Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Monday we started working on the letter R.  We worked especially hard on Rhyming.  We are very familiar with rhyming because of all of those Dr. Seuss books we like to read.  There are also lots of other rhyming books.  We got to read two very funny ones with the characters DUST BUNNIES!  We had a lively discussion about what exactly dust bunnies were.  You will be happy to know that most kids did NOT know what they were!! :)

We also made a class book that you can see at Parent/Teacher Conferences that the kids drew a picture on my photo of what they thought I should be for Halloween.  They did a great job and you will enjoy looking at it in a week.

We practiced writing numbers 1-4 on white boards.  Each number has a little poem that goes with it to help us remember how to make it.  HOPEFULLY, your child can tell you the poems.  (one doesn't have one)

Wednesday we were able to do our Literacy Centers with Mrs. Moen.  Unfortunately, the nature of the beast dictates that I spend time "testing" my students, so I pulled each child back, one by one to ask them a few necessities while Mrs. Moen worked on letters and sounds for one center,
 Mrs. Gerber focused on just the letter R and its sound. Kids used dotters to dot the /r/ pictures
and we had two stations of iPads.  One group got to choose the app they worked on
and the other group used the QR reader and listened to Spider, Bat or Owl stories.

We had a busy afternoon as we had PE, Wacky Wednesday, and a brief overview of what the play PINOCCHIO was going to be about.  We were invited to watch a dress rehearsal of the play the HS is putting on.  The kids were mesmerized and sat like angel babies for 90 minutes!  It is being performed this weekend so if you have a chance- you should definitely come see it!

Math time we had 6 different activities we rotated through in small groups.  Much like Literacy Centers but all but ONE group was self directed.  The kids did great and we will do it again!
Mrs. Gerber played number bingo
There were spiders on the web
Pattern blocks
Counting and clipping
Bat puzzles with numbers and ten frames

and matching a certain number of bears to colors on a card.  I apparently didn't get a picture of this station!  My apologies to the kiddos that were working so hard on that station and I missed you!

Next week we will still be collecting money for our reading counts program.  The TK is in competition with the preschool and kindergarten rooms.  The classroom that raises the most money will get a pizza party!  The details were on the back of Mr. Snyder's newsletter on Monday.  So like I said, there is STILL TIME to send in your change and help us earn a pizza party.  Also, the best part of this is that a portion of the earnings from our class will be gifted back to us and we will be able to get books at the book fair the week of Parent/Teacher Conferences for our classroom.  

Please send your child's costume in a bag and we will put them on for the parade and party.  Kids should NOT wear their costumes to school.

MUSIC  Snack: Memphis

PE  Snack: Teagen

Camrie is our Student of the Week this week and next week and we just did not get to her board today, so we will do it next week!  Stay tuned!  She has some fun pictures to share!

Your November Snack/Specials Calendar came home Wednesday with your child's papers today.  

Friday, October 21, 2016

It was quite a day in TK today!  Everyone was corralled out by their lockers and given a flashlight to use when they entered... THE BAT CAVE!
We had a little background knowledge about bats from Wednesday, but today we dived deep into the wonderful world of BATS!
I will let the video speak to answer your question: HOW WAS IT WHEN YOU WALKED INTO YOUR CLASSROOM THIS MORNING??

If you listen closely you can hear "bat sounds" that were playing on the computer (it's a 12 hour loop)

Before entering, each child was given a flashlight.  This kids entered the room and explored all over.  There were bats hanging and sleeping all over the room.  Some were awake and flying.  (The "rest time" twirling light added great atmosphere- very cave like if that is what you want it to be!  It worked great!)

The kids also had a glowing bracelet and necklace they could put on.  It was such fun to watch them.  The video doesn't really do it justice.

We used our flashlights to help us do books and puzzles while the breakfast kids were at breakfast.  It was just too much fun and we didn't want to turn the lights on just yet!!

