Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Mrs. Moen joined us for our weekly literacy centers.  Mrs. Moen's group practiced identifying letters and tracing the matching capital or lowercase letter that was on a paper.
Mrs. T's group listened to a story called ROOM ON THE BROOM.  This is a great story for listening for rhyming words and problem/solution which we practiced identifying just 4 problems in the story and the solution for each.

And the third group was iPads.

We continued with more ROOM ON THE BROOM fun by rolling dice and graphing the result.  If you have a chance, ask your child which object had the most, the least, was there a tie?  They're pretty savvy at answering the questions now!  :)

We were able to get to the library and to the computer lab also on Monday.

Wednesday we learned about BATS!  We started the morning by making a list of things called: What we THINK we know about bats.  Then we read a couple of fact books about bats.  We then made another list of facts we learned about bats from our books.  We found out that some of the things we THOUGHT we knew about bats were true and some of them we were waaaaay wrong! :)

A book shaped like a bat with bat facts in it is in our "stuff" this afternoon and we finished our afternoon with iPads and QR Codes of short bat stories.

Next week will start our annual COIN COLLECTION for classroom books.  There was a special mention of this in the ALLI CAT NEWS that was sent to you online.  Here is the letter:
Mark your calendars so you will not miss our Scholastic Book Fair.  Our Book Fair gives you and your children the opportunity to buy quality books and products at affordable prices.  You’ll enjoy all of the excitement!  Plus, our Book Fair serves as a fundraiser for the Academic Booster Club.  These funds will be used to supply the Elementary Reading Counts Book store and give the librarians an opportunity to purchase new books for the library for all to enjoy.  It also helps buy academic letters & pins for our Jr High and High School students.  The ABC club also uses money raised to offer and provide teacher grants. 

Once again the ABC Club has decided to run the “Change” Contest this year.  It will run from  Monday, October 23rd  to   Friday, November 3rd.   Students can bring change/bills from home to deposit in a container in their classrooms.  At the end of each week, we will count the change/bills collected and post the amount from each classroom outside the computer lab.  At the end of the two weeks, we will see which classrooms have collected the MOST MONEY and those rooms will win a PIZZA PARTY!!  One classroom from P-K, 1st-3rd and 4th-6th will be receiving a party.  GOOD LUCK STUDENTS!!

This money will be used to pay the annual “per student fee” to continue to use the Reading Counts program at West Lyon.  A portion of the money raised will also go to purchasing new books for classrooms.  

Thanks so much for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you at the book fair!

THERE WILL BE TK ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20!  It is an 11:40 early dismissal day.  No lunch will be served but we will have a snack at school mid morning. 

MONDAY: Kindness Week Dress Up: Crazy Clothes  Library  MUSIC  Snack: Burkelle
WEDNESDAY: Kindness Week Dress Up: Wacky Hair and Crazy Socks  PE  Snack: Eden
NO TK ON FRIDAY, October 27

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Mondays with Mrs. Moen is quickly becoming a favorite time for all of us!  We again broke into smaller groups and worked on 2 different literacy activities and the iPads.
Mrs. Moen's group worked on identifying letters that she pulled out of a box and finding them on a pumpkin.  Tweaking the skill level and expectation for each group is always the goal for these different stations.

Mrs. T's group practiced writing letters with a q-tip and a baggie of paint! (I know, I know... risky and gutsy all at the same time- especially for a Monday morning)  Again the 3 groups had different tasks to do with writing the letters.

And of course, iPads!

Wednesday we were enjoyed a day dedicated to PUMPKINS!  We constructed a little emergent reader that uses many of our positional words in it.  It is not predictable so we will need a little help with the words in this book but it is great practice none the less!
Erin and her family gave us each a small pumpkin to bring home and another West Lyon friend brought pumpkins for nearly the whole elementary!  These were a little bit bigger and offered us a chance to do some comparing.  I had these great intentions and ideas to do some weighing and comparing circumferences... yea... not so much.  It just didn't really work the way I thought it would, so we punted after 5 minutes and decorated them!  :)  That's the way we roll some days!!

We started reading CHARLOTTE'S WEB during rest time.  We have talked about letting the words make the pictures in our minds and just relaxing and listening to the story. The kids are enjoying the book and it is good for them to hear "chapter books" and not always the picture books that we read daily.

Burkelle is our WOW this week!  Burkelle has 2 sisters and 1 brother.  Her brother plays football in college so we all thought that was special! :)  She loves pink flowers and does not like monsters!  She wants to be a teacher AND a doctor when she grows up.  She brought in lots of fun pictures for us to look at and we were most intrigued by the picture of her dad's racing car!  There were lots of questions about that- none that I could answer!
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Burkelle!


