Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Monday we started working on the letter R.  We worked especially hard on Rhyming.  We are very familiar with rhyming because of all of those Dr. Seuss books we like to read.  There are also lots of other rhyming books.  We got to read two very funny ones with the characters DUST BUNNIES!  We had a lively discussion about what exactly dust bunnies were.  You will be happy to know that most kids did NOT know what they were!! :)

We also made a class book that you can see at Parent/Teacher Conferences that the kids drew a picture on my photo of what they thought I should be for Halloween.  They did a great job and you will enjoy looking at it in a week.

We practiced writing numbers 1-4 on white boards.  Each number has a little poem that goes with it to help us remember how to make it.  HOPEFULLY, your child can tell you the poems.  (one doesn't have one)

Wednesday we were able to do our Literacy Centers with Mrs. Moen.  Unfortunately, the nature of the beast dictates that I spend time "testing" my students, so I pulled each child back, one by one to ask them a few necessities while Mrs. Moen worked on letters and sounds for one center,
 Mrs. Gerber focused on just the letter R and its sound. Kids used dotters to dot the /r/ pictures
and we had two stations of iPads.  One group got to choose the app they worked on
and the other group used the QR reader and listened to Spider, Bat or Owl stories.

We had a busy afternoon as we had PE, Wacky Wednesday, and a brief overview of what the play PINOCCHIO was going to be about.  We were invited to watch a dress rehearsal of the play the HS is putting on.  The kids were mesmerized and sat like angel babies for 90 minutes!  It is being performed this weekend so if you have a chance- you should definitely come see it!

Math time we had 6 different activities we rotated through in small groups.  Much like Literacy Centers but all but ONE group was self directed.  The kids did great and we will do it again!
Mrs. Gerber played number bingo
There were spiders on the web
Pattern blocks
Counting and clipping
Bat puzzles with numbers and ten frames

and matching a certain number of bears to colors on a card.  I apparently didn't get a picture of this station!  My apologies to the kiddos that were working so hard on that station and I missed you!

Next week we will still be collecting money for our reading counts program.  The TK is in competition with the preschool and kindergarten rooms.  The classroom that raises the most money will get a pizza party!  The details were on the back of Mr. Snyder's newsletter on Monday.  So like I said, there is STILL TIME to send in your change and help us earn a pizza party.  Also, the best part of this is that a portion of the earnings from our class will be gifted back to us and we will be able to get books at the book fair the week of Parent/Teacher Conferences for our classroom.  

Please send your child's costume in a bag and we will put them on for the parade and party.  Kids should NOT wear their costumes to school.

MUSIC  Snack: Memphis

PE  Snack: Teagen

Camrie is our Student of the Week this week and next week and we just did not get to her board today, so we will do it next week!  Stay tuned!  She has some fun pictures to share!

Your November Snack/Specials Calendar came home Wednesday with your child's papers today.  

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