 It was one of my most favorite days I've ever had teaching.  And as you all know, I have been teaching a few years!  :)  I've never done this before, but will be adding it to my MUST DO days for TK!!  Just proves you're never too old to try or do something new!

We learned quite a lot about bats today.  Some questions to ask your child:
What are baby bats called?
How are they born?
What is it called when you sleep during the day and hunt at night?
How do bats find their food at night?
What do bats eat?
Where do bats live?

A headband helped top off the day with some of the big learning points of the day!

Here's what the room looked like with the lights on!!  :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Well, Monday we said HELLO and GOODBYE to Stripey!  It was so exciting to watch him change- I wish the kids could have seen it all happen- but even I missed him busting out of his chrysalis!  He was snug as a bug when I left for church at 9:15 and when we got home at 10:45... HE WAS A BUTTERFLY!  I was panicked about making sure he lived until Monday.  He did. And then we figured out he was a SHE!!!  Your child should be able to tell you how you can tell if the butterfly is a male or female.  *(two dots on the wings is a male- no dots is a female)  SO... we took HER out to the football stadium and released her!

We even stopped by Mrs. Lems' room and took a picture with her- she was so proud of us!!

We finished up our multi stepped Halloween Handprint Witch and then worked on some small motor skills weaving a web.  It was quite a process
but the kids stuck with it

and had some great results!

Mrs. Moen came in and we did our Literacy Centers.
Mrs. Moen's group worked on different skills with the different groups working on matching letters (capitals, lower and even some sounds)
Mrs. Gerber's group worked on fine motor skills
Mrs. T's group worked on writing on a vertical surface with dry erase markers and we wrote on the windows in the hallway!!  SO SCANDALOUS!!  :)
All of the kids rotate through each center or group.  Each center is around 12-15 minutes long.

We practiced writing numbers 1,2 and 3 this week.  2 and 3 are tricky.  We will keep working on these as we keep trudging ahead with the other numbers.

Wednesday afternoon we went to an assembly called NED.  The entertainer was very good and did a lot of tricks with yo yo's.  Hence the handout regarding purchasing yo yo's.  Your call.  His assembly was about being a good friend and being a CHAMPION in school and in life.

FRIDAY we have a special day planned for TK!  Your child knows a little about what we will be studying.  Ask them about it.... and then hold onto your hats for Friday afternoon.  They will have plenty to fill you in on!!  :)

MONDAY: Library  MUSIC  Snack: Lucy
WEDNESDAY: PE  Snack: Marissa

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Friday we came to school to discover that LEAFY WAS NOW A BUTTERFLY!!!

We had a grand send off for him out by the trees behind the new football stadium bleachers.

He didn't want to leave us, but he had to- so we got him on a tree branch- said good bye and left him to start his big migration!
It was actually quite exciting.  Now we are waiting (and hoping that it doesn't happen after Wednesday) for STRIPEY to bust out of his chrysalis so we can have yet another BON VOYAGE send off for him too!

After our super exciting before recess morning- we devoted our day to PIRATES!!  We talked about pirates and that they were real and they weren't very nice people.  We read a couple of funny books that had pirates in them and learned a little poem/song about 5 Little Pirates.  We made pirates on sticks to help us with the visual part of it but I think the kids were a little disappointed when we had the stick puppets because they couldn't really get into the YO HO HO part of the poem/song like they could when they had free hands.  I'm sure you can imagine what they look like with their little eyes squinty and swinging their arms- :)

We had fun WALKING THE PLANK different ways: Forward, backward and sideways with our hats on (we had to take our eye patches off after forward because it was just too tricky with just one eye)

Speaking of eye patches- hopefully your child could tell you what we found out about why pirates used an eye patch.  It wasn't because they had an injured eye- it was because they would flip the patch from eye to eye depending on if they were in the light or below deck in the dark.  (that's what I read anyway- in several different places)  We tried it with the patch over one of our eyes with the lights on as we worked on an activity and then we turned the lights off and switched the patch to see if we could see better with that eye... I'm not convinced that this was the real reason but it was fun to try it out!!  :)

