Wednesday, May 9, 2018

T was the letter we tackled on Monday.  It isn't too tough to write OR figure out the sound it makes so we hit it hard and are moving on!

We read a story called What If You Had Animal Teeth?  After we read the story, we worked on listening for beginning sounds in an emergent reader about teeth.  It was great to hear so many kids figure out what letters we needed to write! 

We played the game GARBAGE again and we are getting better and better at it.  I also was told my several kiddos that they played the game at home too with their parents or big siblings!  THAT IS AWESOME! 

Toast With Tasty Toppings was the treat for the afternoon.  We had 3 choices of tasty toppings: butter, butter with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on it or strawberry jelly.  Everyone got to pick their own favorite topping for their toast AND PER THE USUAL- it was the BEST TOAST EVER!  :)

Wednesday was our Field Trip and I cannot even tell you how amazing the day went!  You "bigs" that came along were ROCK STARS!  Thank you so much for your help, your willingness to get in and dig through the muck of the dippings at Lake Pahoja and for your overall attitudes!  I really had a great day and it was because all of you were such fun to have along!  THANK YOU!

Dr. Tom never disappoints with his presentations!  From offering to shave someone's hair

To performing operations

Xray Room

and his jars of curious objects!
Dr. Tom's clinic is one for the books!  Thank you to him and his staff!  We had a great time!


MONDAY: LIBRARY: We will go to the library but we will not be checking out books.  If you have overdue books you will need to get them in or pay the fine for lost books.  Sorry. 
ART  Snack: Brayden
WEDNESDAY: MUSIC  Snack: Burkelle
FRIDAY: PE  Snack: Eden

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

TK ON FRIDAY, MAY 4!  It is an 11:40 dismissal day so there is no lunch served.  But we will still have our scheduled snack and milk break!

This week we were able to do our literacy centers when Mrs. Moen came in on Monday.  Mrs. Moen read a funny book about sneezing... which is the sound that we make when we see the letter A!  She also did some word family practice with whatever was remaining of the 15 minutes that we have for each of the 3 stations.
Mrs. T had the ever enjoyable task of trying to knock out some of the testing things that need to be done for our report cards... bleh.  The up side of this was that one of the things that we needed to check was large motor skills so we went outside and did some movement activities!
And of course, our iPad station

We read another great story in the afternoon called THE SNAKE THAT SNEEZED.  This book is what I like to refer to as an OLDIE BUT A GOODIE :)  (the pictures are not vibrantly colored, the pages are worn, but the story is too awesome to not share- and I haven't found a book that I would replace it with, so it stays in circulation!)  I heard one of the kids on Wednesday referring to another book as an oldie but a goodie!  They sure don't miss much! :)

Wednesday we switched gears and worked on the letter I.  For this letter, we use the action of itching.  /i/ /i/ itchy itch.  We read a story about chicken pox...which is practically as foreign to the kids as phones hooked to your wall.  I explained that most of their parents probably had the chicken pox and they could ask you about it but now there is a shot that you get when you are a baby that keeps kids from getting the chicken pox.  We read the story and discussed that the chicken pox make you very itchy.  That's where our practicing the sound came in.  We made a boy with chicken pox on his face that had pictures of words that have that /i/ sound in them.  We also did some extending with trying to write some words of pictures on another paper that we had.  We didn't cut and glue the pics because we worked so very hard on writing a few of the words.  We knocked it out of the park!  Look out Kindergarten!!  :)

We had a fun afternoon of working with partners on the OSMOs.  It is slow going at first, but the kids really enjoyed it once they got the hang of it!

We learned a new math game that uses a deck of cards called GARBAGE.  It was interesting to see how the kids took to the game and how some of them still struggle with identifying the numbers 1-10.  We will definitely be playing this game again as it is great practice identifying numbers and ordering them!

TK ON FRIDAY (I know I mentioned that at the beginning, but thought I'd throw it in again!)

MONDAY: Library  PE  Snack: Avery
WEDNESDAY:FIELD TRIP!  If you are joining us (or if you need to pass this info on to someone who is joining us) plan to be at school around 8:45.  Do NOT park where the buses park- find somewhere else to park (good luck)  You will have to come through the front doors by the office as all of our other doors are locked.  You won't need to sign in, just tell the office ladies you are going on the TK field trip! :) and come on down!  We should be back to school around 3:00 at which time you will want to get out of Dodge before school dismisses.  Trust me on this.  Do not wait for older students- take your little and GO!  If you decide to wait for older students, you will need to wait for them by the office until dismissal time.  These last few weeks are VERY busy for all of us and most are pretty stingey with their time. Remember to bring a sack lunch for both you and your little.  If you want to bring a little cooler to keep your lunch in, that is fine with me but it will be under your watchful eye during the day.  I will have a cooler that I will bring for kids' lunches and drinks if you want to do that too.  WHATEVER WORKS FOR YOU, WORKS FOR ME!

