Friday, October 21, 2016

It was quite a day in TK today!  Everyone was corralled out by their lockers and given a flashlight to use when they entered... THE BAT CAVE!
We had a little background knowledge about bats from Wednesday, but today we dived deep into the wonderful world of BATS!
I will let the video speak to answer your question: HOW WAS IT WHEN YOU WALKED INTO YOUR CLASSROOM THIS MORNING??

If you listen closely you can hear "bat sounds" that were playing on the computer (it's a 12 hour loop)

Before entering, each child was given a flashlight.  This kids entered the room and explored all over.  There were bats hanging and sleeping all over the room.  Some were awake and flying.  (The "rest time" twirling light added great atmosphere- very cave like if that is what you want it to be!  It worked great!)

The kids also had a glowing bracelet and necklace they could put on.  It was such fun to watch them.  The video doesn't really do it justice.

We used our flashlights to help us do books and puzzles while the breakfast kids were at breakfast.  It was just too much fun and we didn't want to turn the lights on just yet!!

 It was one of my most favorite days I've ever had teaching.  And as you all know, I have been teaching a few years!  :)  I've never done this before, but will be adding it to my MUST DO days for TK!!  Just proves you're never too old to try or do something new!

We learned quite a lot about bats today.  Some questions to ask your child:
What are baby bats called?
How are they born?
What is it called when you sleep during the day and hunt at night?
How do bats find their food at night?
What do bats eat?
Where do bats live?

A headband helped top off the day with some of the big learning points of the day!

Here's what the room looked like with the lights on!!  :)

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