Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our letter of the week is F.  On Monday we read a couple of funny stories about a fish called THE POUT POUT FISH.  We made our own POUT POUT fish practicing our cutting skills.
We will try to be cutting EVERY DAY for the next few weeks as this is an important skill to master- especially in TK, so we will work pretty hard on it.
For math we read another story called The 10 Friendly Fish.  This story was great practice for us in counting backwards from 10.  After reading it while sitting on our rug, we went back to our seats and read it again- but THIS time everyone had 10 fish crackers on the water (blue paper) and we ATE the fish as we counted backwards while we listened to the story.

We formally started our writing of letters.  We start with the letter F.  We worked on it on Magna Doodles which helps us stay in a certain area for writing using the straight edges of the Magna Doodle to guide us.  We used our dotters to mark all of the capital F's we could find on a fish.  We talked about looking very carefully at each of the letters and to not get tricked by dotting an E or an H by accident.  They did awesome!

We continued our work on the letter F by learning a little about FROGS!  We listened to a funny story about frogs and then read an informational book about frogs.  The kids really remembered a lot from that book.  They are excited to dazzle you with all that they remember.  We made a LIFE CYCLE of FROGS to help us remember the stages.

A big frog with a red tongue was the next order of business as we practiced placing a fly on the letter that was written on the board.
We did it slower a couple of times and then tried to do it quickly.  There were 3 different tongues and we tried to hand them out so the tongues would be different for the "neighbors".  It was great practice and definitely something you can do again and again with your kiddo.  Even big brother or sister can do this activity with them!  :)

And finally, no discussion of frogs would be complete without the good ol' song 5 GREEN AND SPECKLED FROGS.  It's great practice in counting backwards too!  Google the song and have your child show you how we took a frog away each time and how many are left!

I also sent home 2 water beads because they are sorta like frog eggs.  They feel funny and the kids really, REALLY wanted to bring them home.... you're welcome! :)

Allie is our Student of the Week this week.  Allie has one big brother and lots of cousins that she loves seeing and playing with.  Allie wants to be a teacher when she grows up and she does not like broccoli.  Allie brought lots of fun pictures to tell us about and she also brought a pink yapping walking dog that was very fuzzy and super cute.  She couldn't remember exactly where she got it, but then she thought maybe it was the fair.  But not the Lyon County Fair... a BIG fair!!  :)  She also told us that the dog's name was PINKY!
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Allie!

There were book order flyers in your child's papers on Monday.  The due date if you are going to order with the paper flyer order form will be Wednesday, September 21.  If you are going to order online, please have that done before noon on Sept. 21.  And as always, there is no obligation to order.  Just an opportunity to expand that home library.  As a reminder, our class code is GRY67 if you are ordering online.

NO TK ON FRIDAY, September 16


MONDAY: PICTURES!!  (send back the picture order form if you are ordering.  Even if you are not ordering, your child will have their picture taken with us for the class composite) LIBRARY  Snack: CORA  MUSIC



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