Wednesday, March 14, 2018

We started our week off with an amazingly fun activity with our 5th Grade Buddies... ROBOTS!  Our buddies showed us how to code for them to move and then they let US do the driving!  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!  The robots are borrowed and our school has to send them back but it was super fun and we caught on so quickly!  Hopefully we can borrow them back sometime and use them again for an activity!

Then we had to buckle back down with our literacy time being concentrated on the letter C!  We read a funny story about George Washington's Cows (not a true story) and played a little game with cupcakes and pictures,  Our job was to sort the pictures into two groups: Pictures that begin with the /c/ sound and pictures that do NOT start with the /c/ sound.  We did AWESOME!  Then we did our own /c/ activity without too much direction.  We DID talk about coloring the pictures the way they would be in real life: The corn would be yellow with green leaves, the carrot would be orange with a green top, etc.  After going through each of the pictures and deciding which ones we DIDN'T need, the kids finished up with cutting and gluing.

We read the story THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR by Eric Carle.  He is the same author that wrote THE GROUCHY LADYBUG and we liked that one so well, we were sure to like this book as well!  We did.  We then got our our dotters and made caterpillar bodies according to the number we saw on the left side of our paper.  This one is a toughie because sometimes it's hard to see where the dots start and stop.  (and we get carried away with those dotters)

We also went to the library and the computer lab on Monday.

Wednesday we had a fun day reading and doing some fun activities around St. Patrick's Day and Leprechauns.  While the class was at PE some leprechauns broke into our room and made a DISASTER out of our room!  There were chairs on top of the tables, chairs turned over and toys and blocks and books and stuff EVERYWHERE when we got back to our room.  Oh yes, and their gold dust was everywhere too! :)  (actually, there's a good chance that your child has some of their gold dust clinging to their clothes this afternoon when you see them!)  Luckily the leprechauns didn't visit until the END of the day since we were pretty well tapping out after that!  We tried to make traps that we thought might catch some leprechauns.

We had lots of good discussions going on as we were building (some might call it yelps, delightful screams, excited elevated talking.... but it was all constructive and of course, necessary!)  A couple of groups even had "bait" (leftover snack) to try to lure their leprechaun into their traps!

So backing up the day to BEFORE the leprechauns visited...

We read a couple of leprechaun books and then did a fun sheet as a class listening for syllables in words that had to do with St. Patrick's Day.  We first made a headband with cute leprechaun ears.
  Modeling them and looking at ourselves in the mirror was a must!  We colored a 1/2 of a leprechaun and then broke it up with a dotting a rainbow page.  We did the other 1/2 of the leprechaun (coloring) and cut him out.  We had fun putting him together as the kids could put him in any position they wanted to!  We got pretty creative!  :)
We did a partner activity counting gold and coloring the correct number. Working with a partner is an important skill as it is easy to work BY someone but not necessarily WITH someone.  It went pretty well.

It was a very fun, exciting, pretty sure you'll have a leprechaun trap somewhere in your house tonight, day in TK.  Enjoy the crazy that has been set in motion.  They're only little for a short time!  :)


MONDAY: Library  Snack: Zylex  ART

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday we moved on to letter C and in keeping with our Friday Science Day, we did COLORS!  (and Cupcakes!! :))  This morning we read the story IF YOU GIVE A CAT A CUPCAKE.  We read it again trying to remember the sequence of events because after the 2nd time, we made our own emergent reader of this same book.  The pictures help us tell the story and the dots under the words help us move our reader finger as we "read".  We also practiced writing the letter C. Before we left for lunch we started a color experiment with just the primary colors: Blue, Red and Yellow.  We put the cups of colored water on the light table so we could really see them.  Paper towels leading to empty cups in between each of the cups of colored water were carefully watched as the towels absorbed the colored water and dripped into the empty cups... making a new secondary color!  (luckily it actually worked!:))

After lunch we had fun following directions to make a colorful rainbow made out of Fruit Loops.  The kids did a great job of counting out the right number of cereal pieces and stringing them onto their pipe cleaner. 

