Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Monday we discovered that Leafy was no longer eating leaves and was now a CHRYSALIS!!!
It was so exciting to see him hanging from the leaf.... however, the leaf he is hanging from is pretty dead and crispy, so we made a makeshift branch for him and hopefully he will survive the move!
We met our NEW caterpillar and after a class nomination and vote, we named him STRIPEY!
  Stripey has grown exponentially since we first found him last week... my guess is he will be a chrysalis when we come back on Monday next week.  Leafy should not be a butterfly yet.  Everything we have learned says it should be about another week yet.  But who knows!!!

We met a new helper, Mrs. Moen on Monday.  Mrs. Moen taught some of the parents of our classmates (just like Mrs. T has) and she had fun connecting the dots from parents to kiddos!  Mrs. Moen will come in most Mondays to help us during literacy time.  When she is at school, we do stations.  4 groups of 5 kiddos and we rotate in 10-15 minute intervals.  This week's rotations included iPads,
matching letters on an "apple" tree (we used colorful pom poms),
large motor roll and move activity in the PS/KDG open space
and practicing writing last week's letter E and this week's letter D after making them with pieces cut just for us.  Big lines, little lines, and big curves this week.  There is also a little curve but that is coming next week!! : )  (I apparently didn't get a picture of that station!  Sorry!)

We talked a little more about the life cycle of a butterfly and made a diagram of it out of macaroni noodles and a pom pom.  The kids really seem to be enjoying the excitement of what is to come... I hope it actually happens now!

We were able to go to the library and computer lab on Monday also.

Wednesday we read a funny story about a doughnut.  The book is called ARNIE THE DOUGHNUT and in this book Arnie does not know that he is going to get eaten.  Craziness follows as Arnie tries to get out of getting eaten- in the end... he becomes a DOUGHNUT-DOG!!  :)  We then got out the iPads and learned how to use the QR reader.
The room was set up with 20 different QR codes that were linked to stories about pets.  The kids had fun listening to all of the different stories.  If they found one that they really liked, they could listen to it over and over as often as they liked.  While the kids were listening to stories, we were making DOUGHNUTS!  Everybody got a small sack with a little sugar in it and a cooled off doughnut to shake and then eat.
There was enough for everyone to have two if they wanted it.  I was told by one of the kiddos that their mom makes these doughnuts at home... but mine were better... :)

Bodee is our STUDENT OF THE WEEK this week!  Bodee likes the color blue, wants to be a cop when he grows up and does not like bug bites!  He brought in some great pictures of his family, which includes a younger brother and a younger sister!  Bodee's dad likes the Colts and he has a picture of himself as a baby in a Colts beanie.
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Bodee!

You should have found an orange calendar in your child's things Wednesday afternoon.  This is our OCTOBER SNACK/SPECIALS calendar.  Please check it to see if your child is on for a day to bring snack.  We eat lunch at 10:35 so we are ready for a little something to eat by 1:30.  Thank you for your help and attention to this.

Today the cheerleaders ran out of tattoos before the TK was able to purchase any.  Of course, I had already collected the money and wrote how many tattoos they were going to get.  SOOOOOOO... in your child's things Wednesday afternoon, you should find a baggie (if you sent money for a tattoo(s)) in their folder with their tattoo money in it.  We THINK we got it right.  But we also had Wacky Wednesday money today... PS If your child did NOT bring WW money- I just paid for it this time.

Remember to keep practicing tying shoes.  Things are going to get very interesting all too soon with the boots to shoes x 3 each day.  There are a couple of new ideas on ways to tie shoes that are a bit easier (possibly... in theory) Just google it and see what you come up with.  Of course velcro and slip on shoes are also always an okay option too!! :)

FRIDAY: MUSIC  Snack: Gracelyn

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

This week we are all about the letter E!  Luckily we have Ellie, Elliss, Evie and Ella to help us all remember what sound E makes!!  :) (This is a first for this teacher!  AND So lucky that they all make that short e sound too!  Whew!)