And another reminder: We have added a TK day to the original calendar from the beginning of the year- MAY 23 will be the LAST DAY FOR TK.  (Big kids still have the 24th and 25th to make up.)

Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday was devoted to the letter A and our critter of the day was ANT!  Miss Emily came bright and early in the morning and did an amazing job of getting us started!  She read a very informative book about ants and then we got to put into practice what we learned about the different jobs of the ants!
We had a QUEEN ant whose job is to lay eggs
We had NURSE ants and BABY ants
There were GUARD ants at the entrance to the tunnel of the queen.  These ants must smell all of the ants that come into the tunnel to make sure they belong to their colony.

The BUILDER ants build the tunnels
and the FORAGER ants bring food to the queen!

After recess we read a silly book about ants called THE ANT BULLY.  The boy in this book gets shrunk by the queen ant because he is always picking on the ants in his yard.  In the end, the boy realizes how hard the ants work and leaves them to do their business without being mean to them!

We practiced rhyming words from the story and wrote the numbers on the cards for our matches on our paper.  You will have to trust me that we got them all right.
We also used our bingo dotters to clap out syllables and dot out the correct number of ants according to the syllables!

In math we tried our hand at TALLY MARKS by rolling one of our big dice and tallying the results.  We had one color that got to 5 so we learned that after 4 tally marks, the 5th one is slanty and that makes it super easy to tell how many marks there are without having to count them all of the time!

It was such a lovely day that we went outside with our magnifying glasses and looked for ants.  We actually had GREAT luck finding ants
and we were happy to be outside and free to squeel and be excited (and to burn some of the extra energy we have)!

It was a great day in TK!
Snacks: Tristan, Tysan, Zylex

You should find the MAY calendar (how did that happen?) in your child's folder this afternoon.  Notice that the TK will be coming to school on the 23rd to make up for the snow day we missed last week.  (You will remember that we had a snow day built into the original TK calendar, so that will account for the other snow day that the TK missed)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fox in Socks was the book we read before Mrs. Moen came for centers after recess... and if you have never read it, be sure that your eyes and tongue and brain are all working well together because it is a crazy, tongue-twisting, rhyming extravaganza!  WOW!  :)

This week we were able to get back to our Monday morning literacy centers with Mrs. Moen!  We love having her back!  Mrs. Moen had a rousing game of RHYMING cards going with all 3 groups.
Mrs. T's group worked on an emergent reader spinoff of  Fox in Socks with each group having a different focus. 
And of course, our iPad station for all the groups to rotate through. 

Wednesday we learned all about SPIDERS!  Our first order of business was to find out how we felt about spiders.  The question was: ARE YOU AFRAID OF SPIDERS?  Each student whispered in my ear yes or no, I gave them a card that said yes or no depending on their answer and then we graphed it out!  I told the kids that we were going to learn about spiders and that maybe we would persuade some of the YES people into being NO people.  Someone asked what PERSUADE meant (which was a great question) and I told them that we would see if we could change their minds about how they felt about spiders... most yes people were pretty sure they were still going to be yes people at the end of the day. 
We read a couple of FACT books about spiders and learned many things about them including how many legs they have, how many eyes most have, we learned about how they catch their food and a little about the webs that some of the spiders spin.  We started the morning off learning and singing the song by Raffi There's a Spider On the Floor.  We had even MORE fun when we added a plastic spider to our singing as each verse the spider moves to a different body part!

THE VERY BUSY SPIDER by Eric Carle was a fun fiction book we read with the spider always responding in the same way... which led to us practicing our mad writing skills by writing some of the animal names into a predictable reader book that was a version of  The Very Busy Spider

We did a few experiments for us to find out some details about spiders that we learned.  First up was the question: WHY DON'T SPIDERS STICK TO THEIR OWN WEBS?  We learned that there are hairs that help them walk along the web, there are strands that are not sticky AND we learned that just a few years ago (2012) scientists found out that some spiders have a special oil on their legs that help them not stick.  So we tried that fact out with a piece of large tape taped to a plate.  We used our reader fingers to touch the tape and YUP! it was sticky.  Next, we dipped our reader finger into a little bit of oil that was on our plate and TA DA!  Our fingers did not stick to the tape!

NEXT UP: How do spiders "eat" their food?  They don't actually "eat" it, they DRINK it!  Most spiders inject a venom (we also referred to it as poison) that liquifies the insides of the insect- then the spider drinks it up!  To demonstrate this everyone got an insect (sugar cube) and we dripped venom (water) on to the insect with an eye dropper.  The insect liquified and we could see how easy it would be to drink it up.  We don't actually need any more excited-ness in our day, so we just looked at it, no drinking!! :) 

We practiced and practiced the word liquify (instead of melt) so hopefully if you ask about this, they will be able to tell you the process.