We hung them on our bulletin board!

Our color "test" today was making frosting any color we wanted but if it was a secondary color, they had to tell me what two colors I would need to squirt into their cup of frosting. 

Everybody except one picked a secondary color and of those kiddos, there wasn't one of them that couldn't tell me what two colors they needed to make that color!  We spread the frosting on the (gluten free) cupcakes and added sprinkles... just like the cat from our morning literacy time, and then ATE THEM!

It was a COLORFUL DAY in TK!

PS Funny little add on that happened today: This morning we also read the story called CLICK, CLACK, MOO- COWS THAT TYPE.  Interestingly enough... KIDS DON'T HAVE A LOT OF EXPERIENCES WITH TYPEWRITERS!!  :)  So, after I asked the question, I needed to give a little background knowledge on what a typewriter is!  No small task!  We looked at the pictures in the book to give us some details but it was really interesting (and sad) that there are more and more things in golden oldie books (and this one isn't that old) that kids just simply don't know what things are because they are obsolete in today's world.  It's not bad.... just a reality check that the world is indeed changing! :) and that I'm quite old :(

Next week:
Monday: Library  Music  Snacks: Tristan
Wednesday: PE  Snack: Tysan
Friday: NO TK

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Not too much to report for Monday since we were dismissed at 11:00 because of the impending winter weather!  We did manage to get a few things done before we left: we made a chick for our door and introduced the letter Z... but we were pretty excited about the snow that was zooming around our windows so it was limited... :)

Wednesday we tackled Z.  We read a funny story called Miss Moo Goes To The Zoo.  After we read the story we sorted pictures of animals into Farm, Pets and Zoo.

Last week we started something new for math time: binders!  These 3 ring binders have a calendar in them that we fill in each TK day and a story problem that we draw out on each of the pages. It is something that is different each day and helps us practice new skills.

During our afternoon literacy/math time we read the book PUT ME IN THE ZOO.  We weren't really clear on what the main character is... a dog... a bear.... we couldn't really tell, but we did find lots of rhyming words in the story. A dog/bear creature on a yellow paper was given to each of the kids and we had fun putting on (adding) and taking off (subtracting) pom pons off of him. 

After we finished, we got out our dotters and put dots all over that guy!  :)

Tristan is our WOW this week!  Tristan has 3 big sisters, 1 big brother and 2 little sisters.  He wants to be a scientist when he grows up.  Tristan does not like onions but he does like swimming and the color red!  Tristan brought in several pictures for us to look at and our favorite one was when he was little and had on a Santa hat and riding on his new toy tractor!
Thank you, Tristan for sharing your pictures with us!

WE WILL HAVE TK ON FRIDAY, MARCH 9! (FYI: it also happens to be the ONLY Friday we will have TK in March)

MONDAY: Library  MUSIC  Snack:Tristan
WEDNESDAY: PE Snack: Tysan

We are officially a day off on our SPECIALS calendar now since we didn't go to specials on Monday.  We went to PE on Wednesday so we will go to ART on Friday and then MUSIC on Monday.  The schedule goes ART, MUSIC, PE for the days we are in TK.  

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

One of the toughest letter sounds to master is the letter y and /y/... y should say /w/, right?  It makes sense... but it's just not the way it is so we worked pretty hard on Monday listening and differentiating that initial sound of /y/ or /w/ and what letter was making that sound.  We played a little game to help us with it and then practiced listening for it on our own with a worksheet.  It is a REALLY tough sound to grasp but we will keep working on it throughout the rest of the year.

I brought out my yo yos and we tried our hand at making those things work... just like the y sound, making yo yos go up and down and then back up and down, well... the skill is pretty taxing!  :)

The kids seemed to have fun trying at least, as most of their time was spent winding the string but lots of squeals when someone would actually manage to get the yo yo to zing back up!