We read a couple of funny stories about Elephants.  The first one is called FIVE MINUTES PEACE.  In this story a momma elephant tries to take a bath in peace, but it doesn't quite work out for her.  The second story we read was called ELMER.  Elmer is a colorful elephant that isn't quite sure he likes being different.  By the end of the story he is glad he is different but one day a year all of the elephants paint themselves to be colorful and Elmer goes gray for the Elmer Elephant's Day Parade!  We each made our own colorful elephant and Elmer (the gray one) leads the parade!

We were given our updated iPads- we got them all charged up, borrowed 10 from the Kindergarten room beside us and EVERYONE GOT TO WORK ON AN iPAD!  It was great fun and I was lucky enough to get a grant from the ABC Club (the ones who sponsor the carnival) and purchased 20 sets of headphones!  EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN HEADPHONES when we do this!  YAY US!  Thank you ABC Club!  (I thought that 20 headphones was going to give me a few extras to use in the listening center- joke was on me but it worked out perfectly for our classroom of 20 TKers!!)

The BEST thing that happened on Monday was that Mrs. Lems (our computer room helper) brought us in A CATERPILLAR!  WITH MILKWEED AND A BUTTERFLY HOUSE TA BOOT!  WOOP WOOP!
 So we talked about eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis, and butterflies a bit today.  I am thinking that LEAFY (we named him) will be doing his thing any day now and I didn't want to come to school and he would be in his Chrysalis on Wednesday and we didn't get to talk about it BEFORE it happened.  SO!  True to our TK GO WITH THE FLOW mentality, we talked about the lifecycle of a butterfly today too!  We will continue to discuss it and throw in bits and pieces as Leafy transforms.  Stay tuned!! (I'm a little worried that Leafy might decide to spin his chrysalis while we are gone for 5 days, but I guess if he were out in the big wide world he'd survive, so maybe I don't need to take him I could do anything for him anyway.... :(  He grew exponentially yesterday- I cannot imagine what he will be like in 5 days!! )  We will see what Monday brings!

 We were able to get in our visit to the library Monday afternoon and a quick trip to the Computer Lab also.

Wednesday we continued our work on letter E by reading a couple of stories about EGGS!  In the past we have made GREEN EGGS AND HAM, but this year we just made BACON AND EGGS... sorta!  :)

We also made a nest by cutting strips of paper along straight lines and 3 Eggs that we wrote our very best E's on.  Hiding under the eggs there are 3 pictures of things that begin with the letter E!



Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Our letter of the week is F.  On Monday we read a couple of funny stories about a fish called THE POUT POUT FISH.  We made our own POUT POUT fish practicing our cutting skills.
We will try to be cutting EVERY DAY for the next few weeks as this is an important skill to master- especially in TK, so we will work pretty hard on it.
For math we read another story called The 10 Friendly Fish.  This story was great practice for us in counting backwards from 10.  After reading it while sitting on our rug, we went back to our seats and read it again- but THIS time everyone had 10 fish crackers on the water (blue paper) and we ATE the fish as we counted backwards while we listened to the story.

We formally started our writing of letters.  We start with the letter F.  We worked on it on Magna Doodles which helps us stay in a certain area for writing using the straight edges of the Magna Doodle to guide us.  We used our dotters to mark all of the capital F's we could find on a fish.  We talked about looking very carefully at each of the letters and to not get tricked by dotting an E or an H by accident.  They did awesome!

We continued our work on the letter F by learning a little about FROGS!  We listened to a funny story about frogs and then read an informational book about frogs.  The kids really remembered a lot from that book.  They are excited to dazzle you with all that they remember.  We made a LIFE CYCLE of FROGS to help us remember the stages.

A big frog with a red tongue was the next order of business as we practiced placing a fly on the letter that was written on the board.
We did it slower a couple of times and then tried to do it quickly.  There were 3 different tongues and we tried to hand them out so the tongues would be different for the "neighbors".  It was great practice and definitely something you can do again and again with your kiddo.  Even big brother or sister can do this activity with them!  :)

And finally, no discussion of frogs would be complete without the good ol' song 5 GREEN AND SPECKLED FROGS.  It's great practice in counting backwards too!  Google the song and have your child show you how we took a frog away each time and how many are left!