In the afternoon we read a story about a bear who made popcorn... lots and lots of popcorn... so much that it filled his whole house up through the chimney!  We decided there would be big trouble if we ever did that.  Most kiddos were familiar with popping popcorn in the microwave but we decided it would be fun to pop popcorn like the bear in the story did with a popcorn popper!  With a lid that we could watch the popcorn pop!  SO WE DID!!!  You just can't beat the smell of freshly popped popcorn on a Friday afternoon.  We ate popcorn and watched a quick episode of JAKE AND THE NEVERLAND PIRATES.  We only had about 15 minutes to enjoy our popcorn party- things just never seem to go the way I THINK it is going to!  OH WELL!  It seemed to be a hit!

Mrs. Moen came on Monday so we were able to do our LITERACY CENTERS.
Mrs. Moen helped the kids read a predictable text book about Pete the Cat and a BUS!
This activity is made especially fun because the kids use READER FINGERS (the creepy witchy fingers) to help them point to the words as we read!
Mrs. Gerber was in charge of helping us figure out 6 /b/ pictures to put into a basket.
We worked on writing the capital letter B using our wood pieces and then writing them on individual white boards with dry erase markers.  We love using those because you can just wipe it away!!
And of course, a center of iPads

We have been singing the song 10 In The Bed since we started TK during our morning meeting.  It is a great catchy little song that has a cute little video with it and is great practice in counting backwards.  Since this week is devoted to "B"- we expanded on it a bit and cut out 10 numbered bears, put them into a bed and then sang the song pulling out one bear each time just like the song says.

Wednesday we read a great story called ROOM ON THE BROOM.  It has lots of rhyming in it and great illustrations and is just fun to read and listen to!  BROOM was our /b/ word to focus on.  After the story we did a cut and glue sheet that had problems and solutions or "WHO SAVED THE DAY" answers!!  The kids really did a great job with it!  We also started a multi step craft/activity before we went to lunch.

After our noon recess we rested for a bit under our new bedazzling twirling light machine (the kids love it) we rolled one of our giant cubes with pictures of the characters from our ROOM ON THE BROOM story.  Everybody got to roll the cube and as each picture came on top we graphed it!

 The kids were observing so many things... "the dog hasn't had any times yet" "the cat has the most"  We reviewed how graphs can tell us lots of information really quickly.

We practiced our cutting skills by cutting little slits on a strip of fruit roll up.

We had to be careful not to cut to the top or the fruit roll up would cut apart into pieces.  When they were done with that, they rolled it onto a pretzel to make a little broom.

I told them that they could eat it or take it home... they all wanted to eat it, SOOOOOOO we made another one for them to bring home.  I can't guarantee that they will share it with anyone, but there is an extra BROOM for someone!! :)

Brystol is our STUDENT OF THE WEEK this week!  Brystol likes her dog, Riley, does NOT like to go to bed (to which there were several head nods :) ) and wants to be a mermaid when she grows up!  She has 3 big sisters and lives with all of them along with her mom and dad.
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us and telling us a little about you, Brystol!!

Stripey is still a chrysalis.  I will take him home with me this weekend and keep a close eye on him.  If he busts out of his chrysalis before Monday, I am going to try to be a good butterfly mom and keep him alive until Monday.  I'm hoping he won't, but it's sorta the way my luck runs......

I hate to be the grim reaper- but please be mindful that BOOT SEASON IS FAST APPROACHING!
This means that TYING SHOES will become a fairly large issue for kiddos with TIE SHOES!  This is not a skill that we will be taking time out of our day to learn.  If your child has tie shoes, please start practicing now because we all know that yucky weather is just weeks (hopefully) away. Again, if you are looking for a few easier ways to teach your child how to do this simply "google" TIE SHOES and a couple of interesting DIFFERENT ways will pop up.


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