web.  It was quite a process
but the kids stuck with it

and had some great results!

Mrs. Moen came in and we did our Literacy Centers.
Mrs. Moen's group worked on different skills with the different groups working on matching letters (capitals, lower and even some sounds)
Mrs. Gerber's group worked on fine motor skills
Mrs. T's group worked on writing on a vertical surface with dry erase markers and we wrote on the windows in the hallway!!  SO SCANDALOUS!!  :)
All of the kids rotate through each center or group.  Each center is around 12-15 minutes long.

We practiced writing numbers 1,2 and 3 this week.  2 and 3 are tricky.  We will keep working on these as we keep trudging ahead with the other numbers.

Wednesday afternoon we went to an assembly called NED.  The entertainer was very good and did a lot of tricks with yo yo's.  Hence the handout regarding purchasing yo yo's.  Your call.  His assembly was about being a good friend and being a CHAMPION in school and in life.

FRIDAY we have a special day planned for TK!  Your child knows a little about what we will be studying.  Ask them about it.... and then hold onto your hats for Friday afternoon.  They will have plenty to fill you in on!!  :)

MONDAY: Library  MUSIC  Snack: Lucy
WEDNESDAY: PE  Snack: Marissa

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