MONDAY: Library  PE  Snack: Avery
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snack: Brayden

FRIDAY: EARLY DISMISSAL AT 11:40!  This is mismarked on your TK calendar.  It should be green (only to let you know that we will be dismissing at 11:40.)  It is right on your orange MRS. T snack/special calendar so hopefully you were planning on the early dismissal!  :)  I will take care of snacks that day! 

We also are NOT going to Music on Friday so our ORANGE TK SNACK/SPECIAL calendar will be off a day as we will go to Music the following Monday and will continue on from there in our usual pattern of Music, PE, Art..

Friday, October 6, 2017

To top off our week of "P" studying... we devoted our day to PIZZA!  We read a couple of funny stories about pizza including HI, PIZZA MAN and THE PRINCESS AND THE PIZZA.  We listened for the /p/ sound of pictures on pepperonis.  If it did not start with the /p/ sound- we put an x on it and didn't put it on our pizza otherwise we covered our pizzas in /p/ pepperonis! (I guess I maybe shouldn't have said TO TOP OFF OUR WEEK because we are actually going to carry it over to next week with PUMPKINS!  P just has too many fun words to go with it! :))

We did some graphing in math of pizza toppings.  THIS time our graph went from left to right which was different than what we have done in the past (starting at the bottom and graphing up).  It was also a little trickier because we were counting ingredients on a circle... which meant every time we counted one we needed to make a mark on it so we would know we had gotten that one already!

And the grand finale for the day was making, baking and eating our own little pizzas!  Every one got a biscuit on a piece of foil with their name on it.  We pressed it and pushed it and made it just the size and shape we wanted.  Next was the sauce, optional pepperoni, and last but not least, cheese.

We took them down to the HS FCS room and they baked them for us while we were at PE!
When we got back from PE, our pizzas were waiting for us on our tables.  They had cooled just enough to be the perfect temperature to peel off the foil and eat with our hands!  Just so you know, they were "THE BEST PIZZAS EVER"... so you now have this to live up to. :)

It was a great day in TK!  Have a wonderful (hopefully dry) weekend!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We had a special guest in our midst on Monday morning for Literacy Time after recess.  Mrs. Moen will be coming in on Monday mornings until January (when she leaves for 3 months) to help us do some individual work.  We divide into 3 groups and we rotate through 3 different activities.  These groups will allow us to remediate and challenge all of the kids depending on their needs.  Most activities are similar, but will be tweaked to meet the needs of the group.  These groups are also pretty fluid and will change as the activities change and as the year progresses.  This week's groups included iPads (ALWAYS one of the groups since it can be done independently)
Mrs. Moen worked on identifying the letter P.  First the kids played a game of pizza bingo identifying the letters we have worked on so far and then they paper punched a pumpkin finding all of the P's around the edge of it.  Many of the kids didn't quite get done with the pumpkin as the paper punching was a new skill that didn't necessarily go "swimmy".
Mrs. T's group worked on listening for the /p/ sound at the beginning of words.  We had pigs with pictures and if the picture started with the /p/ sound, it went in the pig pen... if not, it stayed outside the pigpen.

We started moving our classroom into HALLOWEEN mode and our first order of business was to get our door decorated with a shape Frankenstein.  (he even has a cylinder nose!)

Wednesday we had a fun day continuing our concentration on the letter P by learning about PIRATES and PETS!

We read a couple of funny stories about pirates and then practiced walking the plank!  We walked it several different ways including forward, backward and sideways!  It was great balancing practice.  I get so wrapped up worrying about those small motor skills that I forget we also need to practice our large motor skills, too!

Another fun "fact" (I use the term loosely, here) is about the pirate's patch.  We found out that pirates supposedly wore patches on one of their eyes to keep it used to the dark so when they had to go below the deck, their one eye would adjust quickly to the dark.  We, of course, had to try this out with our own eye patches. :)  We all decided that it was a great idea for pirates to wear a patch over one eye.  We also decided that we needed to take the eye patch home to show you, too!  You're welcome. No need to return them... they are your child's to keep.

Pets was the theme for the afternoon as we read an emergent reader about different "P" animals.  (not necessarily pets).  We also got out the iPads and had stories read to us about pets via QR codes.  This is a fun activity that allows for choice and independence.