We practiced writing the numbers 6 and 7 in our number workbook.  We always practice on our magna doodles first since it is super easy to just erase it and try it again when we are learning it for the first time.  Just like letters, numbers ALWAYS start at the top!  NEVER at the bottom.  It is an absolute.  Feel free to correct your child anytime you see them starting to write ANYTHING from the bottom!! :)

We continued our quest to triumph over the letter y on Wednesday by learning just a little bit about Yaks!  We decided they looked a lot like bulls but were furrier and better climbers with different kinds of hooves than cows.  We made a yak using a Y for his face and added horns, eyes and a snout to finish him off.  We finished working on an I SPY page we started on Monday.  (YAMS will be the "potato" the kids have trouble remembering) and practiced writing the letter Y.  Capital Y is made exactly like lowercase y- it just starts in a different place on the lines.

Numbers 8 and 9 were the last numbers to be tackled in our number packet.  These two numbers are the trickiest (next to #5) because they don't start in "the smiley face corner" (top left on our magna doodles) so we have to retrain our brains for these two. They DO, however, ALWAYS start at the top! :)  That booklet will be in your child's things on Wednesday afternoon.

There is a new snack/specials calendar for March in your child's folder.  Please check it and take notice when your child has snack.  Thank you!


WOW: Tristan
MONDAY: Library  PE  Snack: Katie
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snack: Kyler
FRIDAY: MUSIC  Snack: Trevor

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

TK PARENTS DO NOT NEED TO COME TO KINDERGARTEN ROUND UP THURSDAY NIGHT!  THE INFORMATION GIVEN WILL BE THE SAME AS LAST YEAR.  That said, if you have a preschool child who will be going to TK or Kindergarten next year, we will need you to come to fill out the papers and bring your child's birth certificate.

We may have only one day of class this week, but we made the most of it!  We started an introduction to X last Friday... today we jumped right in and really tackled it!
We started our morning by working on Kindergarten (even 1st grade) skills by sounding out words and spelling them out!  First we had to listen for how many sounds there were in a word (picture) and then we wrote each sound we heard.  The kids did GREAT on this.  We haven't covered all of the letters we wrote and listened for but several of the kids knew what letters made those sounds and they all knocked it out of the park writing the letters!
After we wrote the words we found the rhyming words out of the ones we wrote and then we cut them out and glued them to another page of BOXES.  We then colored.  THIS did NOT go so well.  We don't do a lot of coloring, but we are going to start doing more.  This was a disaster with many kids using ONE color for all of the boxes and several kids do not (cannot?) stay in the lines.  This needs to get better so look for more coloring in the future.  Their small motor skills need to get stronger so we will be working on that- and coloring will be part of the equation.

The afternoon found us looking at X-rays on our smartboard!  We found lots of very interesting images to view and then we met BRUNO!
Bruno is the HS Biology teacher's skeleton.  We read a book about bones and how some bones' job is to protect squishy parts of our insides and that bones are meant to bend- that's where we have joints.  After the story we played X MARKS THE SPOT on Bruno by by finding specific bones and joints on him and placing an X on those parts.
Ankle, elbow, shoulder and hip were the tricky ones for us but hopefully if you ask your child these parts, they can find them.  We also learned that we have 206 bones in our bodies, that the ear has the smallest bones and our legs are the biggest bones.  And then, of course, we took a picture with our new friend BRUNO!  :)

X makes a unique sound that we learned a little finger action to to help us remember... I am hopeful that your child will be able to show that to you...

Trevor is our WOW this week.  Trevor brought in some great pictures for us to look at and told us about all of them.  I am giggling as I type this as his descriptions were quite colorful!  He told us about the H tractor, 6030 tractor, his dog that barks at his cats to "show them who is boss", his little brother with "messy hair- I don't know what is going on with that hair", he is getting a new baby brother and then there will be "4 boys at his house - including his dad" to which I said, "your poor mother!  She will really be outnumbered!" and he promptly replied, "OH NO! We have LOTS of girl cats, so we still have more girls!" :)  He also wants to be a farmer when he grows up, does not like balloons but does like semi trucks!
Thank you, Trevor!  I'm still giggling!  ;)


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WEDNESDAY: Music  Snack: Kacen