I also sent home 2 water beads because they are sorta like frog eggs.  They feel funny and the kids really, REALLY wanted to bring them home.... you're welcome! :)

Allie is our Student of the Week this week.  Allie has one big brother and lots of cousins that she loves seeing and playing with.  Allie wants to be a teacher when she grows up and she does not like broccoli.  Allie brought lots of fun pictures to tell us about and she also brought a pink yapping walking dog that was very fuzzy and super cute.  She couldn't remember exactly where she got it, but then she thought maybe it was the fair.  But not the Lyon County Fair... a BIG fair!!  :)  She also told us that the dog's name was PINKY!
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Allie!

There were book order flyers in your child's papers on Monday.  The due date if you are going to order with the paper flyer order form will be Wednesday, September 21.  If you are going to order online, please have that done before noon on Sept. 21.  And as always, there is no obligation to order.  Just an opportunity to expand that home library.  As a reminder, our class code is GRY67 if you are ordering online.

NO TK ON FRIDAY, September 16


MONDAY: PICTURES!!  (send back the picture order form if you are ordering.  Even if you are not ordering, your child will have their picture taken with us for the class composite) LIBRARY  Snack: CORA  MUSIC



Friday, September 9, 2016

Wednesday we worked on rhyming!  Of course, nobody does rhyming better than DR. SEUSS!  His books are the best when it comes to rhyming, but as I'm sure you are all aware, Dr. Seuss also likes to make up words...which makes READING some of his stories especially tricky!  :)  We read the story ONE FISH, TWO FISH, RED FISH, BLUE FISH to start off our rhyming extravaganza!  One of the little rhymes that he makes is about a YINK that drinks pink ink and winks.  Everybody got a small cup of pink ink (strawberry lemonade) and we tried to wink.  They were super good sports about trying to wink while they were drinking their pink ink.

Another fun page is about Ish.  He has a wish dish.  He wishes for fish... so...... we had fun walking around the room with fish (swedish fish) on a colorful dish.  We made it even harder by trying to walk balancing the dish on one hand, over our heads.

We traced around Dr. Seuss characters that were in shapes.  When you are going through your child's papers at night, ask your child what shape each of the characters is in.  We also read the story HORTON HEARS A WHO.  (It's sort of a long book so trying to keep in the rhyming scheme, I strategically skip some of the paragraphs and give them the big idea of what is going on)  Everyone got a "clover" with a "Whoville" speck on it and we listened really, really closely to see if we could hear any of the Whoville people...

there were a couple of kiddos that thought maybe they heard them, others heard our class pet cricket (that we don't actually know where he is specifically living).  :)

Friday we read THERE'S A WOCKET IN MY POCKET by Dr. Seuss.  We again worked on those rhyming words and then practiced our small motor skills with "sewing" a pocket and then creating a WOCKET to go in it!

We have been talking about patterns a lot in TK.  Today, we created a pattern on a Cat In The Hat hat.  We took a picture in our Cat in the Hat hats before we started working.  All of the kids did a great job on their patterned hats!

We helped Camrie celebrate her birthday on Wednesday.  She chose SCOOBY DOO for her birthday song add on.  If you're not quite sure what that is, just ask your child.  They'll be able to tell you.


We celebrated Teagen's birthday on Friday (which was actually on Wednesday).  Teagen chose CHA CHA CHA for her birthday song add on!
Happy Birthday, Teagen!

AND when it rains, it pours, so we also celebrated TWO MORE BIRTHDAYS on Friday!  Hendrix and Marissa will turn 5 on Saturday, so we helped them celebrate today!!!  Now we have sort of a long drought before we have another birthday (LIKE MARCH!)
Marissa chose SCOOBY DOO for her birthday song add on!
Happy Birthday, Marissa!
Hendrix chose SCOOBY DOO for his birthday song add on also!
Happy Birthday, Hendrix!
Student of the Week: Allie
MONDAY: LIBRARY  PE  Snack: Brystol
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snack: Camrie

Friday, September 2, 2016

WOW!  5 days into TK and we are starting to really get the routines down.  MUCH of these first few weeks/months are just getting used to how things flow in TK.  We are looking good!!! :)

Last week we started our first day out with PETE THE CAT and HIS NEW WHITE SHOES!  If you are not familiar with Pete The Cat, he is a groovy blue cat who doesn't get too worried about much of anything.  We read his story and then we listened to a CD that the author made of himself reading AND singing the story.  The kids are always singing the songs by the middle of the story.  It's quite catchy!  :)

Pete sent us on a scavenger hunt looking for him through the school.  He left us clues all along the way.  We found the art room, the music room, the gym, the lunchroom, the library, the computer lab and ended up back in our classroom where he was waiting for us to catch up.  We did several activities with Pete as the focus and then of course we did a few rounds of CENTERS.  It is not the formal centers that we will be doing later on, but the kids get to play with several of the games, stations and centers set up around the room.

