Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Monday found us working on the letter K and focusing on KINDNESS! We played a game where we drew cards that we had to decide if the person on the card was being KIND or UNKIND. Then we thought about a way we could show kindness to someone and made a "Hershey's Kiss" with a picture on it. We hung them in the hallway and are working really hard on showing our classmates and others in our school kindness. 
We are bringing home a paper that has 15 different Random Acts of Kindness on it.  The kids are going to need your help in keeping track of these and when they get 10 acts of kindness marked off, they can bring it to school for a prize. I realize this sort of defeats the purpose of doing something nice for someone, but I'm old.  They're 5.  I'm going to give them a little something (trust me, it's not a BIG deal) for their efforts. This paper can be returned ANYTIME. Whenever they get 10 acts of kindness, send it back to school!

We practiced making capital K and if your child's name starts with a K, they probably need to relearn how to make it as the 2nd stroke starts at the TOP (not the middle) and we make a "karate kick" to finish it. This will help them in making the lowercase k also, since it has a "karate kick" too and it starts at the top of the dotted line in the middle.  Just something to keep an eye out for :)

On Wednesday we continued our work on the letter K and had fun watching a video of a newscast done about the Kite Festival they have in Clear Lake, IA! It is so amazing to see the huge and colorful kites that they have! We ooooed and aaahhhed through the whole video.  Then we made a colorful kite of our own that we can pull K pictures through.  K is definitely not a letter than needs a lot of practice, so luckily we will just hit this one and run!

We also had a major CLEANING/SANITIZING session in our classroom.  We used several containers of wipes and just cleaned...everything...especially in our pencil boxes! Every crayon, gluestick, scissor, whatever was in and around us... it got wiped down! Then we moved to the classroom and wiped down doorknobs, some of the center activities, etc.  Fingers crossed we can keep the "you know what" away. So far we haven't had too many casualties, we will do what we can in our room to keep it that way!


Monday: ART  LIBRARY  Snack: Addison
Wednesday: Music  Snack: Ryker C.
Friday: NO TK

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Friday we eased our way back into the TK flow with SNOWMEN! We read a couple of funny stories about snowmen and then practiced putting our names together on snowmen pieces. Most of us had lower case letters to sort out and put in our name's order. 

We glued them on "sideways" so it went from left to right and then we turned our snowman vertical and added the details! The kids did great and our classroom is quite festive with the name snowmen hanging out.

This week we are working on the letter H.  H is a tricky one because it doesn't say AAAAA. We read a story by Mem Fox called THE MAGIC HAT.  IT has wonderful illustrations that by the end of the book we were catching onto and had to go BACK to the beginning to read it again and catch the clues again! The book also has a fun repetitive verse that we were all singing by the end of the 2nd time around.  We had a unique predictable book to bring home that has our own picture at the end of it with a hat of our choice!
AAAAND of course, The Cat in the Hat hat, is just too iconic to pass up when talking about hats, especially when you have 25 of them sitting in a tub in your closet... so we dawned a hat and wrote rhyming words for CAT and HAT!

In math we worked on 10 frames. 10 frames make counting things pretty slick and are a great way to tell information quickly AND will benefit later attempts at adding numbers

Hibernation was the word of the day on Wednesday. We had fun learning about animals that are true hibernators and that they often look dead because they are in such a deep sleep. 

We also spent some time learning about animals that migrate and others that adapt. We have a vested interest in migration since we sent Spike flying last Fall. It was a class migration when we were in the North, and it was getting colder and colder (by our windows) so we decided to fly South. 
We had to do a few laps and as our lead V flyer got tired, he/she would fall back and a new leader would emerge to help battle the wind as we flew to our southern destination. Once we arrived in the south, we enjoyed picking out a pair of sunglasses to help keep that bright sun out of our eyes! :)
Adaptation is a little tougher to replicate so we looked at some pictures of animals that adapt in the winter. (not as "physical" but oh well)

Last Friday we also started reading The Boxcar Children. We discussed that this book does not have pictures like the stories we usually read have. We relax on our towels and let our brains make the pictures for us. The kids seem to really enjoy it (so far) and we are nearly half done with the book already!

Ashley is our Student of the Week this week.  She has TWO favorite colors, pink and purple.  She wants to be a vet when she grows up and she does not like soup. She has one brother and one pet. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Ashley!


MONDAY: Library ART Snack: Miles
FRIDAY: PE 11:40 dismissal NO LUNCH Snack: Mrs. T

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

This week we did lots of Christmas activities.  You may have noticed that we are working on telling time to the hour.  We are actually pretty good at it! 

Mrs. Moen was here on Monday so we did our literacy groups.  This will be her last time for several months so she even brought us a little Christmas present! 

