Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Monday morning Mrs. Moen and Mrs. Lems came into our room for Literacy Centers.  ALL kiddos rotate through all 4 centers (10 minute increments) 

Mrs. Moen's activity was reading an emergent reader with sight words in it.  Some kids are ready to start remembering some of those words, and if your child isn't one of them, THAT IS OKAY!  These books and experiences give kids exposure to how we read (left to right) pointing at individual words each time we say a new word, seeing how words repeat, recognizing words from one page to another, using the pictures to help with text, etc.  Different kids are going to glean different things from each center, THAT IS THE POINT!

Mrs. Lems' group practiced listening for the /p/ sound at the beginning of different words/pictures.  Using our bingo dotters, they dotted the pumpkins with the /p/ sound.

Mrs. T's group practiced writing the letter P with our magna doodle magnets and then looked for the letter P around a pumpkin filled with letters.  We Poked the P's with a pen.  

And the last center is "unmanned" and is iPads! :)

After lunch we turned our sights to PIRATES!  We talked about "walking the plank" and what that all meant.  We watched a 2 min. clip of Peter Pan when Wendy had to walk the plank but Peter saved her!  Then we gave walking the plank a whirl... with a pirate patch on of course!  We walked forward, sideways and even backwards!  

We were able to go to the library and to the computer lab on Monday also!

Wednesday morning, one of TOP 5 MOST AMAZING THINGS happened to me as a teacher in 33 years of teaching... I arrived to school to find an envelope in my school mailbox.  The envelope was from the author of THE POUT POUT FISH, Deborah Diesen. Ms. Diesen sent a little notecard saying she had read our newsletter and saw we had read her book and she sent us all an autographed bookmark! 
HOW AWESOME IS THAT?  Your child has the bookmark in a West Lyon envelope in their folder this afternoon.  I am still floating!  What a great little memento to have and keep from a wonderful author!  WOOP WOOP!

After all of that excitement, we turned our attention to pumpkins.  We learned a poem called FIVE LITTLE PUMPKINS that I am sure your child is excited to recite for you!  We practiced it several times and even reviewed it before we left this afternoon. 
This poem also gave us the chance to work on ordinal numbers AND we tried something new while cutting a moon for our picture of the 5 Little Pumpkins- we had a square and tried "rounding" off the corners. It didn't go super great and we even had some who tried it a 2nd and 3rd time but everyone gave it the "ole TK try"!  We will work on this again!

Before we dived into our afternoon, we had 2 very special high school visitors come read to us!  Hayley and Taylor read a story to us and Taylor just happens to be the big sister of Ryker R!  They did a great job and I totally spaced off getting a picture of Ryker and Taylor together!  Sorry, Mrs. R!

For our afternoon activities, we switched our focus off of Pumpkins and on to PIZZA!  We read a great story called, "HI, PIZZA MAN!"   Graphing pizza toppings was next on the agenda.  We learned that graphs help us tell information really quickly- just at a glance we can tell which topping had the most or least on the pizza.  We talked about the steps in making a pizza after reading THE LITTLE RED HEN MAKES A PIZZA and then.... drum roll please... we made our very own individual pizzas... AND, as expected, it was the BEST pizza ever! (biscuit dough, pizza sauce and cheese :) )  We baked them when the kids went to Music and they were ready when they got back to the room.  

Rylie is our Student of the Week this week!
Rylie has two little brothers and has been a flower girl a couple of times already!
She likes the color blue and loves Unicorns!
She does not like cheetahs and she wants to be a mom when she grows up.
Thank you for sharing your pictures with us and helping us to get to know a little about you!

A new book order is in your child's folder this afternoon.  The due date will be Wednesday, October 17 by 9am.  If you want to order online- our class code is GRY 67 Click here for Scholastic website
You can still use the paper order forms also.  Checks should be made out to Scholastic BookClub.  One check for any/all 3 book orders works just fine!  :)
Next week:
Monday: Library  ART  Snack: Violet
Wednesday: MUSIC  Snack: Ryker R.
FRIDAY: October 19- NO TK!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Mrs. Moen and Mrs. Lems joined us Monday morning for Literacy Centers.  As you recall, each group rotates through all 4 centers/activities.  The activities are modified a bit to fit the needs of each group.

Mrs. Moen's activity was listening to a story about a duck and sequencing the events.

Mrs. Lems helped students with fine motor activities

Mrs. T's center focused on writing the letter D the "West Lyon Way".  ALWAYS starting at the top.  We had fun using MagnaDoodles and magnetic wooden pieces that sort of stamped the letters for us.  For D we used "big line" and "big curve".  We also reviewed letters F and E.
And of course, iPads!