We brought home a Pete that we made out of shapes.  Most of the kids knew the shapes we were using.  No worries if they don't yet, we will keep working on that!!  We also brought home a predictable reader that had predictable text (repeating) with color words that changed corresponding to the color of Pete's shoes.  Encourage your child to use their "reader finger" when they are reading to you.  Their finger should move under each word as they "read" it.  They were all feeling like pretty big stuff reading it together and were excited to dazzle you with their new found skills.  Hopefully, you had a chance to listen to them read to you.  We will have several books that will come home during the course of the year that they are going to want to wow you with.  Please take the time to listen to them and also find a safe place to keep them all so your child can pull them out at any time any practice reading.

Our 2nd week found us reading still another Pete the Cat book, The Wheels On The Bus.  This book gives us lots of opportunities to practice positional words.  We put Pete ON TOP, BELOW, BESIDE, INSIDE, ABOVE, and BETWEEN our play houses.   We tackled our more controlled chaos process of centers also this week.  There are 10 stations set up around the room and depending on the day, we usually get two rotations in sometimes 3, and it also happened we only got it in once.  Each day is different.  You just never know!! :)

Wednesday we read PETE THE CAT AND HIS FOUR GROOVY BUTTONS.  Just like this sounds, the book really lends itself to working on numbers.  So although we did it during literacy time, we incorporated numbers, counting and one to one correspondence into our morning activities.  We divided into two groups and one group was given a card with buttons that they counted and put a clothespin on the correct number (also using our small motor skills).

The other group was given a Pete with a number on him.  The kids then put different colored buttons on him according to the number.  Then we switched activities with the groups.

To finish off our PETE THE CAT fun, we made Pete's coat- complete with yellow frosting (which everyone had to spread their own) and then added 4 buttons (m&m's).

Friday we did literacy stations.  Half of our group stayed in our room and did ALPHABET CAVE.  The letters of the alphabet were hung around the room.  The kids were each given a paper with the alphabet on it.  Each kiddo was given a flashlight.  We turned off the lights, and they found the letters hung around the room.  When they shone their light on a letter, they went back to their seat and found the same letter on their paper and crossed it off (or circled it)  The goal was to find all of the letters somewhere in the room.

The other half of the group went to the new wing and worked on dotting their own name using our Bingo Dotters.

After we finished our names we went into the open space of the wing and matched capital letters to lowercase letters and did some large motor practice while working on letters by tossing beanbags into hula hoops.

Then we switched so both groups got to do all of the activities.  It was a fun morning.

We also helped Jameson celebrate his 5th Birthday on Monday!  Happy Birthday, Jameson!

We have library on Mondays.  Books should be sent back to school before the next Monday at some point.  Monday mornings also work- just remind your kiddo that they need to get their books on the cart.  They will know what that means.  I will remind them also to look in their bags for their books, but I do not go through everyone's backpack.  They have responsibilities in TK and being responsible for their library books is one of them.  There is no nasty note or detention if they do not bring back their books on the following Monday.  They just do not get to check out two new books.

You should have gotten a blue sheet that has our SNACK SCHEDULE and Specials schedule on it today in your child's folder.  There are 20 students and we do have one kiddo with a peanut allergy.  Thank you for helping with this.  We eat at 10:35 so we are always ready for a little something by 1:45!

Please continue to help your child learn how to tie their shoes.  If they do not know how to tie their shoes, please send them in shoes that they can get on and off without help.  They can have velcro or zippers or just slip on.  Whatever works for them will work for me!  Thank you so much for your help with this.  (I will not be teaching your child how to tie their shoes.  This will be a skill that needs to be mastered at home :) )
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snack: Allie
FRIDAY: MUSIC  Snack: Bodee