We have been busy working on a super surprise for our parents.  Hands down, one of my most favorite activities with my students as they wrap the present ALL BY THEMSELVES!  I hope you love it as much as they loved making them for you!

Last week on Friday we did some Christmas Science and one of our experiments was to see what happened to candy canes in different liquids.  We used water, vinegar, salt water and water with baking soda in it.  At first we were using the word "melting" to describe what was happening and then we focused on using the word dissolving. 
Not only did the candy canes dissolve, but the solutions that were left were just as interesting.  The red was separated from the clear and some solutions even had a white layer.

Carson is our Student of the Week this week!  Carson likes the color blue and playing football with his cousins.  He does not like pie (we had a lengthy discussion about this) and wants to be a football player for the Miami Dolphins when he grows up.  Carson had just come home from watching the Dolphins and the Vikings play in Minneapolis so he had a lot to tell us about that! 
Thank you for telling us a little about yourself, Carson! 

We helped Ryker R. celebrate his HALF birthday on Wednesday.  Ryker chose CHA CHA CHA for his song add on. 
Happy half birthday, Ryker!

Friday will be our Christmas Party at 9:40.  The party parents are in full swing and have some pretty fun activities planned for us.  We will be doing our gift exchange RIGHT AWAY in the morning after all of the kids get here, so if it is at all possible, would you please have your child eat breakfast at home on Friday morning.  Our day is pretty packed and I want to have as much time as possible to do the gift exchange.  Thank you for your help with this.  It is a fun day... but it is a CAARRAAAAZZY day.  Remember that we will be dismissing at 1:30 on Friday.

Friday, January 4: Art Snack: Kade
Monday, January 7: Music  Library  Snack: Khloe
Wednesday, Jan. 9: PE Snack: Easton

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

TK ON FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7!  Early Dismissal at 11:40  NO LUNCH SERVED

Let's catch up (briefly)
Last week: Literacy Groups on Monday.

If You Give A Moose A Muffin :  Read the story.  Practiced sequencing the details and an emergent reader.  Oh yes, and MADE muffins! :)  Reading a recipe. Measuring. Mixing. Scooping and baking!

M&M Math: Sorting and graphing

This week:
MOOSETACHE: Read the story and then picked out a mustache (and bringing it home)for a picture!

Rylie's cracked me up since it matched her hair color almost perfectly!

I have a picture of everyone in their mustache.  I will have a print made for you that you will be getting at the end of the year! :)

The Mitten: Read the story and then reenacted the story with the TK TROUPE!  Everyone got a chance to dazzle our class with their animal skills and join "the mitten" (a fitted sheet) until the bear sneezes and everyone tumbles out!  We needed to reenact the book 3 times to ensure everyone's chance to be a character from the story!  The TK TROUPE did amazing!! :)

Next, we read an emergent reader but realized that 1/2 the characters were missing so we WROTE the animals that were missing on the opposite pages.  I kid you not, I was REALLY impressed with their writing. REALLY REALLY.  WOOP WOOP! Please watch for your child making letters the right way.  ALL letters start at the top.  ALL LETTERS.  If you see your child starting at the bottom to write any letter, please stop them and remind them that they need to start at the top.  The hardest culprits to correct are their names.  Letter mechanics are hard to correct, but please try if you notice it!.

Kohen is our Student of the Week this week.  Kohen likes the color pink, cutting, coloring, Legos and his mom.  He does NOT like it when his brother yells at him and when he grows up? DRUM ROLL PLEASE...... he wants to be a TEACHER! :)  Kohen brought in some fun pictures for us to look at and the one that everyone wanted to know about was one of him and his brother dressed like pirates in a tub with a pirate flag and spyglass! :) 
Thank you, Kohen for telling us a little about yourself!

TK ON FRIDAY! Our schedule is off in our December calendar since we will be switching afternoon/morning schedules due to the 2 late starts we have had.
MONDAY: PE  Library  Snack: Alayna

GIFT EXCHANGE: The TK will exchange $3-$5 gifts on our party day (December 21) We will not be drawing names.  If your child is a girl she will exchange with another girl in our class. The tag should read: TO: GIRL
                     FROM: Violet (or whatever your child's name is)
If your child is a boy, the tag will read
                     TO: BOY
                     FROM: Kooi (or whatever your child's name is)
Gifts can be brought anytime but should be here BEFORE December 21.  Please do not hesitate to let me know if this simply is not in the cards for your child.  We do not and will not let a child be excluded.  Just let me know and I will take care of it.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Monday we read the story I KNOW AN OLD LADY WHO SWALLOWED A PIE. She eats all sorts of Thanksgiving goodies and grows and grows until she's so big she ends up being a balloon in the Thanksgiving Day Parade!  Not everyone was sure what the giant balloons were, so we looked them up on the internet and there were bunches and bunches of them- your child MAY want to watch the parade on Thanksgiving Day just to see them!