We practiced counting forward and backward and even talked a little about "take away" during math with the song 5 Little Ducks.  We sang along and worked our little ducks as each time they went away one little duck did not return.

Wednesday we reviewed the making of letter D and and read the story IF YOU GIVE A DOG A DONUT.  It is by the same author of If You Give a Mouse A Cookie and other fun books so by the end of the book, it circles around to what the character wanted at the beginning of the book.  We then played a little game of listening for the /d/ sound at the beginning of words.  A fun twist (and important skill) was if the picture did NOT start with the /d/ sound, what would the word be if it did?  For example, Penguin was DENGUIN and fish was DISH.
We tried finding /d/ pictures on our own after our game with our Bingo Dotters and as we finished,
we could look at the DOG books we had in our room!
In the afternoon before we went to special we read a hilarious story called ARNIE THE DOUGHNUT.  This story is about a doughnut that doesn't know he will get eaten... and in the end, he doesn't!  And all of this D discussion had a grand finale of making donuts!  We had great fun and naturally, they were THE BEST DONUTS EVER!  :)


Student of the Week: Rylie
MONDAY: Library ART  Snack: Miller
FRIDAY: TK!!  PE  Snack: Kalen

Wednesday, September 26, 2018


Friday Sept, 21 was an early dismissal day at 11:40 for us but that did not keep us from packing in as much learning as possible about butterflies, their life cycle and migration!  WHICH actually ended up being pretty timely as we had pretty big news awaiting us when we got to school on Monday morning!

I'm not exactly sure WHEN he emerged, but he was working those wings this morning when I got to school at 7:30!  The kids were EXTRA excited to see this new development! 
We learned how to tell the difference between a BOY and GIRL butterfly... I won't blow it here, ask your child to tell you (I will give you a hint... it has to do with dots :))  We were glad we had guessed right about what Spike would be!
We walked out to the football field where there are some nice evergreen trees and peace and quiet from our school building and playground to release Spike.  He didn't seem like he wanted to leave us because he kept on clinging to Mrs. T's fingers but eventually we coaxed him off and onto a branch.  We all said goodbye and wished him a safe migration to Mexico for the winter.

Last week we worked on the letter F and this week we turned our efforts to the letter E!  We had fun reading 2 very silly stories about elephants.  The first one was called FIVE MINUTES PEACE.  It is about a mama elephant who wants to take a bath... by herself. The next story we read was called ELMER.  Elmer is an elephant who is not exactly "elephant color" and eventually learns to like that he is different but once a year the other elephants have an ELMER DAY PARADE and decorate themselves and Elmer goes gray.  We enjoyed making our own elephant for the Elmer Day Parade.

We practiced writing E's using the lines that govern us throughout our school years! :)  We always start at the top and go down.  There is a little cloud to help us remember the TOP and a flower to help us remember the bottom.

We went to the library and to the computer lab on Monday also!

Wednesday we read the Dr. Seuss story GREEN EGGS AND HAM .  Many of us have heard the story before and those of us who had not were able to catch on to the rhyming pretty quickly!  We got really good at finishing the sentences on the pages with the rhymes!

We also played a game practicing rhyming words and then everyone got their very own POINTER FINGER to take home and use FOR READING ONLY!  We practiced using that finger on a new emergent reader with some funny looking eggs and ham!  The word LIKE is written in on all of the pages and for some of the kids this will be a new word to actually commit to memory.  Don't worry if your child isn't there yet, most aren't!  Just something to focus on when you're reading with your little! :)

We learned a really impressive word today: OVIPAROUS!  Hopefully your child comes up with the word but if not, say the word and ask them what it means.  Your child SHOULD tell you it is animals that lay eggs... and we learned Chickens Aren't the Only Ones! (also the name of a book we read!)
opening an egg and seeing the OVIPAROUS animal that came out!

and then it was GRAND FINALE time! :)... we MADE GREEN EGGS AND HAM! 

We talked about the word DOZEN also, so you can ask your child about that (although there were a few kiddos that even after we cracked 2 dozen eggs into our bowl, thought a dozen was 11... hmmmm :O))

There were a few kiddos that didn't want to try the eggs, which was fine however, as time passed and their classmates LOVED them almost all of the "hold out-ers" wanted to try them and then came back for 2nds!! :)  .

Mrs. Twedt came to our room for Guidance Time. She is talking to us about bullying, what it is and how to handle it. 

Ryker C. is our Student of the Week this week.  Ryker has two favorite colors, green and blue. He has one little brother named Asher and he likes dinosaurs, transformers, Star Wars and aircrafts.  He wants to be a farmer or a mechanic when he grows up!  Thank you for sharing your pictures with us, Ryker and helping us to learn a little more about you!


