Friday, September 9, 2016

Wednesday we worked on rhyming!  Of course, nobody does rhyming better than DR. SEUSS!  His books are the best when it comes to rhyming, but as I'm sure you are all aware, Dr. Seuss also likes to make up words...which makes READING some of his stories especially tricky!  :)  We read the story ONE FISH, TWO FISH, RED FISH, BLUE FISH to start off our rhyming extravaganza!  One of the little rhymes that he makes is about a YINK that drinks pink ink and winks.  Everybody got a small cup of pink ink (strawberry lemonade) and we tried to wink.  They were super good sports about trying to wink while they were drinking their pink ink.

Another fun page is about Ish.  He has a wish dish.  He wishes for fish... so...... we had fun walking around the room with fish (swedish fish) on a colorful dish.  We made it even harder by trying to walk balancing the dish on one hand, over our heads.

We traced around Dr. Seuss characters that were in shapes.  When you are going through your child's papers at night, ask your child what shape each of the characters is in.  We also read the story HORTON HEARS A WHO.  (It's sort of a long book so trying to keep in the rhyming scheme, I strategically skip some of the paragraphs and give them the big idea of what is going on)  Everyone got a "clover" with a "Whoville" speck on it and we listened really, really closely to see if we could hear any of the Whoville people...

there were a couple of kiddos that thought maybe they heard them, others heard our class pet cricket (that we don't actually know where he is specifically living).  :)

Friday we read THERE'S A WOCKET IN MY POCKET by Dr. Seuss.  We again worked on those rhyming words and then practiced our small motor skills with "sewing" a pocket and then creating a WOCKET to go in it!

We have been talking about patterns a lot in TK.  Today, we created a pattern on a Cat In The Hat hat.  We took a picture in our Cat in the Hat hats before we started working.  All of the kids did a great job on their patterned hats!

We helped Camrie celebrate her birthday on Wednesday.  She chose SCOOBY DOO for her birthday song add on.  If you're not quite sure what that is, just ask your child.  They'll be able to tell you.


We celebrated Teagen's birthday on Friday (which was actually on Wednesday).  Teagen chose CHA CHA CHA for her birthday song add on!
Happy Birthday, Teagen!

AND when it rains, it pours, so we also celebrated TWO MORE BIRTHDAYS on Friday!  Hendrix and Marissa will turn 5 on Saturday, so we helped them celebrate today!!!  Now we have sort of a long drought before we have another birthday (LIKE MARCH!)
Marissa chose SCOOBY DOO for her birthday song add on!
Happy Birthday, Marissa!
Hendrix chose SCOOBY DOO for his birthday song add on also!
Happy Birthday, Hendrix!
Student of the Week: Allie
MONDAY: LIBRARY  PE  Snack: Brystol
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snack: Camrie

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