Halloween is around the corner so we will be learning a few songs and a poem or two.  We have one poem pretty well learned already.  It is called 5 Little Pumpkins and your child SHOULD be able to recite it to you - motions and all- hopefully!  If not today, hopefully by Friday and for sure, by next week.


Snacks on Friday: Tristan

WOW: Burkelle

As an early heads up: TK will NOT be dressing up in our costumes for the Fall Festival.  We are the only ones having our party that day, so we will save dressing up for Kindergarten next year.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A new week and a new letter!  This week we worked on the letter D!  On Monday we learned a fun little song about ducks that we had to count backwards.  We have practiced this before and we are getting pretty good at it!  We got an emergent reader book with predictable text about ducks and counting up from 1-5.  We learned the proper formation of each of the numbers, although that was really just secondary to the reading part today.  We learned some little verses to help us remember how to make the numbers, but again, it was just an introduction on Monday!  :)

The big news on Monday was that we got to get together with out READING BUDDIES from Mrs. Eliason's 5th Grade Classroom!  It was so fun meeting them and our ice breaker activity with them was painting and writing on rocks that Mrs. T and Mrs. E will hide in all of the 4 different town parks!

The rocks have messages on them, designs on them and some of them have names on them (it's hard for 5 year olds to know exactly what to do with painted rocks!:) )  We had a great time with our buddies and are looking forward to the next time we get to be with them (sometime in October)

Wednesday was WACKY WEDNESDAY for an extra snack.  I forgot to warn you about this, so if your child did not have a quarter- the treat was on me this time!  A few kiddos brought an extra quarter so we also used those quarters to buy our friends a treat.  The quarters go all together, so I apologize for not knowing who brought what.  In the future, the TK only gets one treat and we do not go back for seconds, so one quarter is plenty.  Wacky Wednesday is always the last Wednesday of the month and I will try to remember to warn you, but it's not my strong suit! :)

We enjoyed doing a picture walk through several books about DOGS on Wednesday.  We had several books that we looked through with a partner.  Some of us have the dogs we looked at the pictures of and some of us just really, really, really :) want the dogs we looked at!
We read the story IF YOU GIVE A DOG A DONUT.  This story is filled with cause and effect scenarios so it was fun to reread it and try to remember what the dog was going to want next.  This author has written several stories that we will be reading throughout the year so stay tuned for more Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond fun!  We practiced listening for the /d/ sound in pictures.  We played a game with paper donuts and the hole had a picture of something.  Some of the pictures started with the /d/ sound and some did not.  We did a pretty good job of listening and hearing the d! Of course, we had to have a delicious donut to top the book off!

This week in math we again did some sorting and we also threw in some patterning!  The kids did so amazing at this!  I was really proud of them.  We do patterning every day in our morning meeting, but to see them created their own pattern was really fun!  They were really proud of themselves too!

Brayden is our W.O.W. (Wonder of the Week aka: student of the week) this week!  Brayden has a little sister and loves the color red and Paw Patrol.  As a matter of fact, when he grows up, Brayden would like to be Ryder from Paw Patrol!  Brayden brought in lots of pictures for us to look at and in one of them he is holding a fish... in his hand!  The kids thought that was pretty amazing!  Thank you for sharing your pictures with us Brayden!

Monday: Library  ART  Kyler
Wednesday: MUSIC  Trevor
Friday: PE  Tristan

There will be an orange October snack/specials calendar in your child's folder Wednesday afternoon.
15 students and a peanut allergy in our classroom.

REMINDER: Tying shoes becomes a HUGE deal in a few short weeks!  If your child has tie shoes, they need to know how to tie them.  If you are really not feeling it and want them to wear slip on or velcro shoes- THAT IS FINE BY US!  Please help your child learn how to tie if they have tie shoes. Double knotting in the morning won't help once we start taking them off and on for boots.  Also, your kids will need to know how to put on their winter clothing (which includes mittens, scarves, etc) Watch them get ready.  Give yourself enough time with them to be able to get ready independently in your presence.  You may be surprised how long it takes them when you don't help them. We already have kids who struggle to get their coats on by themselves.  Zipping, buttoning, snapping- whatever the coat calls for- they need to be able to do it!  Thank you for your assistance and understanding on this.  It is a life skill.  Kids need to be able to do these things for themselves.