WEDNESDAY: PE  Snack: Ashley

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

WE WILL HAVE TK ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21!  It is also an early dismissal day at 11:40 so there is no lunch served!

Mrs. Moen and Mrs. Lems came to our room on Monday morning for our first edition of LITERACY CENTERS!  Mrs. Moen did an activity with sorting capital and lowercase F's that were on fish! 
The kids had to first use their small motor skills and cut the fish apart and then use their discriminating skills to tell the caps from the lowers!

Mrs. Lems' activity was stamping letters. 
The kids first tried their names and then some tried family member names and others just stamped as they explored capital letters.  Left to right was a goal as they stamped.

Mrs. T's activity had all groups learning the correct formation of capital F (all letters start at the TOP!  ALL LETTERS!  If you see your child starting any letter or number at the bottom, please gently remind them that ALL LETTERS/NUMBERS start at the TOP!) 
A couple of groups practiced writing lowercase f, and all groups again tried their hand at finding capital F with our bingo dotters and some groups also looked for the lowercase f.

The last group is an independent group that simply works on iPads.

All of the kids went to all 4 stations during our Literacy time.  The centers are about 10 minutes each and then we rotate.

It was "croaking hot" (the first time I said this a couple of weeks ago the kids thought it was hilarious, now THEY say it all of the time!) after lunch so we kept the lights off while we worked on math.  Monday we sorted our bags/boxes of manipulatives by color. 

Then we picked two of our color groups and made an ABAB pattern. 
We practice patterns every morning during our morning meeting on our calendar, so this was good practice in producing our own patterns.  We even gave an ABCABC pattern a whirl...

After math we read a great story called THE POUT POUT FISH.  It has lots of rhyming words (something we always listen for in stories) and a catchy little chorus that it goes back to.  We read it a 2nd time and the kids chimed in on the chorus.  You can look it up on YOUTUBE.  The kids were singing it pretty much all afternoon :)  We started making a POUT POUT fish OR a KISS KISS fish on Monday and finished it on Wednesday. 
We even practiced making a POUTY face! :)

We went to the library and also the computer lab on Monday.

Wednesday we had fun learning about frogs- both real and imaginary!  We started our day off reading a funny book called THE FROG PRINCIPAL.  We then cut out a red tongue with letters on it and glued it to a precut frog (normally the goal is to cut things out ourselves but we are really struggling with cutting for the most part so some things are going to be precut for time sake) and practiced jumping a fly around the tongue on the letters as they were said.  Then we tried "racing" to see how fast we could get to the letter!  The tricky thing was that there were three different tongues so where your neighbor found the letter G might not be the same place your G is! :)

We practiced counting backwards with the fun song 5 Green and Speckled Frogs by Raffi during our math time.  We even acted out the song with 4 different groups of 5 "frogs" as we sang the song.

It was good to get our large muscles moving since first recess was inside, 2nd and 3rd recess were "blacktop only" recesses... which means no equipment.  We then cut out 5 frogs (see? the goal really is to get better at this... we have more time in the afternoon :)) and a speckled log and acted it out physically with taking one frog at a time off the log. 
All of those manipulatives are in a baggie that your child will have in their backpacks Wednesday afternoon.  Be sure to look for it and have them show you how they can count backwards!

We then turned our sights on REAL frogs.  And LOOK WHAT WE FOUND OUTSIDE OUR PLAYGROUND DOOR!!!  How did he know??
We learned about the life cycle of frogs and then everyone got 2 waterbeads to feel what frog eggs SORTA feel like.  We actually will get to see/feel REAL frog eggs next spring when we take our fieldtrip to Lake Pahoja!  Anyway, the waterbeads are in the baggie with the fly... it was a baggie sort of day in TK on Wednesday!

LOOK AT SPIKE!  He surprised us by making his chrysalis while we were gone!  It was fun to see the change and we are excited to see how soon he will change into a butterfly!  EEEEEEK! 
(we will actually learn about all of the changing on Friday for our science day!  BUTTERFLIES AND MIGRATION!)

A REMINDER ABOUT SHOES! Please please please teach your child to tie their shoes if they have tie shoes.  It sincerely does not matter to us here at school what type of shoes they wear when they are here but INDEPENDENCE is a must.  Thank you with your help with this.

TK ON FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21! (I know I mentioned it at the top of the newsletter, but I wanted to remind you!)
MONDAY: PE  LIBRARY  Snacks: Locklan
WEDNESDAY: ART  Snacks: Kohen
NO TK ON FRIDAY, September 28