Wednesday, October 5, 2016

This week we are all about the letter P!!!  P has some very exciting FOODS that go along with it, and we are never one to pass up on that, so Monday was PIZZA DAY!  We read a great story called HELLO, PIZZA MAN!  This story has some predictable text- but you have to figure out the pattern the author is using.  It did not take long for all of us to catch on, and by the 2nd time we read it- everyone was able to join along in the "reading" of it!

Mrs. Moen came on Monday, so we were able to do our literacy centers.  One center was iPads,
another group worked with Mrs. Gerber finding P's on a PUMPKIN and used paper punchers to punch out the P's.  This was a little more difficult than it may sound as it really, really works their small motor muscles in their hands to make that hole punch work!
 Another center was working with Mrs. Moen finding letters on a piece of pizza.  Mrs. Moen did several different ways of finding the letters reaching the many different ability levels of the kiddos in each group.
 Finally, we worked on writing P's using magna doodles and magnetic wood pieces.  They are sorta like STAMPS and the kids loved working with them.  (and of course, we review the letters we have done previous to P- D, F, and E.  P uses the same "big line" the others use and now we use a SMALL curve at the top to make the P.  Luckily, it is a pretty straight forward- not a lot of room for interpretation sort of letter!! :))

No day devoted to pizza would be complete without making our own little individual pizzas!  So we did!  Everyone was given 2 biscuits on a piece of foil.  They spread it however big or small or weirdly shaped that they chose.
Next was a spoonful or so of sauce and finally cheese to sprinkle on.  They were baked while we were in PE
and we enjoyed them with our afternoon snack that Evie brought- Evie made them with her great-grandma and they were so cute and yummy and the perfect treat to finish our pizza with!
It was tough deciding what to eat first!!
AND...just so you know- again I was told that it was THE BEST PIZZA EVER by several of the kids.  Sorry.  I'm just that good!!  :) Better get used to hearing this! ;)

Wednesday we talked about PIGS!  There is a short 2 minute youtube video about one of our classmate's family who raises pigs, so we watched it (a couple of times) to be sure that we saw all of the pigs and her family and of course, HER!  VERY COOL, MARISSA!  After we watched the video, we read THE THREE LITTLE PIGS.  This led us to our next activity: building a house for a pig with marshmallows and toothpicks.  There were no directions to follow- just building!  It was fun to see the kids be so very hesitant at the beginning and by the end: THEY WERE ALL BOB THE BUILDER!  One of the kiddos even needed "a support beam".  :)  They did awesome!! Here are just a few of the houses that were made.

We continued working with 10 frames in math using egg cartons that are cut down to 10.  We had one "teacher" who put in pepperonis (that's what we called them today since it is P week) into the 10 frame and one "student" who would put their head down and not look while the teacher was putting the pepperonis in.

Then the student would look and try to say, JUST BY LOOKING, how many pepperonis there were.  Much like a graph, a 10 frame can show us how many are in a group.  If it's all filled up there are 10.  If there is only one empty space it is 9.  If the top row is filled and no other holes filled, there are 5 etc.  The goal is to be able to tell at a glance how many there are without counting.  We'll keep working on it!! :)

Stripey is still in his chrysalis but LEAFY looks like he is getting ready for big things soon.  I hope FRIDAY is soon, because we will be here!!  Fingers crossed!  In anticipation of Leafy making his appearance we had a discussion about MIGRATION.  Hopefully your child can tell you what that is and where we anticipate Leafy and Stripey will be flying to.  :)


I will update the newsletter with Friday's happening with NEXT week's newsletter (on Wednesday, October 12)

Student of the Week: Brystol
MONDAY: LIBRARY  PE  Snack: Hendrix
WEDNESDAY: ART Snack: Isabelle


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