Mrs. Moen came in and did an emergent reader about the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie, Mrs. T had a "What do we need to make our Thanksgiving meal" sheet to glue the answers to and of course, iPads.

For math, we rolled a big die with 6 pictures from the story that we graphed whatever came up on the die!  We are getting pretty good at graphing and even better at being able to tell what information it is giving us at just a glance!

Wednesday was a shortened schedule and a wacky schedule at that since we went to ART right after recess- which cut into our literacy time but we still managed to talk about Pilgrims, Native Americans, the Mayflower and the journey with a little bracelet that we will HOPEFULLY be able to retell to you.  There is a "cheat sheet" in your child's things if they get stuck.

We read and are bringing home an emergent reader about turkeys and played a little Thanksgiving Bingo... but we used our bingo dotters and it was at the end of the day... so we just tossed the sheets since they were still a little "inky"!

Locklan is our Student of the Week!  Locklan has two brothers, one sister on earth and one sister in heaven. He wants to be just like his dad when he grows up! Locklan couldn't pick just one color as his favorite, so he picked green, red and blue!  He doesn't like it when his sister picks on him and a word to describe him is nice.

Thank you for helping us learn more about you, Locklan!

Book Orders are due Dec. 7 by 9 am.  Our classroom code is GRY67 
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Next week:
MONDAY: Library  MUSIC  Snack: Locklan
WEDNESDAY: PE  Snack: Kohen
FRIDAY: November 30, NO TK

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Monday we learned about Veterans... which is different than Veterinarians as we found out after two of our classmates told us their dads were "vets"... :)

Mrs. Moen had an emergent reader that told us about what kind of freedoms Veterans helped us have in her morning literacy center.  Mrs. T's group colored a numbered picture for an awesome mural and there was a center of iPads!

The afternoon was finished off with a tribute to Veterans at the West Lyon 4th Annual Veterans Program!  If you have never attended this assembly, YOU NEED TO TRY TO NEXT YEAR!  It really is so special and moving.  Even my littles sat and listened so carefully!  I was so proud of them!

Wednesday we learned about VERBS!  We read a story called RUN, TURKEY! RUN!  and we talked about the actions in the story.  We learned a little song about verbs and then shouted out new verbs for us to try in our song! (Song goes like this: Oh a verb verb verb Oh a verb is a word that shows an action! (and then a kiddo says: JUMPING , so we jump a bit.  Then we sing again and do a different verb.) Sometimes someone would suggest a word that was NOT a verb, like CAKE! "can we cake?" That helped us figure out just exactly what verbs were!  ACTION WORDS!  To finish our verb activity we made some turkey legs and everyone came up with a different verb to fill in for their own turkey.


Student of the Week: Locklan
MONDAY: Library PE Snack: Logan

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Last Friday we were all about FIRE SAFETY! We talked about what to do if there was smoke in a room : GET LOW AND GO

We practiced our own fire drill and what to do and where to go in case of a fire in our school and also some ideas for what to do if there was a fire in your home

We practiced what to do if fire ever got on our clothes STOP DROP AND ROLL

and finally, we colored an EXIT sign and then took a walk around our whole school looking for EXIT signs.  Our school has A LOT of them!  Some even have arrows that point which way to go for the door!

Monday we learned a little about the letter N.  We read a funny story by Kevin Henkes called CHRYSANTHEMUM.  Then we practiced matching the letters in our name into a puzzle frame that also had the letters in it.  The fun started when we stood around the tables and tried to put our FRIENDS' names in order in their puzzle frames! 

A noodle necklace with /n/ pictures strung on it was Wednesday's task
after we practiced making N's on our magnadoodles. 
A rousing game of ROLL AND COVER was a good way to pass the time until...

 in case you missed it... WE WON THE PIZZA PARTY from the coin collecting contest! 
Wednesday afternoon we were served two pieces of cheese pizza and orange pop.  It was so fun!

Kooi is our Student of the Week this week!  Kooi brought in lots of pictures for us to look at but the one that caught everyone's eye is the picture of him with 3 babies... those babies are his two brothers and sister and they are TRIPLETS!  Kooi likes the color blue, loves playing football and wants to be a cop when he grows up! Oh yes, and he does NOT like avocado! :) His dad is a fireman in Sioux Falls so that was discussed at length amongst our 5 year old group! 
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us and helping us learn a little more about you, Kooi!


MONDAY: Veteran's Day program.  WL is encouraged to wear red, white and blue to celebrate!  Program begins at 2:00 and everyone is invited to attend!
Snack: Addison  Library  PE
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snack: Ryker C.
FRIDAY: MUSIC  Snack: Rylie