Friday, September 2, 2016

WOW!  5 days into TK and we are starting to really get the routines down.  MUCH of these first few weeks/months are just getting used to how things flow in TK.  We are looking good!!! :)

Last week we started our first day out with PETE THE CAT and HIS NEW WHITE SHOES!  If you are not familiar with Pete The Cat, he is a groovy blue cat who doesn't get too worried about much of anything.  We read his story and then we listened to a CD that the author made of himself reading AND singing the story.  The kids are always singing the songs by the middle of the story.  It's quite catchy!  :)

Pete sent us on a scavenger hunt looking for him through the school.  He left us clues all along the way.  We found the art room, the music room, the gym, the lunchroom, the library, the computer lab and ended up back in our classroom where he was waiting for us to catch up.  We did several activities with Pete as the focus and then of course we did a few rounds of CENTERS.  It is not the formal centers that we will be doing later on, but the kids get to play with several of the games, stations and centers set up around the room.

We brought home a Pete that we made out of shapes.  Most of the kids knew the shapes we were using.  No worries if they don't yet, we will keep working on that!!  We also brought home a predictable reader that had predictable text (repeating) with color words that changed corresponding to the color of Pete's shoes.  Encourage your child to use their "reader finger" when they are reading to you.  Their finger should move under each word as they "read" it.  They were all feeling like pretty big stuff reading it together and were excited to dazzle you with their new found skills.  Hopefully, you had a chance to listen to them read to you.  We will have several books that will come home during the course of the year that they are going to want to wow you with.  Please take the time to listen to them and also find a safe place to keep them all so your child can pull them out at any time any practice reading.

Our 2nd week found us reading still another Pete the Cat book, The Wheels On The Bus.  This book gives us lots of opportunities to practice positional words.  We put Pete ON TOP, BELOW, BESIDE, INSIDE, ABOVE, and BETWEEN our play houses.   We tackled our more controlled chaos process of centers also this week.  There are 10 stations set up around the room and depending on the day, we usually get two rotations in sometimes 3, and it also happened we only got it in once.  Each day is different.  You just never know!! :)

Wednesday we read PETE THE CAT AND HIS FOUR GROOVY BUTTONS.  Just like this sounds, the book really lends itself to working on numbers.  So although we did it during literacy time, we incorporated numbers, counting and one to one correspondence into our morning activities.  We divided into two groups and one group was given a card with buttons that they counted and put a clothespin on the correct number (also using our small motor skills).

The other group was given a Pete with a number on him.  The kids then put different colored buttons on him according to the number.  Then we switched activities with the groups.

To finish off our PETE THE CAT fun, we made Pete's coat- complete with yellow frosting (which everyone had to spread their own) and then added 4 buttons (m&m's).

Friday we did literacy stations.  Half of our group stayed in our room and did ALPHABET CAVE.  The letters of the alphabet were hung around the room.  The kids were each given a paper with the alphabet on it.  Each kiddo was given a flashlight.  We turned off the lights, and they found the letters hung around the room.  When they shone their light on a letter, they went back to their seat and found the same letter on their paper and crossed it off (or circled it)  The goal was to find all of the letters somewhere in the room.

The other half of the group went to the new wing and worked on dotting their own name using our Bingo Dotters.

After we finished our names we went into the open space of the wing and matched capital letters to lowercase letters and did some large motor practice while working on letters by tossing beanbags into hula hoops.

Then we switched so both groups got to do all of the activities.  It was a fun morning.

We also helped Jameson celebrate his 5th Birthday on Monday!  Happy Birthday, Jameson!

We have library on Mondays.  Books should be sent back to school before the next Monday at some point.  Monday mornings also work- just remind your kiddo that they need to get their books on the cart.  They will know what that means.  I will remind them also to look in their bags for their books, but I do not go through everyone's backpack.  They have responsibilities in TK and being responsible for their library books is one of them.  There is no nasty note or detention if they do not bring back their books on the following Monday.  They just do not get to check out two new books.

You should have gotten a blue sheet that has our SNACK SCHEDULE and Specials schedule on it today in your child's folder.  There are 20 students and we do have one kiddo with a peanut allergy.  Thank you for helping with this.  We eat at 10:35 so we are always ready for a little something by 1:45!

Please continue to help your child learn how to tie their shoes.  If they do not know how to tie their shoes, please send them in shoes that they can get on and off without help.  They can have velcro or zippers or just slip on.  Whatever works for them will work for me!  Thank you so much for your help with this.  (I will not be teaching your child how to tie their shoes.  This will be a skill that needs to be mastered at home :) )
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snack: Allie
FRIDAY: MUSIC  Snack: Bodee

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