Friday, September 22, 2017

In keeping with our EGG theme, Friday we learned that animals that lay eggs are called OVIPAROUS!  We practiced and practiced saying the word because the kids REALLY REALLY REALLY want to dazzle you with it when they see you this afternoon!  HOPEFULLY they remembered it, if not, it is here in the newsletter AND they have a couple of activity pages we did that will help you help them remember! :)

We watched several videos of eggs hatching but our most interesting one was a video that of the octopus!  We read a great book called CHICKENS AREN'T THE ONLY ONES that gave us the facts about many animals and insects that lay eggs.

We practiced more cutting by making a wheel that turns and has pictures of oviparous animals on it and we also did some graphing today.  I have huge dice that have sleeves in them that we can change out pictures/numbers/whatever in, so we put in the 5 oviparous animals on our graphing page and rolled the dice!  Everybody got a chance to roll it and we discovered that graphs are amazing because they can tell us, at a glance, information on which one we rolled the most, the least, if there were any "ties", etc.!  We will graph alot this year and the kids did amazing for the first time at it!

Picking out an egg and opening it to find an animal in it was a fun activity.  All of the animals in the eggs were oviparous and we had quite a line up when we were done.

Our experiment for eggs was the incredible dissolving (or disappearing) shell!  We started our experiment on Wednesday.  We had 6 eggs (compliments of Kacen and Kyler) 3 brown and 3 white- just to make sure that color didn't matter, that we put in different glasses filled with different liquids.  2 eggs were covered in milk, 2 eggs were covered with water and 2 eggs were covered with vinegar.
By the time we got back to school on Friday, we were all excited to see that something had clearly happened to the shells of the eggs in the vinegar!  We checked all of the eggs- the milk covered eggs had not changed (although the milk was pretty gross).  The water covered eggs were exactly the same as they were before- the shells were still hard.  However, the vinegar covered eggs were most definitely different.  I washed them off and they felt like rubber.  Everyone got to hold them (if they wanted to) and we all agreed... SUPER COOL and SUPER RUBBERY... although you can't poke them or squeeze them because... we actually did do that after we had all held them and the yoke and white are still the yolk and the white!  I'm pretty sure there were several kiddos that thought they needed to try this at home.  It actually is pretty neat- but again, after you have the dissolved or disappearing shell... DON'T POKE it or squeeze it until you are over the sink or a pan/bowl.  They are still runny!  :)

It was a great HOT and thankfully short day in TK!
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

This week we are all about the letter E!  We are working on the short /e/ sound as in ELEPHANTS AND EGGS!!

Monday we read a great story called ELMER.  Elmer is an elephant covered in patchwork squares.  He doesn't really like it and wants to be the same as the other elephants.  In the end, Elmer and his friends end up celebrating his differences with an elephant parade made up of the other elephants all decorated in different colors and patterns and Elmer as the normal gray colored elephant leading the parade.

One of the skills we will be working on quite a bit in math is subitizing.  Subitizing is seeing a small group of objects and being able to tell how many there are WITHOUT counting them.  We started working on this in a ten frame.  A ten frame is 2 rows of squares with 5 squares in each row.  If the frame is filled- there are 10.  What if just one row is filled? 5!  What if there is one row filled and then just one more in the second row? 6!  We had fun trying to beat our friends to the punch and shouting out the answers as we looked at 10 frames on the smart board.  Dice is also a way to subitize (which we will use often)

EGGS were on the to do list on Wednesday.  There is no better book to read than GREEN EGGS AND HAM! by Dr. Seuss.  Most of the kids have heard the story before but ALL of the kids were able to help rhyme all of the places that the character would not eat green eggs and ham!  ;)

We practiced cutting straight and curvy lines when we made a small nest that we put 3 eggs in.  Under each egg there is a surprise picture of something that starts with an E.  (HOPEFULLY, your child will remember what the envelope is called.  We had a lengthy discussion about it not being "mail"!!  :) )

We decided to make green eggs and ham with a twist for a fun little snack!  Since we have an egg allergy in our classroom, we punted on actual eggs and went with this awesome and way more enjoyable version!  We first made vanilla pudding and then added green food coloring.  We again, had a very long discussion about how food coloring doesn't have any taste.  If you like vanilla pudding that is yellow, you are going to like vanilla pudding that is green. To make it look like an egg, we added a Nilla wafer.  Most of the kids tried it.  Nearly all enjoyed it.  Several had seconds!

There is TK on FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 22!  Mrs. T will provide snack and there is NO LUNCH SERVED!  Your kiddos will be starving as we eat lunch on school days at 10:35... School is dismissed at 11:30... they will be ready to eat when they hit the door at home!

MONDAY: Library  Snack:Kacen  MUSIC
WEDNESDAY: Snack: Katie  PE