Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Monday we discovered that Leafy was no longer eating leaves and was now a CHRYSALIS!!!
It was so exciting to see him hanging from the leaf.... however, the leaf he is hanging from is pretty dead and crispy, so we made a makeshift branch for him and hopefully he will survive the move!
We met our NEW caterpillar and after a class nomination and vote, we named him STRIPEY!
  Stripey has grown exponentially since we first found him last week... my guess is he will be a chrysalis when we come back on Monday next week.  Leafy should not be a butterfly yet.  Everything we have learned says it should be about another week yet.  But who knows!!!

We met a new helper, Mrs. Moen on Monday.  Mrs. Moen taught some of the parents of our classmates (just like Mrs. T has) and she had fun connecting the dots from parents to kiddos!  Mrs. Moen will come in most Mondays to help us during literacy time.  When she is at school, we do stations.  4 groups of 5 kiddos and we rotate in 10-15 minute intervals.  This week's rotations included iPads,
matching letters on an "apple" tree (we used colorful pom poms),
large motor roll and move activity in the PS/KDG open space
and practicing writing last week's letter E and this week's letter D after making them with pieces cut just for us.  Big lines, little lines, and big curves this week.  There is also a little curve but that is coming next week!! : )  (I apparently didn't get a picture of that station!  Sorry!)

We talked a little more about the life cycle of a butterfly and made a diagram of it out of macaroni noodles and a pom pom.  The kids really seem to be enjoying the excitement of what is to come... I hope it actually happens now!

We were able to go to the library and computer lab on Monday also.

Wednesday we read a funny story about a doughnut.  The book is called ARNIE THE DOUGHNUT and in this book Arnie does not know that he is going to get eaten.  Craziness follows as Arnie tries to get out of getting eaten- in the end... he becomes a DOUGHNUT-DOG!!  :)  We then got out the iPads and learned how to use the QR reader.
The room was set up with 20 different QR codes that were linked to stories about pets.  The kids had fun listening to all of the different stories.  If they found one that they really liked, they could listen to it over and over as often as they liked.  While the kids were listening to stories, we were making DOUGHNUTS!  Everybody got a small sack with a little sugar in it and a cooled off doughnut to shake and then eat.
There was enough for everyone to have two if they wanted it.  I was told by one of the kiddos that their mom makes these doughnuts at home... but mine were better... :)

Bodee is our STUDENT OF THE WEEK this week!  Bodee likes the color blue, wants to be a cop when he grows up and does not like bug bites!  He brought in some great pictures of his family, which includes a younger brother and a younger sister!  Bodee's dad likes the Colts and he has a picture of himself as a baby in a Colts beanie.
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Bodee!

You should have found an orange calendar in your child's things Wednesday afternoon.  This is our OCTOBER SNACK/SPECIALS calendar.  Please check it to see if your child is on for a day to bring snack.  We eat lunch at 10:35 so we are ready for a little something to eat by 1:30.  Thank you for your help and attention to this.

Today the cheerleaders ran out of tattoos before the TK was able to purchase any.  Of course, I had already collected the money and wrote how many tattoos they were going to get.  SOOOOOOO... in your child's things Wednesday afternoon, you should find a baggie (if you sent money for a tattoo(s)) in their folder with their tattoo money in it.  We THINK we got it right.  But we also had Wacky Wednesday money today... PS If your child did NOT bring WW money- I just paid for it this time.

Remember to keep practicing tying shoes.  Things are going to get very interesting all too soon with the boots to shoes x 3 each day.  There are a couple of new ideas on ways to tie shoes that are a bit easier (possibly... in theory) Just google it and see what you come up with.  Of course velcro and slip on shoes are also always an okay option too!! :)

FRIDAY: MUSIC  Snack: Gracelyn

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