Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This week we are all about the letter E!  Luckily we have Ellie, Elliss, Evie and Ella to help us all remember what sound E makes!!  :) (This is a first for this teacher!  AND So lucky that they all make that short e sound too!  Whew!)

We read a couple of funny stories about Elephants.  The first one is called FIVE MINUTES PEACE.  In this story a momma elephant tries to take a bath in peace, but it doesn't quite work out for her.  The second story we read was called ELMER.  Elmer is a colorful elephant that isn't quite sure he likes being different.  By the end of the story he is glad he is different but one day a year all of the elephants paint themselves to be colorful and Elmer goes gray for the Elmer Elephant's Day Parade!  We each made our own colorful elephant and Elmer (the gray one) leads the parade!

We were given our updated iPads- we got them all charged up, borrowed 10 from the Kindergarten room beside us and EVERYONE GOT TO WORK ON AN iPAD!  It was great fun and I was lucky enough to get a grant from the ABC Club (the ones who sponsor the carnival) and purchased 20 sets of headphones!  EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN HEADPHONES when we do this!  YAY US!  Thank you ABC Club!  (I thought that 20 headphones was going to give me a few extras to use in the listening center- joke was on me but it worked out perfectly for our classroom of 20 TKers!!)

The BEST thing that happened on Monday was that Mrs. Lems (our computer room helper) brought us in A CATERPILLAR!  WITH MILKWEED AND A BUTTERFLY HOUSE TA BOOT!  WOOP WOOP!
 So we talked about eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis, and butterflies a bit today.  I am thinking that LEAFY (we named him) will be doing his thing any day now and I didn't want to come to school and he would be in his Chrysalis on Wednesday and we didn't get to talk about it BEFORE it happened.  SO!  True to our TK GO WITH THE FLOW mentality, we talked about the lifecycle of a butterfly today too!  We will continue to discuss it and throw in bits and pieces as Leafy transforms.  Stay tuned!! (I'm a little worried that Leafy might decide to spin his chrysalis while we are gone for 5 days, but I guess if he were out in the big wide world he'd survive, so maybe I don't need to take him I could do anything for him anyway.... :(  He grew exponentially yesterday- I cannot imagine what he will be like in 5 days!! )  We will see what Monday brings!

 We were able to get in our visit to the library Monday afternoon and a quick trip to the Computer Lab also.

Wednesday we continued our work on letter E by reading a couple of stories about EGGS!  In the past we have made GREEN EGGS AND HAM, but this year we just made BACON AND EGGS... sorta!  :)

We also made a nest by cutting strips of paper along straight lines and 3 Eggs that we wrote our very best E's on.  Hiding under the eggs there are 3 pictures of things that begin with the letter E!



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