For some fun to use up some of that IT IS SPRING THE WEATHER IS AMAZING energy, we threw insects (pom pons) at a sticky web (hula hoop with tape). 
We were able to have many chances at it and we tried to go as fast as we could...

As for our PERSUADING our classmates to not be afraid of spiders... a few saw the value that spiders provided but still thought they were creepy looking and were not persuaded to not be afraid of them.  Oh well!  :)

S is a tricky letter to write but we practiced writing both the capital and lowercase s and did okay with it.  :)

TK ON FRIDAY, APRIL 27!  PE  Snacks: Trevor

Please remember to return your orange permission slip for our Field Trip!

MONDAY: Library ART  Snacks: Tristan
FRIDAY: PE  Snacks: Zylex 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

We swapped our morning literacy time to the afternoon since Monday we had another late start due to weather.  We have been working on the letter Q and we looked for different font q and Q's on a page.  It can be tricky because p and b and d are easily confused with q!  We also read a great story about a meanie girl who thought she was QUEEN of the playground.  Not only did this book give us a chance to listen for the /qu/ sound everytime we read about her, but it was a good talking point about being nice on the playground and including everyone (which is why she was so mean- nobody every asked her to play with them).  We made a bejeweled queen (out of our handprint) and wrote the word queen.

Wednesday we learned quite a bit about different ocean animals.  Our favorites are the pufferfish, the blobfish and we always love seeing the Angler fish and the black dragon fish that also has a light that he dangles to catch prey!  We played OCEAN BINGO with 16 different ocean animals on each card and had fun practicing reading an emergent reader about ocean animals. 

We broke into two small groups so one group could use the iPads and do some QR coded books about Ocean fish/animals while the other half read the emergent reader and listened for beginning sounds of ocean fish/animals.

We practiced writing numbers after counting different ocean animals.  We are getting pretty good at this!

The culminating activity of our reading week is watching a movie that went with our theme of a READING SHELLABRATION!  The kids voted on FINDING NEMO to watch.  I did ask if anyone had NOT seen the movie and there were 3 kiddos who didn't think they had seen it before. We actually watched it in short snippets throughout the afternoon and our ocean animal/fish knowledge came in hand when we saw many of the fish we had learned about earlier in the day!  Oh yes, and popcorn and juice were the treat that we enjoyed while we watched the movie.  We only had ONE glass of juice get tipped over (I had lids for the juice glasses- but this glass accidently got kicked over and sort of squished so the glass actually sprung a leak!  :))  and as usual, the popcorn was AMAZING and the BEST they've ever had! :)


MONDAY: Library  PE  Snack: Jacob
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snack: Kacen

And one more wall in our school that all of the elementary kids contributed to!  All kids cut out one fish and wrote their name on it and then we hung them in a "school" of fish ... it is SO COLORFUL!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Friday Update:
Today the kids were greeted upon their arrival with an UNDERWATER EXTRAVAGANZA for our READING SHELL-ABRATION. 

These views are just from our room.  Every hallway in our elementary is decorated so theres lots of fun things to look at everywhere we wander!  We also had a "kickoff" meeting with the rest of the elementary with an explanation about the dress up days, the goals for the week next week regarding reading and a couple of fun games as we tried to toss hula hoops around Mrs. Johnson and Mr. Rozeboom and tried to keep several beach balls in the air without dropping!

We did not neglect our letter duties (as we are sorta getting down there in days left of TK and letters we still need to cover) and had an interesting time in learning about letter Q!  We learned that Q is almost always followed by U.  We likened it to getting married so we made a Q "bride" and an "U" groom. We have a little song we sing with both of them.  Ask your TKer to sing it to you!  :)

Painting was next as we used a Q-tip (one of the words that DOESN'T have a Q followed by a U (where is that eye roll emoji when you need it?) to dot using our small motor skills a Q and a U.  Painting is always a hit.

We helped Tristan celebrate his GOLDEN BIRTHDAY today!  Tristan chose SCOOBY DOO for his birthday song add on!  Happy Golden Birthday, Tristan!

MONDAY WILL BE SUNGLASSES AND HATS DAY for our Reading Week Dress up theme!  Clearly the beach hat cannot substitute for a warm winter hat WHICH WE STILL NEED WHEN WE GO OUT FOR RECESS!  Please double check with your kiddo to make sure they have gloves and a hat before they walk out the door in the mornings.  Lots of kids without gloves/mittens.  It is so cold out on our playground.  Too cold to not have winter gear- even though the calendar says APRIL... :(

BOOK ORDERS WILL BE DUE ON WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11 by 9am.  If you would like the link for online ordering click here and our class code is GRY67